Blogger Interrogation: Serafia's

The blogger: Serafia. It isn’t my real name, but it’s what I go by in the makeup community. 

The blog: Serafia’s (I know, how original… :D ) 

What is the first blog you remember following? 
A makeup blog or something else? First blog I followed must have been by a then 30-year old single mom who wrote a diary-type blog. First makeup blog that I followed was this Finnish blog Karkkipäivä. That means “Candy Day”. 

What is the last blog you followed? 

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own? 
I have about a dozen. I don’t use them often. Most of the time I carry one with me, but I never remember to reapply, so often I won’t even bother applying lipstick in the first place. I’m not used to wearing lipstick. I’m even worse with lip gloss. 

How many do you really own? 
A dozen, really. Though I cannot check cause I’m not at home at the moment. But I honestly don’t have much more than a dozen. 

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be?
This one is easy. My must have’s are black mascara, black cake eyeliner and light brown brow pencil. The cake eyeliner must be by Ben Nye, mascara and brow pencil can be whatever, often I use a mascara by Maybelline. 

You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be? 
A liquid foundation that I never use. I do not like liquid foundations, they won’t work on me at all. Second item would be the 88 neutral palette. I don’t use neutrals that much, and if I do, they won’t be from that palette. The third item would be a Shine & Redness neutralizer powder. It doesn’t do what it promises to do. ;) 

What is your best makeup tip? 
Use products you’re comfortable using. If you have a gel eyeliner because someone said it’s the best one there is, and now you feel obligated to use that one but you find it doesn’t work for you, just switch back to the one you were using before and were comfortable with using. 

What is your makeup pet peeve? 
Bleached lips. Concealer lips. It has many names. Basically the lips are way too light compared to their skin tone. I also hate thick foundations. I find a lot of girls use a full coverage foundation and a lot of concealer, when they really don’t have a need for it. I don’t like the full coverage look anyway, it feels too made up for everyday use. 

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed? 
White kajal as my eyeliner. By my top lashes, not on the waterlines. Only white kajal. I didn’t even have mascara on. 

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you? 
I’m a chemistry nerd and want to become fluent in four languages. 

Please link us to your favorite post. 
I used Manly 120 palette and NYX’s jumbo eyeshadow pencils to create this look. I did this thinking about New Year’s Eve, but I ended up posting this later. So maybe someone will be doing this for the next New Year’s Eve party? 

Thank you to Serafia for letting us interrogate her!

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response so far on my Blogger Interrogation series! It seems there are quite a few people interested in being interrogated and so far, I have bloggers lined up for the next 2 months so unfortunately, I won't be taking any more volunteers at this time. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I am (probably in a few weeks)! Thanks so much for understanding :)

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  1. this is great! I luv these interviews..ur blog is fantastic..I recently followed and I really like it


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