Spring Pastels.

Unlike coral that can be equally a Summer shade as it is a Spring one, pastels will always be Spring shades, in my mind. Lilacs and baby pinks are the perfect transitional colors from Winter's plums and reds to Summer's brights. They offer a touch of soft color that is lovely on pre-Summer skin that has not yet seen much sun.

Clockwise from far left:
Revlon nail polish in Lilac Pastelle
Essie nail polish in Lilacism
Bella Sugar Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bella Sugar
MAC blush in Pink Cult
MAC lipstick in Blooming Lovely
MAC eyeshadow in Yogurt
MAC eyeshadow in Tissueweight
MAC eyeshadow in Beautiful Iris
MAC lipstick in Pretty Please
Barry M lip paint in 129 Palest Lavender

L to R:
Palest Lavender
Pretty Please
Blooming Lovely
Beautiful Iris
Bella Sugar
Pink Cult

Usually when I wear pale, pastel-like shades, I stick to the safe lavenders and pinks and avoid the minty greens and sky blues out of fear of the unknown, although I have to admit, this new cream pigment from Illamasqua is awfully tempting...
It's from their upcoming Toxic Nature collection and it's in the shade Bedaub. Gorge!

What's your take on pastel makeup for Spring?


  1. I love Pastel everything not just makeup :)) Pastel colors are just perfect for spring! I love your picks! That green is really tempting, it's such a gorgeous color!

  2. Wow, you have some gorgeous pastels!


  3. i love pastel makeup!! seriously cannot wait!! spring and summer are coming!! xox

  4. pastel makeup is pretty for spring! i esp love pastel colors on my nails !

  5. I love what you picked out,this reminded me that i have the essie polish lilacism
    I completely forgot about it.lol
    what camera do u use your pics are nice!

  6. I swear your pictures always make me drool!
    I love all of the colours you swatched...amazing!
    I really want to get the lilac cream shadow from the new Illamasqua line but have to wait til I go to NYC because they don't sell Illamasqua here in Canada.

  7. I love light pastel creme colors for Nails and lips for Spring.
    But then again I also love coral cheeks and lips!!
    SOOOOO I'm a bit all over the place with my choices of colors.
    Which I can't figure out if that's a good or bad thing??!



  8. Such pretty colors!! I'll deffo need to start whipping out the pastel colors pretty soon.

  9. Lovely post! Pastel colors are so happy and nice for spring/summer! :)

  10. I personally think they're amazing! Very subtle yet it can bring your eyes out depending on what shade and color your eyes are. Great post!!


  11. this is such a pretty post, im loving all the pastels, makes me wanna do a post like this too! =DD

  12. i just bought lilacism! it was between that and lilac pastelle actually! i want to try a lilac lip product, i'm just nervous it'll look too white and trashy haha! palest lavender looks really pretty though!

  13. MAC's blooming lovely is gorgeous! lilac-pastels scream spring time. you'll really love the upcoming MAC quite cute collection x

  14. Paste;s are definitely for spring but i wear them all year round. Reminds me of Easter. Great picks. :)

  15. I'm loving blooming lovely lipstick by Mac! I bought it from a blog sale and I totally love it! it's the perfect shade of lilac for spring xoxo


  16. @mw: Thank you :) My camera is a Samsung DualView TL 220.

  17. I am in love with these colors! - Probably why I cannot wait for the MAC 'Quite Cute' collection to come out in April - Great post!

  18. I love Lilac Nail Polish :) x



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