Sharing is Caring.

Here are a few (random) things I've been meaning to share with you guys:

My makeup brushes got a new home this week :) I got these mugs at Home Goods for $3.99 each.

My love of candles has not dwindled at all, and right now, I'm loving Yankee Candle's White Clouds (smells like fresh laundry) and Slatkin & Co.'s Juicy Nectarine (smells like nectarines...that are juicy).

On my toes at the moment (and soon to be on my fingernails after my interview this week) is Revlon Siren. Apparently, obnoxious, bright orange nail polish is not conservative? Who knew!

Foundation samples, anyone? 
Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
Chanel Mat Lumiere
MUFE Mat Velvet
MUFE Face & Body
Diorskin Nude
Laura Mercier Silk Creme
There are a few horrific foundation matches in there and while I like some of them, others, not so much. I'm not sure I've found "The One" yet, though...we'll see!

The sample that I wish would keep on giving. I love this body moisturizer so much and I'm so sad that I've used up the whole sample :( Look how cute that packaging is (not the sample packaging - the picture of the real packaging)! It smells so fresh and lovely too. I'd describe it to you but I can't. Like, literally, I can't. I'm useless at describing scents.

Any random thoughts you'd like to share? I'm all ears!


  1. I love the idea of a candle that smells like Juicy Nectarine!

    (& your little foundation pots remind me I need to work on the F&B v F&B post you asked for!)

  2. Those cups are so cute, and perfect for makeup brushes!

  3. Those cups are adorable! What a cute idea!

    Good luck on your interview! I am sure you will have an "interview" makeup post ..hint hint! ;)

    I have really been starting to take advantage of getting samples. After being burned so many times with products and being too lazy to return them...yeah. I love Sephora and MAC because of the very generous samples they give out. I get at least three every time I go in now so I can keep trying new products without have to buy them all the time and worry about them working or not!
    Keep us posted on your foundation search! I'd love to hear when you find something that works for you!

  4. I'm loving those mugs you got for your brushes - super cute & fun!

  5. these cups are too cute. sharing IS caring. thanks for sharing xo

  6. I need a new home for my makeup brushes! Using cute coffee cups is a really good idea.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. oh man, those candles at bath and body works are amazing, they currently have a 2 for $25 sale at the ones in canada and I had the hardest time only choosing 2 cause they all smell so great, I ended up getting coconut vanilla and a peach one, but that nectarine was definitely in my top pics! :)

  8. I think I wear f&b in #20..does that one work for you? seems like it would be way too light. Do you get all your samples at once or over a few trips?

  9. Have you tried any Lorac foundations? I really love those, they look very natural. I never even thought about getting foundations samples,what a great idea!

  10. Cute mugs! I use a nifty toothbrush holder for my brushes, but I'm going to need another one soon. =/

    I'm on a never-ending quest for my HG foundation too. It's so overwhelming to try to find the perfect one!

  11. thank you for sharing!!i love your posts there so cute and simple and to the point.so refreshing.
    lovely buys...im so tempted to go buy the body cream and nail polish....

  12. Cute brush holders :D I store my eye brushes in a mug but I store my face brushes lying down in a container underneath a ledge because dust tends to settle into the bristles. Sometimes I wish I lived in a quiter place (with less dust) so I could store my brushes upright and cute like other people's :/

    I'm not a big foundation person but I think I'll ask for some samples next time I go to Sephora because I really fail at finding my correct shade haha. :)

  13. I love mugs as storage! I use them for lipstick, remotes, or whatever else will fit in them! haha My favorite part of this post: "(smells like nectarines...that are juicy)." LOL!!

  14. Cute mugs! I use a mug a boy gave me on valentines day when I was thirteen to store mine in. Makes me smile. (:
    Also, love that polish colour!

  15. I also store my brushes in a big mug, it's so handy to bring upstairs to do my makeup (my room is in the basement and there's almost no natural light there)

  16. @25FLONDON: Yay! I can't wait to read it!

    @bloominbeauty: I thought about doing an "interview FOTD" post but I forgot my camera :( And I will most definitely keep you posted on my foundation search!

    @Justine: I know what you mean! It was so hard to choose! And I haven't tried the F&B yet but I'll let you know how the color match is. And no, I got the samples over the span of a few trips :)

    @Vanessa: No, I haven't tried them yet. I don't usually hear very much about the brand - maybe they're underrated? Which foundation of theirs do you like?

    @wilbenshire: Aww...that's so cute!

  17. My makeup brushes got new home too!! I'm going to try and get a blog post up of my dressing table soon so I figured I'd make it a little fancier first.:P

    I love the nail polish too. It's absolutely gorgeous :D
    Rainbows and Buttons

  18. I work for L'Occitane. This body lotion is AMAZING. One of our best sellers, too. I can get you samples if you'd like. Just email me at transatlanticlove@gmail.com =)

  19. I really need to venture out and get some foundations samples in as im not happy with what i have and im really in the need of something new. Its about time i sorted out my make up brushes, love seeing the different ideas people come up with

  20. I think you're going to love MUFE HD! I recently purchased it (had a gift card! yay!) for a wedding and it's amazing! I don't think I'd wear it everyday though, more for special occasions. I have the Mac Face & Body and love it. It does cause me to get a little shiny at the end of the day (and I would say that I have normal/dry combination skin). I have tried the MUFE Face and Body and that's nice too, but I can't stand the smell!

    Love those mugs btw!

  21. Those mugs are so cute! I'm a candle fanatic too..actually need to go buy some new ones :)


  22. MUFE Mat Velvet is an amazing foundation!! I just started using it a month ago and its the best foundation!

  23. Those mugs are so cute!!!
    Ok, here's my random thought:I need more lipsticks!!!!! Haha! :D

  24. @French Lover: Oh my goodness, that's so nice of you! I think I may just hold out until the end of Project 10 Pan and treat myself to the full-size one :D Thank you so much for the offer, though!

    @Aileen: I do love the HD so far! I've only used it once though so I think I need to try it on a few more times. Haven't tried the F&B yet but I hope I like it!

    @Kat: How do you apply it? I tried it with my fingers and it was a mess but I think I'm going to try it with a brush next!

    @Tina: Which ones?? ;)

  25. Thanks for sharing! I'm going through a scented candle phase.They really lift my mood! The mugs are so cute,and the milk concentrate sounds so good!

  26. Sorry for the late reply, but don't worry, I'll post about my new lippies soon!
    I do need a few more nudes though! Haha! Surprise surprise! :DDD


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