MAC-2, Tiffany-0.

Five days ago, I tweeted this bold declaration:

"Another MAC collection with no purchases from this girl! I'm on a roll! MAC, you will not tempt me with your mediocre collections any longer!"

Yesterday, I came home with these:
MAC Blush in Pink Cult (Jeanius Collection) and MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Bare Again

You win, MAC. You win.

Technically, the Sheen Supreme Lipstick is not from a "collection" per se, but it's more appropriately categorized as a "new release" since it's part of the permanent line now. Anyway, that's just an excuse and the reality is that I crippled in the wake of temptation. Simple.

Pretty swatches!
Pink Cult (left) and Bare Again

I also tested Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation but I think the shade I was matched with at Sephora is a bit off and too dark for me right now :(

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation in Beige Ivory
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
Dior Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer in 002 Beige
Bare Minerals Well-Rested
MAC MSFN in Medium Plus
MAC Blush in Pink Cult
MAC MSF in Perfect Topping

Inglot e/s (2nd and 4th colors in this palette)
MAC e/s in Brule
Milani Liquif'eye Pencil in Black
Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara

MAC l/s in Creme Cup

I was going to wear Bare Again in order to kill two birds with one stone, but I thought a pink lipstick would complement Pink Cult better. In case I forget to wear Bare Again in an upcoming FOTD sometime soon, the color is the most accurate "my lips but better" or MLBB shade I've ever found for myself :)

Any new MAC collection purchases for you guys lately?


  1. Eeek I bought my first ever paintpot today, I was so excited! ha :o) MAC is all too tempting, hell, the window displays alone are enablers :o) xxx

  2. aww! you cudnt resist!!! I so wanna get mac supreme bare again!!!!!

  3. SO super cute! Your eyes look lovely!

  4. The blush looks great on you, very natural. I want to get myself those sheen supreme lipsticks, I heard they're buttery soft and moisturizing.

  5. You are hilarious. I have not bought anything from the past few M.A.C collections and I am hoping not to buy anything from this one. I love Pink Cult but I have a couple of older MAC blushes that are very similar.

  6. I feel your pain. Instead of studying for my finals last night I made a post about my MAC wishlist (-_-) but hey..at least we don't deny our weaknesses! haha

    btw that blush looks amazing on you!


  7. I love this makeup look I love a lot of your makeup looks actually!! I want that blush now, it's on my list! haha :)

    Check out my new blog on fashion & beauty if you'd like! :)

  8. @Hannah: I love the painpots! Which color did you get?

    @Kirsty: You should check them all out - they seem really nice. Bare Again is such a great everyday color :)

    @Widdlesh: Thank you so much!!

    @Miss Nikka: I'd have to agree with those claims :)

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: Yeah, I like it but it's not a must-have at all, in my opinon.

    @cahsezsaywhat: haha, I used to do that all the time when I was studying!

    @Kaylee: Thank you :)

  9. You were the second person who mentioned this blush today, so I knew I had to get my hands on it! Better late then never.
    I found the last one at my local Mac store and I bought the darker one too, I really like both of the colors! I tried pink cult in the store thinking it would be too light for me, but it worked :)

  10. omg..this made me laugh out loud..I remember reading that tweet and thinking, wow...is she really gonna make it? lol but I was proud! Haha...ah well..you only got 2 things, and they're both gorgeous! That blush, I have to own, it looks so natural and pretty on you and you're right about the MLBB shade, which a girl can never get tired of right? lol

  11. I finally located my MAC package (UPS keeps being unable to locate me for some reason it's really annoying) and I got lilicent creamblend blush and contructivist paint pot.

  12. New reader here. ^^
    Lovely MAC purchases. I actually haven't tried any MAC products :3 but I want to...eventually. :D

  13. I just got the Mac Bare Again lipstick and I love it!

  14. i love the 'bare again' lipstick! so pretty :)


  15. You look gorgeous! That lip colour is so nice too, really suits you x

  16. hahaha yah mac is evil like that =P

    The blush seems to be very similar to MAC's Well Dressed or Dame.. is it?

  17. @LVMAKEUP: I thought it might be a little light too but I was surprised to find that it wasn't and it's so pigmented that it still works really well on medium skin tones.

    @Honestly Bec: It's a nice pink blush to have but I wouldn't say it's a must-have :)

    @Kathleen: Haha, I'm embarrassed now that you actually recall my tweet! Yeah, I figured I'd get a lot of use out of a MLBB shade so I'm glad I got it :)

    @Justine: Can't wait for your reviews of them!

    @tiffyama: There's a lot to choose from! I'd probably recommend starting off with a lipstick :)

    @Jessica: Me too!

    @Covered in Chocolate: Is it like a MLBB shade on you too?

    @Rachel: Thanks! I really like it too :)

    @Stacey: Thank you so much, lovely :)

    @Delyteful Speaks: I don't have Dame but compared to Well Dressed, Pink Cult is lighter in color, more pigmented, matte, and is more of a dusty pink whereas Well Dressed is a bit of a brighter pink and less pigmented. They're not really the same at all. Hope that helps!

  18. pink cult looks so natural on you! you probably deserve a tiny mac haul after abstaining from it for a while ;D

  19. I got Pink Cult too! (but haven't picked it up from the post office yet) It looks great on you, very subtle yet brightening :)

  20. I'm planning a trip to MAC soon!!
    Not sure what I'll get yet!!

    And I found Revlon ColorBurst Lipgloss in Papaya!!!!!
    It was the last one at Walgreens!!
    And on sale!!
    MEGA SCORE!?!??!



  21. On me, it comes on as a slight nude/pink color. The color is very close to my lip color but just brings out like you said, the MLBB look. I love the formula as well. I think I'm going to go back and get Impressive and Ultra Darling too. Hehehe...

  22. luurrvly makeup! following :D


  23. @Jennifer: I thought so too :)

    @H: I hope you like it too!

    @Jordan: Yay! I'm so glad you got it. Mega score for sure!

    @Covered in Chocolate: I really like the formula too...super impressed :)

    @cosmetic-junkie: Thank you so much!

  24. I really want both of them, they look so nice :) x



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