Blogs I'm Currently Loving ♥ Vol.V

Here are just a few :)

25FLONDON is a relatively new blog, but you wouldn't know it without looking at her blog archive. Her blog is amazing. Gorgeous photos, interesting blog ideas, and beautifully written posts. You know when you find a blog and you almost feel angry that you didn't find it sooner? That's 25FLONDON for me. You'd be doing yourself a disservice not to click on that link ;)

Formerly Best of Beaute, A Vain Woman has a clean and crisp layout with again, amazingly clear photos and swatches. Cecilia's blog posts are always well-written, informative, and interesting.

I love Penelope's blog because not only is she beautiful, but when writing a review, she always includes product photos, clear swatches, and photos of the product in action (actually used on the lips or eyes, etc.). Admit it: We all love seeing those photos because we know how useful they are, and yet so many of us are guilty of not including them in our review posts. (For me, it's usually due to laziness. Just being honest.)

This last blog isn't beauty related, but it's more of a life blog. Naomi is adorable, her husband is adorable, her English bulldog is adorable, her baby is adorable, and together, they make a super adorable little family. It's not a fashion blog per se, but both Naomi and her hubby have amazing fashion sense and the blog, as a whole, is really inspiring and fun to read.

So, there you go! Four fantastic links that are just begging to be clicked on ;)


  1. 25london is awesome, I started reading her blog recently. Gorgeous pictures on that blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing these are all great!

  3. I love 25FLONDON too, I've recently found her and I find myself on her blog a lot even if I usually click on posts for their title/pic!

  4. These beauty blogs are awesome !! Thanks for sharing ! MERCI !!
    And I was already a fan of the rockstar diaries, how could I not be ;)
    Bisous !

  5. Wow, thanks for featuring my blog! Love your amazing blog too!

    I need to check out the rest of the blogs you mentioned, apart from 25FLondon, as it's a blog I already know and love!

  6. Thanks so much for the inspiration! These blogs are amazing! Officially following :o) xx


  7. Aw, thank you so much for the feature Tiffany! I didn't realise how new I was until I looked at my archive - I've barely posted anything!

    I already read & love A Vain Woman & inspired by beauty, & I followed rockstar diaries when you mentioned it on Twitter (maybe?) recently. I just need to give it a good read!

    Thanks again! x

  8. What a neat post! Thank you for sharing!

  9. thanks for the recommendations, i havent heard of any of these bloggers and i followed all of them. i enjoyed rockstar diaries especially.

  10. Thanks for sharing, Im going to check them:)
    From these I know only Loondon25 and everything what you wrote about it - absolutely true! I love that blog as well.

  11. Great post! I've followed your blog for quite some time but never commented. I loved your birthday and blog advice post the other day and really took your advice to heart! Love that you've posted some favorites here, I can't wait to check them out!


  12. Thank you so much for the mention! I already follow 25FLondon, but I will definitely be checking out the others.


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