Blogger Interrogation: Viva Beauté

This week, we're interrogating a beauty from across the pond :)

The blogger: Sana 

The blog: Viva Beauté (http://vivabeaute.blogspot.com

What is the first blog you remember following? 
I kind of got into the whole blogging scene through Youtube initially. I remember watching a few of Fafinettex videos and stumbled onto her blog. I then discovered a whole new realm of blogging and fell in love with it! 

What is the last blog you followed? 
I followed Make Up Never Sleeps! I love the fresh look of her blog and she has some AMAZING make up on there! Love it! 

Without checking, how many lipsticks do you think you own? 
Hmmm... I’ve only recently started falling in love with lipstick so I’d say about 20! 

How many do you really own? 
I just counted! 25! Not a bad guesstimation! :) 

You can only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life. Which ones will they be? 
Foundation, eyeliner and mascara! 

You have to get rid of 3 of your makeup products right now. Which ones will they be? Liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow and powder. (I would hate to get rid of them though!) 

What is your best makeup tip? 
Always always always cleanse, tone and moisturise! Its a necessity! It gives your make up a wonderful base to sit on and every item of make up looks so much better! 

What is your makeup pet peeve? 
When foundation is too dark or light. Makes me gawk :( 

What is the worst makeup crime you’ve ever committed? 
Oh gosh I don’t think I’ve done anything too bad. Perhaps going about 2 weeks without washing my main brushes. YUCK I know :( 

What is one thing your readers don’t know about you? 
I only started wearing foundation in June 2010 on a daily basis!! 

Please link us to your favorite post. 
Demonstrating my ever growing love for lipstick! http://vivabeaute.blogspot.com/2011/02/lipstick-overload.html

Thank you to Sana for letting us interrogate her! 

Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly positive response so far on my Blogger Interrogation series! It seems there are quite a few people interested in being interrogated and so far, I have bloggers lined up for the next 2+ months so unfortunately, I won't be taking any more volunteers at this time. I'll be sure to let you guys know when I am (probably in a few weeks)! Thanks so much for understanding :) 


  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog to follow, Tiffany. :) Nice to meet you, Sana! I'm not so fab at washing my brushes either - don't feel bad! haha

  2. haha I'm the same way about foundation...that and lip liner being darker than the lipstick. lol


  3. 2 weeks? Eeek I have done longer than that! Following, her blog is so cute

  4. I love finding new blogs to follow and meeting new people through them! Congrats on such a wonderful idea!

  5. I think it is a lovely serie! New and brilliant bloggers/bloggerinas could be introduced to us throu your post!

  6. Thank you for introducing us to yet another lovely blogger :D

    Rainbows and Buttons

  7. Thank you Tiffany for interrogating me! It was so much fun answering those questions!!

    Thank you for all your kind comments everyone, you're all very sweet!!


  8. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Great post Tiffany. Thank you for sharing.


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