Rimmel Crushed Pearl

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in Crushed Pearl is a metallic, pink pearl shade with somewhat of a pale pink-lilac duochrome. As a result of it being a bit more of a complex color, it was a pain in the butt for me to photograph and I still don't believe that any of these pictures really, truly do it justice because believe me, it is gorgeous!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro nail polish in 290 Crushed Pearl

I think this last photograph captures its true color the best.

Crushed Pearl was nearly opaque in one coat and completely opaque in two. It applied like a dream, although the ginormous Lasting Finish Pro brush is definitely not my favorite. Also, this color is perfect for Spring!

If you follow me on Twitter, it's no secret that I've been drooling over Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Black Pearl for weeks now, and I think that if Chanel had released a pink version of Black Pearl (Pink Pearl, if you will), it'd probably look a lot like Rimmel Crushed Pearl. Rimmel...Chanel...same thing, right? ;)


  1. This color is absolutely beautiful, and I'm not typically a pearl fan. I may just have to go hunt this out!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That's a beautiful, unique color! I imagine it'd look great with lots of glitter on top. *is a glitter fanatic*

  3. such a lovely colour! I love it!

  4. @Ida: Ooo...yes! I think it'd look gorgeous with glitter on top!

  5. Great shade, the sheen is lovely! ;)

  6. that picture looks gorgeous! :) I never thought to try rimmel nail polish


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