The Only 11 Brushes I Really Need.

I own quite a few brushes and while I do like to switch up my brushes every now and again, after a while, I usually end up going back to the same one or two brushes I've designated for a certain purpose. Basically, I've realized that if push came to shove (but let's hope it never does), I'd be able to create just about any look I wanted with just these eleven brushes.

.:Eye Brushes:.

e.l.f. Small Angled Brush :: Filling in my eyebrows.

Inglot 6SS :: Blending out harsh lines and applying color to the crease. This brush is much, much better than the MAC 224, in my opinion.

MAC 217 :: Applying color to the lid and blending out harsh lines and applying color to the crease. This is a wonderful multi-purpose brush that everyone needs!

MAC 239 :: Packing color on to the lid and applying color to the upper and/or lower lash lines.

Sigma E10 :: Applying gel/cream eye liner.

.:Face Brushes:.

MAC 129 :: Applying powder. The smaller shape allows for more precise powder application without disturbing the rest of your makeup.

Sigma E40 :: Blending in concealer and applying under-eye concealer setting powder. The only downside to this brush is that is sometimes sheds.

Sephora I.T. Face Contour Brush :: Applying cream bronzer and blush. It works fantastically with cream products because it doesn't shed at all (minus the very occasional hair in my Chanel Bronze Universel).

Sigma F35 :: Applying powder bronzer and contour and highlighter. The small, tapered shape fits perfectly under your cheekbones when contouring, but it's still fluffy enough that it can dust on bronzer as well.

Sigma F40 :: Applying powder blush.

Sigma F15 :: Applying extremely bright, pigmented blush. This stippling brush picks up much less blush than other brushes, and it's perfect when you want a sheerer application.

How many brushes do you have on rotation usually?

Disclaimer: The Sigma brushes (except for the F35, which I purchased myself) were sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. I am not affiliated with this company, nor am I getting paid for featuring them on my blog. The opinions expressed in this post are honest and based solely on my own experience with the product(s).


  1. I own a ton of brushes too, and the ones that I reach most for
    elf $1 blending brush and eyeshadow brush, sigma mini e35 free one.
    sigma egg brushes, the one you listed and the larger one too
    mac 187, 217

    I hear ya about the sigma 224 one, it definitely sheds. and the sigma 129 is better for powder compared to the sigma 150 one, that one is giant. (I like using old numbering, it's just easier, I can never remember the new numbers).

  2. My current must have brushes are my mac 217 and my eco tools foundation brush/bronzer brush/blush brush :)

  3. You're prepared for every make up eventuality!

    I have 7 - MAC 187, Sigma SS182, Ruby & Millie Cheek Brush & Stila #31 Retractable, Sigma 224 (mine doesn't shed at all) & MAC 219 daily, & the Everyday Minerals Long Handled Synthetic Kabuki if I'm using cream blush!

    I really wanted the tulip shaped brushes from MAC, I think one was the 165, & there was another that I forget. How's the Sigma F35? I'd rather get the Sigma ones than eBay the MAC for a shocking price!

  4. Great post:)
    Have you ever used make up brushes from this site http://www.furless.com.au/?
    I have that Sephora brush too and love it:) also a big fan of all Mac make up brushes!

  5. @Justine: I can't remember the news numbers either...I always have to check. I used to use the Sigma 150 but year, it's way to big. And I used to love using the larger Sigma egg brush for powder but then it started shedding like a mofo.

    @Jadegrrrl: The MAC 217 is such a staple - I love it :) I'll have to check out the Eco Tools brushes...I keep hearing so many good things about them!

    @25FLONDON: You're lucky that your Sigma 224 doesn't shed. I think mine only sheds when I use it with cream/liquid products, which is all of my concealers, but it doesn't shed with setting powder. Do you use yours with cream/liquid products and it still doesn't shed? The Sigma F35 is a MAC 165 dupe and I LOVE it! I also have the MAC 138 dupe (the bigger tulip brush) and it was great but then it started shedding really bad for me so I stopped using it :(

  6. @Shannon: No, I've never tried any from that site before. Are they any good? I only have a few MAC brushes but I love all the ones I have too...haven't been disappointed yet :)

  7. Mine are mac 239 (lid colour), 217 (crease colour and blending), a sephora angled brush (liner), my mac 187 (mineral blush) and my mac 129 (powder). I do have a few random coastal scents ones that I use for highlighting or crease colours, but these are my daily brushes :)

    does your sigma f35 shed?

  8. Yeh, I use it with my Studio Finish & Moisturecover. Maybe it's because mine's a lot older? I bought it when the company just started off. Could be differences in quality when it got mainstream?

    Ugh, I was thinking of getting both of the Sigma tulip brushes, as well as the 109 dupe. I don't know, maybe the quality has generally gone down then? I had little to no problems with my brushes. The 150 & 187 bled every time I washed them for 6 months though.

  9. Thank you for your helpful inputs. Ive been wanting to learn eye makeup for the longest time and learning that the above brushes are good enough for great looks is a relief. :)

  10. @Ki: No, my F35 doesn't shed at all :)

    @25FLONDON: I actually have never had a problem with any of my Sigma brushes bleeding when I wash them! I would still totally recommend the F35, though. It's really a great brush.

    @herroyalbleakness: No problem. I'm glad it was helpful :)

  11. Awh thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog girly, it means so much that you've stuck with me even though I have been MIA for too long!
    Glad you have got your hands on the bronzer, it is so amazing!

  12. I usually have 4 brushes that I use every day to get my look, hmmmmm

  13. Thanks for this, I love that you don't need to use like a million brushes!

    I really want to try the tapered face brush. It looks good


  14. I really ought to get some more makeup brushes! all I use at the moment is a Clinique blush brush and a Benefit fluff shadow eyeshadow brush!

  15. MAC's 217 is my favorite eye brush! I really only use it for blending but if I needed to I could do a whole look with that one brush. (:

  16. I've been lemming the 217 for SO long, and I'm pretty sure your blog got me lemming the tapered face brush! I use a similar brush to apply my concealer and that sheds too >__>


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