If you recall, I'm currently doing Gloss-Out 2011 and am only allowing myself to purchase five lipglosses this entire year. This is lipgloss purchase number one.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 Apricot Shimmer

Sponge-tip applicator

This lipgloss claims to have 3D shimmer (whatever that means) and in fact, it has super micro-shimmer that without close inspection, is nearly undetectable. In other words, I don't think the point of the "3D shimmer" is to make your lips look shimmery as it is to make them look luminous and shiny.

As you can see from the lower half of the swatch, once blended out, the color is almost completely lost and especially on more pigmented lips like mine, the lipgloss appears clear. It strikes me more as a lipgloss-lipbalm hybrid than it does a traditional lipgloss and for that reason, I think it will be the perfect addition to my handbag for on-the-go touch-ups that will still cater to the needs of my chronically dry lips.

It retails for $21 and is extremely moisturizing, non-sticky, and smells like creme brulee :) YUM.


  1. I want to purchase all 3 glosses from Clarins! I just finished a tube of that shade and I cant get enough of it. I want more. Im also doing a glossout 2011 and allowing myself only 5 glosses! Goodluck to us

  2. Wow 5 lipglosses all year... that would be hard. I am not really into lipgloss hardcore, but I do pick them up here and there, more into lipstick myself. That looks like a nice one.

  3. What a beauty! Now I want it, ughhhh! I will check it out asap, thank you for sharing hunni! Good luck with gloss-out, you're doing great so far! :))

  4. I have this and it's actually one of the lip glosses I have repurchases ( I have so many I hardly ever finish one) but it is super nice on the lips. I have the pink version of this too which is very nice as well.

  5. I think this Gloss-Out idea is great! I might just join in on this :)

    I lovvve the color, but I doubt it would show up on my lips either.


  6. I got one of these last week too (#3)- I was heavily influenced by Holly and Vivianna! I really like it, too. :) And by the way, I've still got my eye out for the Revlon Papaya Colorburst gloss to send you! ;)

  7. @Kim: I wonder if since it's so sheer, if it would even really make a difference what shade you get since this one seems to appear clear-ish? Anyway, good luck to us! :)

    @Justine: That's precisely the problem - I'm into ligloss AND lipstick AND everything else too! I really needed to calm down and figured that lipgloss was a good place to start.

    @Ebru: Thank you!

    @Ansa: Wow! It warranted a repurchase? I'm glad I got it then :)

    @Nora Schu: Yes, please join! We'll support each other :)

    @Jessica: We're influenced by the same people, lol! I saw your post with Papaya and it looks sooo pretty! Still haven't seen it in any of the stores I've been in though.

  8. Ooooh this is cute!
    does it look fairly sheer on the lips?

  9. @Lauren: On pigmented lips, it pretty much applies clear (that's why I didn't bother including a lip swatch) and on lips with average pigmentation, the color is still pretty sheer :)

  10. Nom! It looks like the kind of gloss I'd go for with my 934875983745 coral and nude lipsticks :)


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