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[This giveaway is now closed.]

As you guys may know, I was planning on waiting until my one year blogiversary next month to hold my joint 1000 follower/1 year blogiversary giveaway but since I really wanted to spread the Inglot love despite the company deciding to significantly raise their prices starting on February 7th -__-, I had to take advantage of the opportunity and purchase my giveaway goodies early. I figured, if they're already purchased, why not just give them away now, right?

If you've never heard of Inglot, you can read my review of their eyeshadows here :)

.:First Place:.
one 5-square pan palette and five square pan eyeshadows in:
Pearl 446 (metallic eggplant)
AMC Shine 21 (warm brown with gold shimmer)
AMC Shine 08 (pale peachy gold)
D.S. 464 (orangey copper with gold sparkle)
Pearl 423 (metallic taupey brown)

Note: Eyeshadow shade descriptions should be taken with a grain of salt because I can only describe them based on how they appear in the pan through the plastic and how I remember them appearing when I swatched them in the Inglot store. Trust me, they're all GORGEOUS! 

.:Second Place:.
one lipstick in #41 (a really pretty coral)

1. You MUST be a follower of my blog through Google Friend Connect. No anonymous entries.
2. This giveaway is open internationally.
3. If you are under 18 years of age, you must have parental consent to give me your full name and address in the event you are the winner.
4. Comment on this post with your best (or at least one you think is good) makeup tip and include your email address so I can contact you if you win.

This giveaway will be open until Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. The winners will be chosen via Random.org. First place will be decided by the first number drawn, and second place will be decided by the second number drawn.

Good Luck!

[This giveaway is now closed.]


  1. what a lovely giveaway!
    Id have to say lately that olive oil has done WONDERS to my skin.
    Instead of using makeup remover that is full of chemicals and other
    things that we dont know of that we put on our skin i use 100%
    extra virgin olive oil. I didnt believe that it would clear my skin as most
    who tried said but i put it to the test and saw that many scars, and blemishes faded away and also is a natural makeup remover:)

    lol sounds like an ad but its not!
    Good luck everyone!

    Nika x x


  2. I'd like to be entered in the giveaway :)

    My best make up tip: Your skin color changes slightly throughout the seasons of the year. my biggest pet peeve regarding make up is when your foundation does not match the correct tone of your skin. Either too dark in the winter or too light in the summer. It's best to have multiple shades of foundation or concealer to use throughout the year.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win some fun stuff!

  3. Great giveaway and shame on Inglot for raising their prices so much, what a great giveaway to have.

    I am a follower of course.
    best makeup tip.. use a primer before you apply your foundation, I know some people think it's not important but for those with dry skin it works wonders. I dunno that's all I got.


  4. Wow those shadows and lipstick look gorgeous!
    My favorite trick might not apply to a lot of people, but for me since my lips are so pigmented it changes the color of a lot of lipsticks and makes them look bad so a trick I use for myself is to nude them out with a completely nude lipstick first so that it shows up more true to color.
    My email is j191921@gmail.com
    Thanks :)

  5. My makeup tip is sleep! It does wonders I swear! :)


  6. Great giveaway and congrats on your blogiversary!

    My best tip is to always, always wash your makeup off before you go to bed. It keeps your skin healthy and looking good and gives you a great canvas to work with!

  7. My makeup tips are:

    1: Moisturize a lot! I have slightly oily skin but I still over moisturize before I put on my foundation. Everything just glides on easily.

    2: Use a Damp makeup sponge for your foundation. You will get an airbrush finish.

    and lastly

    3. It's best to buy full coverage foundations even if you don't need it. You can sheer it out with a damp sponge, and if you're having a bad day, you don't have to worry about not having a full coverage foundation.

  8. Concealer under the foundation during the winter, and concealer ON the foundation during the summer :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! Following via GFC as Steph!


  9. if you want perfect foundation application for an event but are still recovering from your last acne frenzy (for mild acne), one or two nights before take a small bowl and add a tablespoon of raw rice into the bowl after filling 1/3 of the bowl with water. let it sit over night. Meanwhile, take another small bowl and fill 1/4 of it with water, add a teaspoon of salt and add two tablespoons of small dried chinese green beans (it looks like the type of beans you make for chinese red bean steamed buns). Let it sit for an hour, than use a spoon and crush the beans mixing it with the mix of water and salt. Rub it on your face to exfoliate your skin, than use a light skin peeler afterwards. This will brighten and smoothen your face. The next morning use the rice water and dab/spray it on your face to freshen your skin - this will help get rid of any redness. pat it on your skin and stay applying your make up. =D this entire routine helps dry out your acne, make it easier to get rid of any dead skin, gets rid of redness and smoothens your face. You should have perfectly smooth skin that will help you create the illusion of a perfect complexion. Smooth skin + foundation = clear flawless complexion. ENJOY!

    maki.wong.knowsbest@gmail.com Even if i dont win you guys should try this- i swear it'll help your skin achieve a smoother and less red look!

  10. pure rosehip oil can help rejuvenate skin, skin nourish-er, erase scars, rehydrates skin, it also serve as an anti-aging product. best used morning and night.


  11. I am already a follower as YoursTrulyPam.

    My beauty tip is don't rub your eyes. They are sensitive tissues around your eyes and rubbing them too hard causes wrinkles.

    My email address is: xiongc16@gmail.com

    Thanks for this opportunity.

  12. What a great giveaway!<3 I've been a GFC follower as katiieeemoon
    My beauty tip is drinking a bunch of water is the best thing you could do for you skin! :D
    Email: katiieeemoon@aim.com

  13. my best tip; wear your makeup with confidence but don't let it define who you are.

  14. What an awesome giveaway, Tiffany!

    My favorite makeup tips (I couldn't pick just one!) are 1) highlighting the inner corners of the eye and above the cheekbones, and 2) filling in eyebrows! I never used to do anything to my eyebrows, but now I can't go a day without doing it - it totally changes your face!

  15. Enter me please! I would love some more inglot in my life :D

    My best tip is to use concealer right up to the inner corners of the eyes - I wear glasses and have dark marks on the sides on my nose near my inner eye area and this application technique really wakes my eyes up and conceals all the darkness :)

  16. I like to make the most of the time I sleep by letting rosehip oil (either Badger Balm/Evolving or Burt's Bees Repair Serum) soak into my skin. My skin feels lovely in the morning, & the smell of the oils will have made me sleep easier :)


  17. :) Aw, what a nice giveaway :)

    Pure vitamin E oil is the best skin hydrator at night, beyond ANY advanced night cream. It is all natural and really healthy for your skin.

    My email is samebrightsky@yahoo.com :)

  18. a good makeup tip is always moisturize before applying foundation. & witch hazel works great for ance.

    sassyagapi(at)gmail dot com

  19. I've never tried inglot makeup, sounds good!
    My best beauty tip is (or one I use often!) Is to warm up your foundation on your fingers or the back of your hand. This will help it soak into your skin and not feel like a mask.

    leah xx

  20. Lovely prizes, I really want to try Inglot!

    My best beauty tip is to use aspirin mask on your skin if you have acne. It really does help a lot for me.


  21. Wow! This is so generous- thankyou! ^^
    My favourite makeup tip is one from the queen of makeup- Michelle Phan:
    cut a half eye shape in a piece of card, and slot it above your eye to protect your eyelid from mascara- this is great for me because i get my mascara EVERYWHERE haha... xxx

  22. What a wonderful prize! Thank you! I love your blog and think you deserve even more followers!

    My make up tip: Keep your brushes clean! Nothing irritates skin more than unsanitized tools. So don't share make up tools with other people unless they are thouroughly cleaned beforehand (I am referring to the tools, not the people! ;-)).


  23. Since I'm a trouble sleeper, I tend to get dark circle under my eyes. To make myself look fully rested or awake, I add under my concealer, Bare Essentuals Well Rested under my eye lids and around the inner corners of my eyes. It works really well to brighten up the eye area and make you look fully rested.

    If you don't have Bare Essentuals Well Rested you can also use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk around the inner corners of the eye lids.

    Also a great tip that seem to work really well for my skin (beside drinking water) I drink Soy Milk. It seems to be clearing up my complexion. So drink lots of water and soy milk!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Congrats on your blogiversary! :)

    My best beauty tips are :

    1. Sleep and eat well
    2. When sun burned, put thin slices of potatoes all over your face and body for 5 to 10 minutes (if you leave them for too long, it can irritate the skin). This will cool your skin down and reduce redness.
    3. If you think you can't wear nude lipstick, mix it with a tiny tiny bit of red gloss. this makes a huge difference.


  25. hmmm, a tip? I think the best one would be to always make sure you wash all of your makeup off of your face before you go to bed. You need to do this so you don't accumulate germs and bacteria in your face that makes your break out. :]

    I am a follower via GFC.
    my email is mylifeascarrie@gmail.com


  26. Hi hun!!I'm afollower!!My make up tip is consealer!!Never forget that step.Makes my under eye area so bright!!!

  27. My tip is to lightly powder under eye concealer with translucent powder to make it last all day! Also if you want some extra brightness under your eyes, try using Eyeko's glow cream under your concealer it really makes a difference!




  28. What a fabulous prize.
    My tip if you are short on time is to wear false lashes. Everyone thinks they take ages but they instantly make your eyes made up so you only need a lippy and blusher and you are done. It saves times in the end.


  29. My tip is to use cold cream to remove your makeup when you're wearing a "full face". It really deep cleans the skin and breaks down heavier makeup: even gel liners and waterproof mascaras like a breeze! I also apply a little dab to a qtip to remove eyeshadow fallout during application. I also find that after I've wiped the cream off, my skin has a pretty glow to it.


  30. My tip is ....
    Using a damp sponge when applying liquid foundation ... in my opinion, it gives the best coverage and makes your skin look flawless! Saves time and makes blending a breeze :)

    Email: donnahsueh@gmail.com

  31. Hey!Happy blog-anniversary!!!
    I am a follower via GFC!
    My best tips are
    1. Drink loads of water.
    2.Remove your make-up and moisturise before you go to bed.
    My e-mail is: aths2@hotmail.com


  32. What a great giveaway!

    My tip is to heat up the eyeliner with a lighter, It makes it go on smooth.


  33. Great giveaway! I'm already a follower on GFC, so here's my makeup tip: don't be afraid to try out new things, play with colours. Even when you think something may not look good on you, just try it. You might be surprised how much you can pull off and if you don't like it, just wash it off! No harm done in trying, right?

  34. Great giveaway!
    My tip is for blemishes...If its dry and scabed (sorry I know that word is gross but its the only way I can say it) you should dab a tiny bit of moisturiser on it before you conceal it to stop it being flaky,cakey and if its red and shiny apply concealer & set with powder. Also drink lots of water!


  35. Enter me please!:)

    My make up tip... is not too much make up:) I try always stay delicate, because too much make up makes you look like with dirty face;DDD


  36. Enter me please!
    My make up tip: spray your face with something similar to fix + and then spray your foundation brush with the same product and then apply foundation in circular motions. Buffing it very well. It will give you a flawless finish.


    Thanks X

  37. Thanks for the lovely giveaway! I am already a follower via GFC. My best makeup tip has to be something simple like drinking lots of water cause I always see the difference in my skin when I don't and take good care of your skin cause no amount of makeup will make your skin look good if its not.

    Email: acosmeticaffair@gmail.com

    Charlene xxxx

  38. Those all look like gorgeous shades!

    My best make-up tip is if you suddenly realise you're out of mascara/ your mascara is on its last legs and you don't have time to buy a new one - blast it with your hair dryer on the highest heat. It melts it and give it back the 'just bought' texture, so you can still use it until you can buy a new one :)


  39. My best makeup tip is WATER! Lots and lots so that your skin stays fresh and clean. :)

    email: mglee25(at)gmail(dot)com

  40. I love those Inglot colours-- right up my street! I follow through GFC as Tash (which I'm logged in with now). Hmmm, as for tips, I guess applying an eye cream before using concealer really makes a huge difference!


    n.ellis.knight (at) gmail.com

  41. This is such a generous giveaway!

    I love making eyeliner out of pigmented shadow, particularly when the shadow comes as a part of a set and the colors match perfectly. I put a drop of Visine on the pack of my hand and use it as a mixing agent with the shadow. Not only does it not irritate my eyes, but it also affixes the shadows perfectly.

    ♥ Jessica

  42. My best makeup tip is to combine things.As in combine 2 mascaras, so that you get the volume&lenght you want.Combine a rosey and a coral blush, so that your cheeks will look happy!
    And when everything else fails, smile!It's the best tip for looking waaaaay too gorgeous!
    I follow as Ria via GFC and my email is freeeedz at yahoo dot com
    Much love and happy day!

  43. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I like to use a clean mascara wand from Sephora or any other makeup counter and run that through my lashes after I've put on my mascara. This helps to de-clump everything and makes my lashes look natural :)

    I follow on GFC as Nina Shi.


  44. My make up tip is to apply highlighter to your face, because you'll look much healthier and alert! It's better than a completely matte face imo :)

    I follow on gfc as juicy,

  45. Love your blog and congrats!

    Make-up tip: Make sure to use a lip scrub every now and then that way your lipstick will stay on longer and look fabulous!


  46. Wonderful giveaway lovely! ♥

    My best tip would be that if you don't need a heavy coverage foundation all over your face then you shouldn't. I really like the look of a light foundation and then concealer only where needed.



  47. Love inglot... shame about the increase :(
    My biggest and greatest beauty tip of all time is...
    Beauty is both inside and out... sounds cheesy and corny but its true... and don't think make-up is made to hide that feature that you dislike... make-up enhances that natural beauty that you are born with.
    So Don't purchase to repress that inner swan, let her out, let her breathe. Be yourself. Be confident and be proud to be you!
    My beauty tip with a twist assigned! ;)
    Much love

  48. Amazing giveaway lovely lady!!!!

    I guess a good makeup tip I have is using MAC's fix+. I like to use it with a loose mineral powder and make a bit of a paste and then buff it into my skin. It turns this product from light, powdery coverage into medium coverage that looks so natural and dewy. I also love using Fix+ to clean up any fall out i have from shadow. I simply spray it onto my blending brush and clean up underneath the eye. So easy!

    I follow you as Sarah Ashley on GFC

  49. how awful they're raising their prices, i thought it was amazing that such good quality eyeshadows were available at the price they were. ): but it means this is an even better giveaway though!

    i don't have too many tips, apart from several already mentioned like drinking lots of water and filling in your brows (starts doing that about a month ago, the difference is incredible!)

    i've always found using a fluffy brush for concealer does the job a lot better than a traditional brushes - looks more natural and just works out nicer!

    my email is lylylyly @ gmail.com (:

  50. What an amazing giveaway! Enter me!!

    My best beauty tip is, once a week, put a green clay mask on my face (this brand works really well http://polenweb.optimasoluciones.com/images/images/arcilla%20ver%20pasta%20sakai400.JPG). My pores have reduced a lot since I do it!

    My email is: seihokeichan@gmail.com
    And I am a follower ;)

  51. Hello!

    I follow as G A B Y.

    My best makeup tip is to use 2 mascaras: start with a lengthening one and then finish with a volumizing one (=

    Thank you!

  52. one tip I have is to use primer on your lips to make them soft and have lipstick last! :)

    email: strange_kittykat@yahoo.com

  53. Hey Tiffany! Awesome giveaway soo excited keeping my fingers crossed..
    One of my fave beauty tips involves hair....
    To prevent frizz on a hot humid day out right before getting out the shower flash rinse ur hair with cold water, cold water lowers the platelets in ur hair which keep from expanding more in hot humid air unlike when u wash with warm/ hot water.... Well there you go. Good luck to everybody here and me!

  54. Wonderful giveay. My beauty tip and what I loved the most this year was lactic acid esp dermalogica gentle exfloiator that has lactic acid. It has done wonders for my skin. Enter me please -email is themacgirl@ymail.com.

  55. Wow, congratulations on over 1000 followers! My best make up tip (or one I've learned anyway) is to line my top lash line to make my lashes look fuller. It's a fab tip and really works for me :)



  56. Yay, thank you for this wonderful chance:)
    My beauty tip is the following: As I have quite oily skin with acne, I love peeling my face at least once a week. It helps to improve the new, healthy skin:)

    e-mail: pannahopemakeup ( @ ) indamail ( . ) hu

  57. Congrats on reaching 1000+ followers. Beautiful prizes the colour of the lipstick looks pretty for the spring!

    My Best beauty tip would be- if you have a foundation which is to heavy and thick then mix with a little moisturiser and you have a lighter tinted moisturiser. That way you're not wasting a product.

    Thanks Sherrie ♥


  58. Congrats on reaching 1000 followers!!
    This is such an awesome giveaway too!

    My beauty tip would be to put white or light eyeshadow in the inner tear duct to open the eyes and to use a nude color eyeliner for the bottom waterline to make you look fresh and your eyes look bigger.

    email: g.eun.h.kim@gmail.com

  59. Congrats on the followers hun! What a fabulous giveaway! I've heard/read so many good things about Inglot, but the brand is not available in Greece.

    I have 2 beauty tips : ALWAYS remove your makeup before going to bed and wet your brush/sponge before applying foundation, it will make the application much easier! ;)


    Thank you Tiffany! ;) x

  60. My best tip would be to push up on your bottom waterline to eyeline instead of pulling the eye down. this is to avoid getting eye bags when you get older. :)



  61. congrats on the followers :D

    my best makeup tip is... less is always more :)

    with love, sam xx
    aka mickeyy @ withloveblub.blogspot.com


  62. Ohhh yey! I like this giveaway :)
    My tip: after applying eyeliner, set it with a matte eyeshadow...helps to keep it on for the longest time!

    katch05 at gmail dot com
    *followin you via GFC

  63. wow 1000+ follower, congrat and thank you for this giveaway:)

    My tip: use lip scrub before lipstick



  64. Congrats on the followers.
    ohh I really want to win those eyeshadows!! :)
    my best make up tip is to exfoliate your lips before applying a bright lipstick, it works wonders.


  65. Shame on Inglot for raising their prices.. was just about to head to the NB on my way home after class later this week to check out their eyeshadows.

    Congrats on the anniversary & having so many followers!

    My best makeup tip - drink lots of water. It really does clear up your complexion & makes your skin look healthier!


  66. Enter me please!
    I don't have any makeup tips :(
    I would say using your hairdryer on the cool setting after you apply your foundation makes it stay on longer!
    I'm a GFC follower,

  67. I follow thru yahoo.

    I love using my light bronzer physicians formula powder bronzer healthy wear with spf 50 as a light all over face powder.love the spf and it evens me out as well as absorbing oil.

    email agigant5@yahoo.com

  68. Hi! I enjoy reading your blog and I just wanted to congratulate you on reaching 1000 followers and your 1 year :)

    My best makeup tip is when applying eyeshadow, work from top to bottom... meaning, start from your browbone highlight, crease, then lid. When the colors start lightly layering over each other that way, they seem to blend better and create sort of a gradient effect. It also cuts blending time when you're doing your eyeshadow!

    my e-mail address is: elizabethdangster@gmail.com

  69. Congrats on 1000 followers!

    My beauty tip- If you want huge lashes without using fake eyelashes, then try layering two different types of mascara! I love to do it and if you use the right two kinds of mascara, your lashes will look HUGE! Try using a volumizing one first, then a lengthening mascara.

    email: bhaelena@yahoo.com

  70. bon anniversary!
    top tip : bicarb of soda mixed with water based cleanser makes the best exfoliate! creates perfect base for make up!




  71. Congrats on so many followers!

    I follow, and my makeup tip is to apply lip gloss before lipstick when wearing light shades. That helps soften the "concealer lips" effect.

    email is bailey025 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  72. Congrats on the blogerversary and followers :D

    My best makeup tip would be using eyeshadow as blush! It's generally more pigmented and you can find some amazing colours :D


  73. Good Morning, what a lovely blog you have!

    My best tip for beauty would be - Apply generous amounts of pure Vitamin E Oil to your lips before sleep, you'll wake up in the morning with the sofest lips you can imagine. xx


  74. congratulations on having so many followers!
    My best beauty tip, that I actually learned not too long ago, is to set any cream or liquid makeup with powder - it last so much longer and prevents sliding, especially on my oily skin!

  75. Hi Tiffany! I'm so in love in Inglot at the moment.

    My beauty tip is to regularly use a face exfoliant. It helps any treatments you use absorb better as well as helping makeup sit on the face nicer.

    email: jen_wu85@hotmail.com

  76. Awesome giveaway :D

    My best beauty tip is to always use a "best friend" colour underneath your crease colour to help it blend seamlessly into your skintone :)

    email: jellyminx@googlemail.com

    Kelly x

  77. Hi Tiff,
    Nice giveaway~ :) Congrats on hitting 1k as well as for your 1 yr in the blogger world.

    As for a my best makeup tip, I'd have to say, use the finger pop method to prevent lipstick stains on your teeth. Simply place your index finger inside your mouth. Create an O shape with your lips and pop your finger inside. Doing so, the excess lipstick that had gathered on the crevasses of your lips will transfer onto your fingers instead of your teeth ;)

    Love this method, simply because I'm such a lipstick whore & I love to pack on my lipstick. ahah!

    Hope you find this helpful as well!


  78. Great giveaway Tiffany. You are so sweet.
    The best tip I learned is to remove glitter from the eyes, face, etc. with packing tape. Take the sticky side and pat it on the face to remove glitter. It actually works really well.
    Congrats on almost 1 year and well over 1000!

  79. awesome hun ^_^ havent tried any inglot products.. (thanks for the chance)

    best makeup tip i could share.. is that you can use mask from fruits ^_^ its natural and great for your skin.. ^_^

    hugs and kisses


  80. I'm following on GFC as Jennifer

    My best makeup tip is: apply a bit of powder blush over cream blush (used as base) to make it last longer!

    jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

    thankyou <3

  81. my makeup tends to look cakey after i apply powder so i sprit some fix plus by mac to give me back that dewy effect :) and i also use it as toner!

  82. My favorite makeup tip is to apply eye cream before starting your makeup so that when you apply concealer, it will go on a lot more smoothly and will less likely settle in the fine lines under the eyes :)
    Hope it helps some of you! Good luck,
    email is sweetmelf at yahoo dot ca

  83. *always apply thin layers so your make up will look natural, and radiant.


  84. I'm following through google, I think it is connected to my twitter@evespikey.

    My best beauty tip is curl your eyelashes! It brightens my whole face, if I'm super lazy or having a good skin day, I just curl and rouge, and I'm good to go. :)


  85. Oh my, never tried Inglot but I've always been interested!
    I ALWAYS do my eye makeup before my face makeup, I am so messy I get eyeshadow everywhere no matter now tidy I try to be! So many times I had to re-do concealer, no more!
    I follow via GFC and my email is jadey-lou15@hotmail.co.uk

  86. I'm following by GFC. Lovely giveaway!

    My best tip would be to invest in a good bi-phase oil eye makeup remover - I find these gets rid of stubborn mascara/liner much easier and so are gentler on my lids.


  87. hello~

    my best trick for skin is to sleep and drink water! i know it sounds like it's a no brainer.. but it really does help me alot.. =)


  88. One of my tips is if you want your liner on the waterline to last ALL DAY, use a tiny bit of mac liquidlast liner in the outer corner of the lower waterline..it creates a barrier and keeps the rest of my liner that I put over it on all day! Love it.

    Great giveaway! I know, what a bummer that Inglot is raising their prices :(

  89. I would love to win! I am interested in all the fun makeup I haven't tried before, it seems I'm always coming across some new brand that we don't have here in Canada.
    My best makeup tip is simple - wash your face every night. It sounds silly but it is so much easier to start with a blank slate every morning.
    I love your blog!

  90. My best makeup tip is make sure you use a good moisturizer before applying your foundation so that it doesn't look cakey. Also be sure to blend your eyeshadows so that there are no visible harsh lines :)


  91. One of my makeup tips would be to slightly dampen your eyeshadow brushes before using them to apply powder shadow. It helps to prevent fallout. Then, once you have the colour in place, use dry brushes to blend out.

    Great giveway.:)



    Rainbows and Buttons

  92. That's a wonderful giveaway!
    One of my best makeup tips is if you feel your lips chapped and dry, exfoliate them using a mixture of honey, oil and sugar! You will see great difference afterwards!
    my email is argyrousa (at) gmail (dot) com
    Thank you!

  93. I'm a follower.

    Before I apply gel liner I use black eyeshadow first to draw my shape that way if I make a mistake I can easily correct it.

    irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com

  94. Great giveaway!

    My beauty tip:
    If you like wearing nude lipsticks, but you lips are quite pigmented –
    Add a tiny touch of concealer (preferably a creamy concealer, or add some lip balm to make concealer more creamy) over the lips to take them down a couple of shades and then add your favourite nude colour of lipstick on top!
    The result = a perfect nude lipstick finish without lips looking odd!

    Thanks :)


  95. My best tip for airy looking skin is to blot face with slightly damp cloth approximately 2 minutes after applying foundation.

  96. Congrats :D

    My best beauty tip would be to exfoliate lips with a little sugar/olive oil before putting on lipstick to get rid of dead skin.

    email: c.kawiecki at yahoo .com

  97. congrats!!! 1000+ followers is a huge achievement!

    please enter me in the giveaway... i am a follower via GFC as anksy06

    the beauty tip i really like is to use dated or unflattering lipstick shades as blushes themselves or for layering under powder blushes...

  98. The Best makeup tip is to drink lots of water, its not only good for you but also hydrates your skin. Also to use a homemade sugar scrub to rub on your lips when they are peeling, to scrap off the dead skin. It makes your lipstick look better when applied. j_parris2@verizon.net

  99. My best makeup tip is to use a q-tip to clean up any mascara that gets on your lids post-application. I have really hooded eyes and end up doing this pretty much every day.

    Congrats on making it for a year!

    caseyae AT gmail DOT com

  100. lovely giveaway! :D and congrats on the one year anniversary! :D

    my makeup tip would be to apply a shimmery light shadow in the inner corners to instantly brighten up your eyes! also, tightlining will give your lashes a thicker and fuller effect while at the same time, keep your eyes looking nautral :)

    all in all, i really think that less is more and there are certain little things that can help brighten up your face and make you look naturally beautiful :)

    of course, no matter what makeup you wear, confidence is key! so i guess another tip i have would be to always be confident in yourself and smile :D

    thanks for having this & congrats again!! :D

  101. What a fun giveaway! My tip is to use a dry qtip to wipe away any mascara smudges in your eyeshadow.
    I follow you on GFC and my email is prettyaspeachesblog at yahoo dot com

  102. I was so bummed to learn that Inglot raised their prices DRASTICALLY on their freedom palettes and then I see this giveaway :) You're so generous!

    I think most of the beauty techniques I use are pretty basic but lately I've been using a dense powder brush (the E.L.F studio one) to pack on blushes that are not super pigmented (like the Revlon Matte blushes). I can't use lightly pigmented blushes in the summer because I'm too tan. But when I'm more pale in the winter, the powder brush is great for packing on color and blending it out so I have a natural flush.

    My email is cows_4_all [AT] hotmail [DOT] com ^^

  103. My best makeup tip is to go easy on the concealer and foundation, as less is more, and too much will make you look heaps older. Also moisturise well before putting on your makep, as this plumps out the skin so the concealer can skim over fine lines instead of settling in and accentuating them.
    Following your blog publicly through GFC as Di

  104. Hey Honey!
    My Beauty Tip is To remove your makeup Use Olive oil its great and easy to find! also it wont irritate your skin like some makeup remover do!

    I'm Following you blog through GFC stevie.h@hotmail.com

    Thanks for the awesome give away!!

  105. oh how nice!! and so many awesome new tips I learned!!! :) *happy*

    My make-up tips (hmm more beauty than make-up related)

    1. Always apply your moisturizer on your neck, too! Don't neglect that area and use gentle upward strokes with both hands. =) I, too, used to forget doing this many times.
    2. I apply a bit of moisturizer (or the remaining moisturizer from my hands) on my eyebrows because I had flakes underneath them; if you have flaky, dry skin on the eyebrow area, try doing the same.

    thank you for this!! :)))) Good luck to all, so exciting!!

    nami_rhys@hotmail.com - I follow via GFC as Denise.

  106. Wow what an amazing giveaway! Congrats on 1000+ followers you deserve every single one!

    Well the best tip i have learned so far and i am really happy that i learned it is applying Vaseline to my eyelashes before going to bed every night. My eyelashes seriously improved after doing this regularly, they don't break, they curl better and look healthy :)

    Email: me.medi@hotmail.com

  107. I heat up my eyelash curler with a dryer. Just make sure it's not too hot! This does wonders on my stick- straight lashes.


  108. Wonderful giveaway!
    Best beauty tip I've ever been given?
    Conceal AFTER.
    Applying concealer first and foundation second will only smear my concealer. Besides, foundation will cover up some of your blemishes which will save you on the concealer!

  109. Spray fix+ before and after cream/liquid foundation application if you have dry/combo skin!

    thanks for the giveaway

    aPetiteDiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  110. Hi Tiff!!
    Congrats on your followers!!!

    Hmmm my best makeup tip?? Wow that question is so difficult to answer especially because it would vary depending on the audience I'm speaking to...

    I guess I'll just have to do one related to covering acne.

    Tip: Counteract the redness or darkness in the blemish by first layering on a creamy green concealer, then go over the area with a concealer that matches your skin color and voila! You have a concealed blemish! Haha..

    e-mail: ohbeauty88@gmail.com

    Thanks Tiff!!

  111. I'm your follower as 'spider girl' :)

    My best beauty tip so far is using silver eye liner to open eyes up and brighten them! This trick always works for me :)

    I'm at techiespidergurl (at) gmail (dot) com!

  112. hey!!

    tip: contouring the sides of your nose to make it look more slender.


  113. My best makeup tip is to run a cotton bud on your waterline to make it easier to apply eyeliner. It makes it super easy for the eyeliner to stick when the waterline isn't so wet!

    dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

  114. My best makeup tip is to use an exfoliating brush such as a Clairsonic Mia with no cleanser every morning before you apply makeup, it takes off all of the dry patches, smooths over blemishes, removes oil, and reduces how visible fine lines are, it also makes your face cleaner, and wakes you up before putting on your everyday makeup.

    my email is porcelainbeautytv@gmail.com
    thanks for holding this giveaway and I wish everyone else luck :)

  115. hi!
    i follow you via GFC as adelynush87
    email adress:adelynush87@yahoo.com
    tip: to drink water , sleep enought and remove the make up before go to sleep

  116. Hi, what a lovely giveaway, please enter me sweetie, and thank you for thinking on us:)

    My best beauty tip is probably something you already know, but there it is: Drink lots of water, I dont´know any lotion that will do wonders if you are not drinking lot of water:)

    I follow you via GFC as Advogada Tatiana
    email is tatianagerhard.adv at gmail dot com

    Thanks so much

  117. Thanks for throwing this giveaway! My favorite makeup tip is using clear gloss to secure glitter on eyelids :D
    ulfianarsm06 (at) gmail (dot) com

  118. Remember to wash makeup brushes regularly otherwise they become a hotbed of germs and can lead to break outs. I use good old baby shampoo for my brushes.


  119. Thank you so much for having such an awesome contest. My favorite makeup tip is mainly for those that have oil skin like me... instead of a regular moisturizer... I like to look for those that don't have mineral oil and have glycerin instead... that way I won't break out as much. :)



  120. Besides having an everyday makeup routine, create a special "go-to" look that you know looks fantastic. Wear it on the days you need you're not feeling so hot or need an extra confidence boost.


  121. My best tip would have to be dampening cotton wool before using toner, it saves the amount you need to use, it dilutes it a small bit so if its a astringent it wont sting and it helps to make the toner go further!


    Thank you xxx

  122. My favourite tip is all about blending eyeshadows! When you have a pressed face powder, and its about 98% empty but leaves the tiny ring around the edge, instead of throwing it away or simply not using it, use it on a fluffy brush to blend around the edges of your eyeshadow. It works so great to blend out the crease colour! I do it everyday!

    Thanks for the awesome contest :)

    my_chemical_princess at hotmail dot com

  123. The best makeup tip is to give more attention to your face makeup than your eyes. The canvas of your face makes a huge difference in your overall appearance. To accomplish this I use different color foundation, concealers and powders. I don't apply one color to the face instead I use foundation that matches inner part of my face and another that matches the perimeter. Best wishes!


  124. Hi, this is an awsome contest :). Few weeks ago I read about the "Cicaplast". Now it's my best tip. http://www.laroche-posay.com/products-treatments/Cicaplast/Irritated-skin-r42.aspx
    Really works for my lips also.

    My e-mail is lovetheheels@hotmail.com

  125. Enter me please! My email is lauren@laurenlovesblog.com

    My best tip is to paint your nails with as little care as you want, when they're dry then have a nice hot shower and when you get out, the paint on your skin has flaked off leaving gorgeous nails!

    Lauren Loves...

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. If you get a pimple and need to do something about it before the next day, use tooth paste. Note, this does not work so that in an hour it's gone, do it the previous day and it works. It reduces the size and redness of the pimple, then it's easier to cover with a concealer. It might be gone completely too.

    Another tip I have is for red lipstick. Use liner all over your lips. Then apply the lip stick, and with a light hand apply translucent powder on it. The lipstick will stay. This does not work if you want to use a lip gloss or you want to use a shiny lipstick. Works great with mattes.

    email: serafiasmakeup@gmail.com
    (forgot the email from my previous post)

  128. Love you're blog - and this giveaway is just wonderful!
    My top tip is simple but it meant everything to me, as I am very pale and have tiny eyes the tip that helped me the most was to use brown eyeliner instead of black, and never overdo the eyeliner. Also to use a white pencil on the lower waterline to open up the eyes :)

    email: bergny91@gmail.com

  129. I have been wanting to try these e/s out forever!! Thx for this!

    I follow you GFC - Pris aka MUJunkie88

    Email: prisd88@gmail.com

    One of my best MU tips would be if your having problems blending out your e/s after you use your e/s primer, what helps is after you apply your e/s primer cover your whole eye with a nude color all over then start to apply your e/s for the day...this helps with the blending of your e/s.

    Thank you =)

  130. the best tip for me is to clean your brushes agter every single use..it helps keeping yuor skin clean of germs..cool giveaway,hope i win.. :)its christina chris..chrispiu84@hotmail.com

  131. I'd love to enter your giveaway!

    My make-up tip:

    When using a cream concealer, apply the concealer first to your face with a brush, BUT blend with your clean fingers. The warmth from your fingers does wonders to blend the concealer into your skin effortlessly and leaving a natural, rather than cake-y effect.

    My email is: susan.abraham@live.com

  132. Here's my tip:

    I use a lot of loose eyeshadow and I HATE eyeshadow fallout. Having extra sparklies where they don't belong is distracting! I've switched up my routine by doing my eyes first and then going on to do foundation and the rest of my face. That way any fallout is camouflaged.

    My email is kirby.monk (at) gmail (dot) com.

    Thanks and take care ^_^

  133. What a lovely giveaway!
    I am a follower of course.(Tannesi)

    My tip is hastily and not going out from home at times to do make-up! At such times my make-up is absolutely beautiful! lol! :D

    Also mixed the foundation with illuminating tinted moisturizer makeup of a feature is great.

    Thank you so much.


  134. I'd love to be entered into this giveaway! I mix moisturizer with my foundation in the winter so it will be less cakey. And if you have Asian eyelashes like me, curl them from the base only so they look a lot longer!


  135. make up tip, let's see:
    -Wiggle the mascara at the base of the lashes then closing my eyes and dragging it in a zig zag motion, or rolling the brush instead of just the stroke motion.
    -topping liquid foundation with powder foundation gives a great coverage, but spray afterward with evian water or fix+ to avoid the cakey look.
    this one is my fav: topping the eyeliner on the waterline with eye shadow, sometimes I put black/white liner as a base and top it with other colors. it is more vivid than using the liner by itself.


  136. oo fab giveaway!! never tried ignot!!
    gfc: stephanie cummins
    email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk

    my best beauty tip would be moisturise alot!! and drink alot of water to moisterise from the inside out :D:D

    Thankyou so much xox

  137. Hiya,
    Thanks for entering me!
    A good tip to remove yellow stains from your nails is to soak your hands in a bowl of water with some fresh lemon juice squeezed into it.

    E-mail is: sarahmeana@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks x

  138. Yay for contests! I'm excited to enter :)

    My tip to everyone is : to avoid raccoon eyes from eyeshadow fall out... apply a good amount of loose powder ( any translucent or your skin tone ) underneath your eyes and up towards your upper cheek bones. It will catch the fall out and not smear into your skin. :)

    Good luck to everyone!!!


  139. My newest favorite tip is using a damp sponge to apply foundation, I had thought brushes were giving me a better result, but it's the damp that makes all the difference! The moisture gives me sheerer coverage and then I can evaluate my face and put multiple thin layers on only the areas that need it, rather than a complete masked out face. Also the moisture means most of the product is making it on my face, and I'm not losing it in the sponge. I got this tip from gossmakeupartist on youtube!

    Thanks for an opportunity to win Inglot!!


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