Blush Overload.

I've been ill that last 3 days but I'm starting to feel a bit better today and even though I had nowhere to go, I really wanted to find an excuse to use my new Dior Matte Bronzer so I slapped on some makeup and took some pictures :) Still couldn't be bothered to do my hair, though...

NARS Sheer Glow in Punjab
MAC Studio Finish concealer in NC30
Dior Sculpt Lifting Smoothing concealer in 002 Beige (under-eyes)
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
Bare Minerals Well-Rested (under-eyes)
Dior Matte Bronzer in 02 Honey Matte
MAC blush in Peaches
MAC MSF in Perfect Topping (highlight)

MAC Greasepaint Stick in Dirty (base)
MAC e/s in Unflappable
MAC e/s in Wedge 
Milani Liquif'Eye Pencil in Black
Milani Liquif'Eye Pencil in Silver (inner corners)
Covergirl Lash Blast Volume mascara

Lips (same lip combo discussed here):
Burt's Bees lip balm
YSL Rouge Volupte in #13 Peach Passion
MAC l/g in Perennial High Style

Initial thoughts on the Dior Matte Bronzer are that a) I've probably been using bronzer that's too dark for my Winter skin because this one is one of the lighter shades of bronzer I own and I think it suits me perfectly, b) despite being a warm bronzer with orange undertones, it doesn't make me look orange at all, and c) I love it! Possibly a more in-depth review to come...

Also, I'm not sure if it comes across on-camera, but in real life, I have way too much blush on. There. I said it.


  1. I think you look great! Love the eyeshadow.

  2. Aww, pretty!! I wanted Peaches blush. It looks great on you. Love your top!

  3. Oh my gosh! You're so pretty.. I love the way you did your eyeshadow! I love a brown smokey eye!

  4. To be honest, I don't see any blush overload. My eyes fell immediately on the gorgeous eyes and lips!!! Ok, woman, do I really neeeeed Unflappable??? You make me want it!!!
    That YSL lipstick btw looks gorgeous on u! ;) xxx

  5. In my eyes, there no such thing as overdoing blusher! I love the eye-make up xx

  6. So gorgeous... sigh.

    I really love the eye makeup look that you created- might have to get my hands on Inflappable.

  7. You always looks so pretty every time! Ahhh envy

  8. I really, really love Unflappable on you. Just when I thought I had managed to skip Peacocky entirely xD

  9. Wow! I think I need unflappable now!! Lol Love the fotd!

  10. i LOVE the color on your face.
    it looks flawless, fresh and beautiful.<3

  11. I am loving that smoky eye. It looks sooo good!

  12. First off, there's no such thing as too much blush - have you SEEN how I do my makeup?? lol I think you look gorgeous in these pics. I love the eyes especially - maybe I'll use Unflappable for the 2nd time! >_<

  13. Thank you all for your super nice comments!! <3

    @Tina: Honestly? No, you don't need it, haha. I don't know. It's a pretty color but then again, I've had it for a while now and almost had to force myself to remember to use it today just so I could say I've used it more than once :-/ And thank you!

    @Jessica: Haha, I always find that in pictures, it looks like I'm wearing so much less blush than I really am, so I have to put more on if I want it to show on-camera. And you should definitely use Unflappable again...today was only my 2nd time too :-/

  14. Ahh you look beautiful hun, Peaches really suits you. I only have 1 blush at the minute - Coralista by Benefit, this could be my number 2! Glad to hear you feeling better x

  15. I like this look <3

    I LOVE your Lips !!!!

    civciv *__*

  16. You look gorgeous doll!!I really love peaches on you!!You made me want another blush now!!;)

  17. Awh you look so pretty! really love the eye make up too :o)



  18. you look wonderful, the peach is so pretty! oh and snap...i have that tee shirt too! :) x

  19. You look very pretty and the make-up looks great.Peaches is my favorite blush and it looks very nice on you! :D

  20. The first picture is so pretty :-)

  21. the bronzer looks beautiful on you but what really caught my attention is your eyeshadow! that radiant on your brown eyes!

  22. You look so pretty. It definitely does not make you look orange at all. I love your eyes, I wish I had picked up unflappable!

  23. WoW, you sure look good for someone who's sick! Love that color .. you should do a more in depth review soon!

  24. I just found your blog and think it's AWESOME. This look would be great to wear to work. The eyes are gorgeous.

  25. I really like your eye makeup in this one!


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