Wet 'n' Wild Vanity and Golden Goddess Palettes Comparison.

After posting about the limited edition Wet 'n' Wild Golden Goddess palette a few days ago, I received a comment asking for it to be compared side-to-side next to the Vanity palette, from the permanent line. 

Both palettes contain neutrals, golds, and bronzes, so it would be completely understandable to think that they are similar enough where if you had one, you wouldn't need the other. Whether or not you need both is completely up to personal preference, of course, but hopefully my comparison will show you that there are, in fact, no dupes between the two palettes.

Golden Goddess (left) and Vanity palettes

Swatched in same order as above (click to enlarge)

Which shades are similar?
-The top left highlight shade in the GG palette is much more golden than the top right highlight shade in the Vanity palette, which is more pearl.

-The middle left gold shade is the GG palette is more bronzey than the middle right gold shade in the Vanity palette, which is much more yellow.

-The bottom right brown shade in the GG palette has a base color that is almost exactly like the bottom left matte brown shade in the Vanity palette, with the exceptions that it is a touch redder and has gold shimmer throughout. Both shades are nothing like the bottom right brown shade in the Vanity palette, which is much more bronze.

I rotated the first photo so that you could see the shadows up-close.
Golden Goddess (top 6 shadows) and Vanity palettes

Hope this helps!

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  1. Oooo this palettes are right up my street! Could probably dupe all the colours with ones in my collection already but that's totally not the point ;) Hehehe!

    Kelly x

  2. These are really nice! I think Vanity is more me than the Golden Goddess one.


  3. I have Vanity and I was wondering what was the differences with Golden Goddess, this post was very helpful! Thank you!

  4. Great comparison, I think I prefer the Golden Goddess one myself :)

  5. I think I prefer the Golden Goddess palette! Thanks for the comparison :)

  6. this is a great help! i love the vanity palette and it seems like i won't be let down by GG at all :) thanks so much!

    <3 angie

  7. Great comparison! :) I already own both hehe ;)


  8. I'm in love with golden goddess!! Argh!! It's a must have, that's definitely going on my xmas list! Thanks for sharing such beautiful colours! xX

  9. Aaa thank you so much for doing the comparison!!! (And answering all of these hovering questions I have...!)

  10. Where can I find these in Detroit,Michigan??!? I can't find them in walgreens or rite aid??!!!


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