♥ My Top 5: Beauty YouTubers ♥


Whenever I see a new video from any of these gorgeous ladies pop up in my subscription box, I can't seem to click on it fast enough. In no particular order...

Michele has always been one of my favorites and I was so, so sad when she left a few months ago so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I heard she had decided to come back from retirement! She seems really genuine, honest, and sweet and there honestly has not been any video of hers that I haven't thoroughly enjoyed watching.

I love Ingrid's videos because she's always very positive, upbeat, and fun. I never get the feeling that she's trying to be anything that she's not, and I can really appreciate that in a beauty "guru."

Every video from the Chapman sisters mesmerizes me and leaves me feeling inspired and excited about makeup (not that I really need the extra excitement!). They do some of the best makeup I've ever seen, and I really look up to them when it comes to makeup and beauty because they definitely know what they're talking about! 

I've been following Vivianna's blog for ages now, and I was elated to find out that she was going to start making YouTube videos too. Her fun and sweet personality really comes out in her videos, and I'm always excited to see her hauls and favorites videos.

Tanya has really great tutorials that, for the most part, are also pretty wearable. If I ever feel like I'm in a makeup rut, I can always rely on watching a video of hers to get new ideas that will pull me out of my rut immediately.

Which beauty channels are your favorites?


  1. I found it odd how michelle said she was leaving and then she came back.. that's all I have to say about it. There are a ton of great youtubers out there, some which have not many subscribers and definitely deserve to. I could name some here, but it would be a very long list. ;)

  2. Lisa Aldridge, manwomanfilm. I can't wait to see other people's recommendations!

  3. I don't gollow many Youtubers -not because I don't like the gurus but because whenever I go on Youtube, I get stuck there for HOURS. I love Dusty!! He's so funny, talented, detailed, and very nice.

    I agree with Justine. There are SO many great Youtubers out there who go unnoticed. But everything's kind of like that. =O

  4. I love Rachhloves, Gossmakeupartist, Sirvinya, Oxford Jasmine and xsparkage :D

  5. Wow Tiffany thank you so much to put me in your Top 5 with these other AMAZING ladies - I'm flattered!!! Definitely agree with your other picks; I also love HollyYMBB and Lollipop26 (I hope she does a Michelle1218 and comes back soon!) xxx

  6. i love michele1218 aswell, i really hope she stays! x

  7. I love all the above as well. They are all great. :)

  8. Thanks for the post, already checked all and subscribed to some.

  9. I LOVE Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr :D I'll have to check the others out!

  10. I will definitely be checking out all of your guys' favorites as well!

    @Vivianna: You're so welcome! I really enjoy watching your videos and have no doubt you'll be just as popular as all of these "beauty gurus" :) I love Lollipop26 as well and also hope she comes back soon!


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