Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette

Bonne Mine - Healthy Glow For Face & Cheeks Creme Colour Palette is a limited edition palette by Laura Mercier that was inspired by her celebrity clients (I heard it was Sarah Jessica Parker!).

It contains 2 Glow Veils (highlighters), 2 Cheek Veils (blushes), and 1 Bronzer Veil (bronzer).

It's actually suggested that the products be applied with fingertips rather than brushes which only adds to the quick and easy on-the-go appeal of the palette. Although all five products are cream products, the consistency is a bit more on the solid end of the cream spectrum and needs the warmth of your fingertips to help the products blend into your skin.

Inside the palette, behind the mirror, are 4 pull-out tabs that give step-by-step instructions on how to apply each product.

L to R: 2 Glow Veils, 2 Cheek Veils, Bronzer Veil

The darker of the two Glow Veils is a bit too dark to be classified as a highlighter shade on most skin tones, in my opinion. The base color is more on par with a bronzer, but the frostiness makes it inappropriate to use for that purpose (for me, anyway). It's a gorgeous color but I'm not really sure how I'm going to put it to use just yet. The lighter Glow Veil isn't as dark or frosty once it's blended into the skin and actually looks quite natural on the cheekbones.

The lighter Cheek Veil is my favorite color in the whole palette! It's so pretty and natural and is perfect if you're wanting a refreshing pop of color on your cheeks. The darker Cheek Veil isn't nearly as dark as it looks in the swatch once it's blended into the skin, but I think the color is a bit limiting as it's more of a fall/winter shade, in my opinion, that would also probably be more flattering on medium to darker skin tones. Both blushes are shimmer-free.

The Bronzer Veil was the product I was most excited for in the palette and while I do like it, I'm still a bit on the fence about it. I've been lusting over Chanel's Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing base for ages now and was kind of hoping that the cream bronzer in this palette would fill that void, even if only temporarily. It has really, really soft shimmers that are virtually undetectable once applied to the skin, so I'd say it's really more of a matte bronzer. I know it looks a bit orange in the swatch but it's not really that way in real life at all. It's a really nice shade of bronzer that would be flattering on most skin tones, I think.

I guess the reason I'm still on the fence about the bronzer is that I haven't perfected my application technique yet (I'm hoping it's my technique and not the product because I really want to love it!). It's really pigmented when swatched but once blended in, it seems to lose a lot of its color. I then have to go back in and apply more layers of it, and I feel like I have to use more Bronzer Veil than I do the Glow Veils or Cheek Veils in order to get my desired effect. Once the color has been built up, though, I love the result - very natural!

Generally speaking, the shades may be a bit too dark for very pale girls but would probably be quite flattering on most everyone else. I think that most girls would be able to use at least one highlighter, at least one blush, and the bronzer but my question is: Is there a skin tone where all five shades would be flattering? I'm not so sure.

All five products are easily blendable (assuming you use your fingertips because with brushes, not so much), not the least bit greasy/oily, and I'd classify the palette as a whole as a nice-to-have product but definitely not a must-have. 


  1. Woe this looks lovely! The middle swatch of the cheek veil looks beautiful :) I also love your new layout Tiffany - looks great xx

  2. This looks gorgeous!! I love cream products and this seems right up my street! Great review! xx

  3. love the two cheek veils. really lovely.

  4. this looks so nice! the glow veils are gorgeous x

  5. The first pinky cheek veil is gorgeous!!

  6. I am so tempted to check this palette out now! I love Laura Mercier products! Aren't they great! :) Your are an unbelievable swatcher! :)

  7. O M G I need this in my life right now! :) Great post hun! I also love your new layout and the bigger photos, yay! Looks amazing :))

  8. Omg they all look gorgeous in the swatches *__*

  9. I love all the swatches!! I was waiting for this review :)

  10. I've wanted this palette for a while now, but it's so difficult to get in the UK!

  11. This palette is really really pretty! I have been looking for it but sadly it's not available in my country! Anyway thanks for sharing...


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