I ♥ Inglot

I honestly can't recall where I first heard of Inglot cosmetics but after reading and watching countless reviews and swatches from the Polish brand, I was in love.

When I first discovered it, the only US store was located in New York (aka the opposite side of the country) and since you can't yet order online, I gave up hope that I'd get the chance to try out the brand any time soon. Then, conveniently enough, I found out they opened up a location in Las Vegas a month after I took my all-girls trip there -__-

Fret not, as soon as I heard that their newest store was in California, I was making mental notes of what I wanted to get and how soon I could make it over there :)

Inglot is known for their 'Freedom System' where you can pick and choose any combination of eyeshadows, lip colors, concealers, eyebrow powders, or eyebrow waxes you'd like to include in your palette. They all come in round pans containing 0.05-0.06 US oz. of product and therefore need to be housed in the palettes with the round spaces. The eyeshadows, I believe, are the only products that are available in both the round pans and square pans containing 0.09 US oz. of product. As a result, the palettes with the square spaces cannot be mixed-and-matched and can only house eyeshadows.

I purchased the 5 eyeshadow square palette for $30.

The detachable lid has four extremely strong magnets to hold it in place over the palette. Unlike MAC pan eyeshadows that are magnetized, Inglot pan eyeshadows are not and instead, the magnets are on the palette itself. In addition, the eyeshadows do not have names but instead, have unique codes containing a combination of 6 letters and numbers (which I'm not going to include because it's so confusing and honestly, would it really help?). 

L to R:
taupey, lavender-grey with silver shimmer
peachy brown with gold shimmer
army green with silver shimmer

L to R:
deep grey with hot pink and gold shimmer
black with hot pink and gold shimmer

Unfortunately, my camera didn't pick up the different colored shimmer very well :( I guess you'll just have to take my word for it!

Swatched in the same order as in the palette.

Based on first impressions, for the most part, the eyeshadows did not look as shimmery when swatched as they do in the pan. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on personal preference. I'm personally not bothered at all :) In addition, all 5 eyeshadows are incredibly soft (but not quite powdery) and pigmented.

I must admit, the whole brand and concept still really intrigue me. I didn't take any photos while I was in the store (I'm sure you can find plenty of store photos simply by searching for other Inglot reviews) but the experience is very unique and unlike any other makeup store/counter I've ever been to. 

Overall, my first Inglot experience was super fun and very enjoyable, and I couldn't be happier with my first purchase!

Is Inglot easily accessible for you and if so, have you tried it?


  1. Not easily accessible for me. Have to go to NY. Love the colors!

  2. the colors are very similar to the smokey eye palette from elf! :)

  3. Yay! You finally went to Inglot. You're so lucky you have one nearby -why can't they have one in SF. =( We're a "big" city too!!

    I didn't buy any eyeshadows (although they all swatched beautifully) because I felt like I already had too many but now I want to go back and get some! And I'm LOVING their Lip Paint. Usually, I take pictures before swatching and using for the blog but it was so pretty I couldn't wait to use it. =P

  4. it's not accessible where I live but if they are i'd go gaga over them LOL wallet won't be happy.

  5. @Lais: Thank you! It was difficult to narrow it down to 5 because all the colors they have are gorgeous!

    @Supergirl: I think it's my new addiction!

    @Donna: I've never seen that palette but that's pretty cool :)

    @kali: I didn't even see the lip paints! I was kind of rushed when I was there...I'll have to go back soon!

    @Jennifer: lol, I know what you mean. This could become a dangerous new obsession for my wallet!

  6. I have to try inglot now! Where in california is it located? Crossing my fingers it's close to me

  7. Omg beautiful colors Tiffany! I love love love it! I guess my favorites based on your swatches are the green one and the color to the right of it, very pretty! I love the fact that the palette itself is magnetized! I always wondered why MAC hasn't done that, wouldn't that be easier for all of us? To answer your questions as you already know, both are no *sad face* I can't wait to try Inglot one day, hopefully soon!

  8. Beautiful colours! The pale lavender/grey looks so unique!

  9. I love Inglot, and was so sad when my local counter closed down, because it was literally a 2 minute drive from my house. There's another one 20 minutes away, but it's so much effort to get there :(

    I really love Inglot's matte with glitter texture, I think it's very unique :)

  10. I'd love to try Inglot, but I can't buy this brand where I live (T___T)
    Thank you for the swatches (^_^)

  11. I've never heard of inglot, i don't think it's available in the uk, but very pretty colours!

  12. i passed by the Inglot in Vegas but didnt go in... How is the pricing? Is it worth it for me to take a trip to OC from LA?

  13. I've passed by the store several times in New York and I've heard so many good things about their shadows :D When I feel like I'm not buying as much makeup and I feel justified in splurging I want to get the 10 pan palette ^^ I believe it's $50 which is still pricey but justified for the quality!

  14. @Ebru: Don't you worry little lady, you'll get your chance in January! :)

    @Vivianna: Thanks! I thought so too :)

    @SilhouetteScreams: 2 minutes?! omg, I would die. 20 minutes really isn't all that bad either, though.

    @Becky: Yeah, it's kind of difficult to get hold of since there's not tons of stores yet and you can't order online :(

    @graphology: Thank you :)

    @PinkOrchids: I think there's a store in London somewhere?

    @the Honey B: Off the top of my head, the prices I recall are:
    -4 square eyeshadow palette $26
    -5 square eyeshadow palette $30
    -10 square eyeshadow palette $50
    -10 round palette $45
    Hope that helps!

    @Angelic Betrayal: I agree and if you think about it, it's only $5 an eyeshadow which is less than half the price of a MAC pan eyeshadow :)

  15. I believe the pans are also hold more product than the Mac pans!! :D The round pans hold less product than the square ones though.

  16. I love Inglot so much. I have one 5 mins away :) I even have Inglot as my blog giveaway this xmas because people are taking so much interest in the brand but can't get it.


    ps love your blog - subscribing!


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