To Go Bold or Natural?

When thinking of what makeup I want to wear on any given day, I usually try to follow the simple rule of allowing only one stand-out feature and keeping the rest fairly natural in order to avoid looking like a drag queen. Questions I ask myself most mornings are:

Should I go for a bold lip or a natural lip?
...a bold cheek or a natural cheek?
...bold eyes or natural eyes?

Here are some great bold and natural options I'm currently loving...

Bold: MAC Girl About Town
Natural: MAC Blankety

Bold: NARS Strawberry Fields
Natural: Barry M #2 Toffee

Left to right:
MAC Blankety
MAC Girl About Town
Barry M #2 Toffee
NARS Strawberry Fields

I like to pair bold lips with neutral eye makeup or a simple cat-eye. Natural lips are great for any look, and they're usually the best complement to smoky or dramatic eye makeup.

Bold: MAC Birds and Berries (LE)
Natural: Wet 'n' Wild Nutty

Wet 'n' Wild Nutty (left) and MAC Birds and Berries

Natural eyes are great for daytime but can be easily made nighttime appropriate by adding heavier or winged out eyeliner. Bold colors are great for going out and can be worn sparingly by only applying to the lower lash line, for example, to spruce up a boring neutral eye look.

Bold: MAC MSF Soft & Gentle
Natural: Dior Shimmer Star in Amber Diamond

For me, I make the decision for either a bold or natural highlight based almost solely on my mood, although I do prefer bolder highlights for nighttime.

Bold: MAC Salsarose (pro)
Natural: Korres #15 Natural

Left to right:
Dior Amber Diamond
MAC Soft & Gentle
Korres Natural
MAC Salsarose

Natural blush is appropriate almost anytime and suits almost any look. Bold blush is a great way to make your face look fresh and awake when the rest of your makeup may look drab or too natural. For example, when used very, very sparingly on only the apples of the cheeks, Salsarose imparts the most natural looking I-just-went-for-a-little-run flush.

What are your go-to bold or natural lip, eye, and cheek products?


  1. I mostly love to have a touch of bold in my make up!!But sometimes I love to keep it natural too!But the Mac blush looks gorgeous and it'll look so lovely on cheeks!!
    I love bold lipsticks right now btw!!;)

  2. Great post girl! I follow the same rule -bold on the eyes, natural on the lips.. or natural on the eyes and bold on the lips.. or on most days, natural on the whole face. =P

  3. I tend to keep a natural day look and go for bolder colours in the evening. Love a silvery/grey eye and a pinkie lip. Alkways works for me.


  4. Love all the products especially the blushes and the lipgloss. Pretty colors...

  5. Great post my dear!!

    Bold!! love the red color... and pink <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  6. This is such a good post, I'm loving the bold/neutral lipsticks :) xx

  7. Wow! Girl about town and strawberry fields look amazing colours! if only i was brave enough to wear them! Great post hun xx


  8. I just LOVE "Girl About Town" the color is SO rich I mean I think that every girl should have that lippie in their collection.

  9. I'm usually the natural girl 95% of the time, and the occasional bold 5%. I always use Chanel for the natural looks and MAC for the bold looks :)

  10. It's so funny how lipstick can look different on different skin tones - Blankety looks completely grey on me, but on you it looks like a nice mauve nude!

  11. This post is interesting, when I want a bright lipstick i use Mac Rebel.

  12. great post! the highlighers look lovely in particular. im in LOVE with the barry m toffee lipgloss and its definitely one of my fave natural glosses <33

  13. Blankety is my all time favorite lipstick :)
    Also that Nars Strawberry Gloss looks killer! Might need to try it. You also reminded me I need to look for that WetNWild single eyeshadow. Overall great picks!

  14. Really interesting idea for a blogpost! I loved this, and found it very helpful! I generally prefer to go natural for everything but that's because I usually wear a lot of black eye-liner/mascara so I feel it softens the look otherwise it seems OTT on me! My natural go-to products for lips is Summer Angel lipstick by Rimmel, for eyes is Kiko Highly Pigmented e/s in #80 (a shimmery champagne) and for cheeks...probably Maybelline Expertwear in the shade Rose. Sometimes if I want a slightly bolder blush that still looks quite natural I'll opt for Kiko Dreams blush in #1 Soft Sand. :)

  15. Love this post! Sadly..there's people who do bold lips eyes and cheeks all at once.

  16. Great post! I'm personally more of a natural girl, but I'll be sure to check out some of the "bolder" options ;P

  17. Love your picks :) I almost always opt for the bold eye and natural lip, though I tend to alternate between bold and natural cheek. I'll do a bold lip look every now and then with neutral eye and cheek, though those are special occasions ;]

    I love MAC Springsheen and Blushbaby blushes for a natural look, and I love NYX Smokey Look gloss and Rimmel Nude Delight lipstick for more toned down lips with a bit of colour. And well, I have 349085093845 favourites for my bold choices :D


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