NYX Neutrals and a Dupe.

After successfully finding NYX products in-store at a beauty supply store recommended to me by G. at Nouveau Cheap, I finally settled on 3 super exciting neutral eyeshadows! (I kid. I am fully aware that my taste in eyeshadow shades is becoming more and more boring as I type.)

Left to right: Golden Bronze, Deep Bronze, and Walnut

All three shadows are really soft and have excellent pigmentation.

ES26 Golden Bronze

Golden Bronze is actually more of a shimmery olive green than a golden bronze, but it's gorgeous nonetheless. I chose this color because I think green looks really pretty on brown eyes.

ES09 Deep Bronze

Deep Bronze is a shimmery, medium red-brown. I'm always looking for pretty, neutral shadows so it was no surprise when I was particularly drawn to this one.

ES17 Walnut

Walnut is a coppery brown that I picked up because it reminded me of MAC Vainglorious eyeshadow (which I did not pick up) that was released with the Venomous Villains collection. However, once I got home and swatched it again, I noticed its uncanny resemblance to another MAC eyeshadow already in my collection:

Dupe Alert!
MAC Antiqued and NYX Walnut

They look nearly identical in the pan but what about when they're swatched?

L to R: Golden Bronze, Deep Bronze, Walnut, MAC Antiqued

There appears to be more differences between Walnut and Antiqued in this photo than there really are. Besides the obvious fact that Antiqued is a shade darker than Walnut, the two are nearly identical in every other way. Oh, that and the fact that you can pick up 3 NYX Walnuts for the price of 1 MAC Antiqued and still have money left over :)


  1. I love Nyx cosmetics they are such a great affordable brand

  2. When I saw you tweet this, I assumed that you got the trio.. I have this in a trio (golden, rust and walnut bronze). But now I see that those are slightly different than these. ;)

  3. I love NYX eyeshadows! Nice neutral colors!

  4. They are super pretty, I wish I could easily get hold of NYX cosmetics, there's so much that I want! xx

  5. @Lauren: Have you tried Cherry Culture? I know they ship to the UK.

  6. Ooh, gorgeous colours!! I absolutely love all of them, so pretty!

  7. I need to try their single eyeshadows. I have a palette but I would love to try bright shades, might as well start with a super affordable brand.

  8. Is Walnut the same as Walnut Bronze? Because I have a shade in a trio called Walnut Bronze that looks similar :O

  9. @Andrea: I definitely think that's a good idea. If you don't use bright shades that often, it might not be worth it to spend $15+ on high-end eyeshadow singles.

    @SilhouetteScreams: I'm not sure since I don't have the trio but I don't think so because the single is just called Walnut :/


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