My Dry Skin and Lips Saviors.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
Rosebud Perfume Co. Brambleberry Rose Lip Balm
Aquaphor Healing Ointment

For dry skin...
I had been primarily using Burt's Bees Milk and Honey Body Lotion in the Summer but once the weather started to cool down, I noticed my skin started to get really dry and scaley (eww!) and was in need of a more intensive moisturizer.

I noticed that I had a Boots Amazon Forest Mango and Babassu Body Butter lying around and decided to give it another whirl. Within a few hours I was reminded of why I had stopped using it in the first place. While it smells delicious, it provides subpar moisturization for a body butter and my skin felt dry again within a few hours.

I then purchased a Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Body Butter despite reading less than enthusiastic reviews...I like to be able to judge for myself, ok? ;) It smells like fresh laundry and the smell lingers for hours. How's the moisturization, you ask? Terrible. Okay, not terrible terrible, but it's a body lotion at best. One day when my skin was particularly dry, I slathered this all over only to find my skin parched and itchy from dryness within the hour. When I touched my skin, there wasn't any detectable trace of body butter or moisturization left. I was disappointed to say the least :(

Finally, I decided to stop wasting my money on trying out new products and just buy the product that keeps the beauty blogging community raving time and time again - The Body Shop Body Butters. I chose Coconut and honestly, I could not be more impressed. I love most all coconut scented things but this one is different, although equally wonderful. It smells natural - like you just split open a coconut and smashed your face into it. (What? That seems like a perfectly normal scenario to me :D ) The moisture it provides my skin is impeccable and I can definitely see myself purchasing more when mine runs out.

For dry lips...
I recently featured Rosebud Perfume Co. Brambleberry Rose in My Top 5 Lip Balms post and I love it so much that I think it deserves another mention! It's the perfect texture, in my opinion - not too sticky or slippery. It's incredibly moisturizing, although not the longest lasting on the lips. This particular scent was limited edition, but the Strawberry variety (which I also love as I've already finished up a tin) will set you back a mere $7 but will last you forever!

For the driest of the dry...
I count on Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It's a million times better than traditional petroleum jelly (Vaseline) as it's thicker and much less slippery and oily, and I most enjoy using it on my lips before bedtime. Depending on the weather, if my lips are exceptionally dry, I'll also use this as a lip balm throughout the day, although it's a bit too slippery to use as a base for lipstick. On skin, it's best used as a spot treatment. My hands and knuckles are usually where I suffer from the driest skin (sometimes to the extent of cracking and bleeding) and I'll just liberally dab this all over those problem areas, wait 15-30 minutes for it to absorb into the skin, then rub in the excess and move on with my day.

How do you remedy dry skin and lips?


  1. Great post! I love things from The Body Shop but scented skincare items make me itch like crazy! That or I'll get stange bumps along my skin. =( I've been able to use a few of their scrubs though and I do like their lip butters.


  2. i got the coconut body butter myself at the week-end.
    if i could bathe in it, i so would!
    it smells crazy delicious!
    hear about the aquaphor range too, think I'll have a gander :)

  3. I make my own body butters and lotions! I find the less chemicals in them the greater they work, plus I pick oils that I can customize to my skins unique needs! Its great! I have a couple for sale on my etsy shop, but I can make it in pretty much any scent that anyone wants!


  4. Great post girly, I always love hearing about what products everyone loves for the cold weather!
    I have the coconut butter from BS, it is so so amazing, glad you love it as well! The smell just makes me think of summer, and people always comment on my yummy scent when I wear it!

  5. @kali: Oh, I'm sorry :( I guess I'm lucky that my skin isn't sensitive and rarely has reactions to products. The lip butters are next on my list!

    @Anca: omg, a bath in it literally sounds AMAZING!!

    @Alluring Bath and Beauty: Oooo, nice! I tried to look you up on etsy but you don't have anything listed?

    @Darling Heart: Thank you for suggesting it to me :D

  6. I am lucky in terms of the fact that my skin doesn't really check too dry. I use vaseline intensive care on my hands and feet every night before bed. As for lips I like the regular burts bees chapstick or my eos lip balm.

  7. My skin gets so dry too! I have the Body Shop coconut body butter too and it's my favorite moisturizer of all time. I also have it in the lip butter form which is great too.. although my cat was playing with it and it's lost under my furniture somewhere at the moment lol :)

  8. I looove Aquaphor :) The only other thing I use on my lips is the Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner...I haven't used anything else since I bought it about 2 years ago! It's good stuff if your lips are prone to flaking and dryness.

  9. holy great tips.
    i need to try some of this stufff.<3

  10. I have the Coconut Body Butter and I love it :) Yes, I'm another coconut fan!! :)


  11. Thanks for the post, i have always battled dry skin especially my lips

    For dry skin on my body I usually massage pure jojoba oil on myself after a shower. It is SO hydrating.

    For dry lips I use Lucas Papaw ointment (all us Australian girls are mad about it)


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