Currently in the mood for...

Mismatched Eyeliner.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero and Whiskey

I've been lining my upper lash line and tightlining with a black pencil and lining my lower lash line and waterline with a brown pencil. While I like black on the top as it makes your lashes appear thicker and fuller, I prefer brown on the bottom on most days because it's much less harsh than black but still gives your eyes some definition.

Bronzer as Blush.

NYC Bronzing Powder in Sunny; Illamasqua Bronzing Duo in Glint & Burnish

I've been finding that with certain looks, pinky or peachy blushes will simply not do. All I want and all the look needs is a warm glow to my face and using bronzer as blush  definitely does the trick! The key is to use a bronzer with golden undertones, preferably with a bit of shimmer or sheen, so that your face doesn't end up looking muddy. I've been using the NYC bronzer as a base for color and adding Illamasqua Burnish on top for a golden glow, as demonstrated here :)

MAC Bare Study Paint Pot.

I love Bare Study. I never thought our love affair would go this deep as I'm generally not a fan of super frosty anything, but Bare Study is different. Not only does it make a great base for shimmery eyeshadows, it also makes my eyes look refreshed when used alone on the lid and lower lash line. Love!

GOSH Bananas.

I've been loving Bananas on the inner corner and inner third of my lower lash line to brighten up my eye area. It's the perfect shimmery, pale gold highlight color and the texture is soft and velvety, as you would expect :)

Warm Blushes.

MAC On A Mission; Korres #15 Natural

I've been putting aside MAC Well Dressed, MAC Hang Loose and the likes in favor of warmer toned blushes like MAC On A Mission and Korres Natural. I've noticed that they're much more suitable on my I've-been-slowly-losing-my-summer-tan skin during the fall and winter months.

Currently NOT in the mood for...

Nude lips.

I'm sure I will go back to nude lips again in a few months but for now, I'm favoring some color on my lips :)


  1. I absolutely love GOSH Bananas - it's so pretty!! And I also love the illamasqua bronzing duo, I think I use mine everyday! x

  2. Oooh i want gosh bananas now. I love the gosh pencils they are so soft. I cn't get away from nude lips either. xx

  3. i love this post; with you on the first mismatch! brown is just that tad softer for the lower lash(:

  4. Definitely agree on the mismatched liner, I much prefer brown on the bottom lid.
    I must get GOSH Banana's, I've been eyeing it up for a while now

  5. oo i've also been doing black liner on top and brown on lower outer corners nowadays :) hmm GOSH bananas! intrigued! :)

  6. Oh wow! Guess what!? I do the same thing using that UD liner from my naked palette. Black on upper lash line and brown on my lower lash line. :) I use bronzer as a blush too!

  7. This is kind of scary, because I actually thought about using bronzer as blush for a disproportionate amount of time today :O

  8. I have gosh bananas and love it! xx

  9. It seems as though I'm not the only one who prefers brown on the lower lash line and isn't afraid of mismatched eyeliner :)

    @Nicola: Thank you for getting GOSH Bananas for me! :D

    @SilhouetteScreams: hahaha...do it!!


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