Blogs I'm Currently Loving ♥ Vol.II

This group of ladies and their blogs are particularly special to me because I also consider them friends. I've learned through my last few months of blogging that although there are bloggers out there who don't take blogging very seriously and are just looking to gain more followers (for example, the ones who only ever leave comments like, "Cool! Check out my blog at shamelessplug.blogspot.com and don't forget to join my giveaway for $1 million worth of makeup!" You get the idea.), there are also ones who are truly genuine, friendly, and happen to share my love for makeup.

I am actually good friends with Jayme in real life and if I recall correctly, when we first started our respective blogs, we were also each other's first followers :) Jayme's blog is one that focuses on various aspects of her life including, but not limited to, her trials and tribulations of applying to medical school, her adorable puppy Ollie, and even the occasional OOTD and FOTD. 

I'll admit that in my mind, I used to think of her as Jessie before quickly realizing that if her blog is called Don't Call Me Jessie, she must not like being called Jessie. I've been following Jessica's blog for quite the while now, and I look forward to every new post she puts out. She is super cute, has really pretty FOTDs and OOTDs, and I think it would be safe to say that I especially love her blog because I can live vicariously through her every time I see a new haul of hers :)

Preggo Lindsay at Pretty as Peaches
She used to be known as Lindsay but from now until May 2011 when Baby Peaches is due, she will be known to me as Preggo Lindsay. Pretty as Peaches is filled with mostly MAC hauls (Who doesn't love that?), information about upcoming MAC collections, gorgeous FOTDs, and the occasional random post like the one where she announced she is plus one :)

♥ Be sure to show each of these ladies some love and check out their blogs ♥

Note: There are a couple other ladies that I will feature in a similar post in a few weeks since I don't want to overwhelm this post with too many links to ensure that each blog gets some well-deserved attention :D


  1. great recommendations! I love those blog especially Jayme's... she's hella artistic... I could get a lot of cool ideas from her blog.... thanks!!! =)

  2. Awesome!! thx and I luv ur blog too =)

  3. I love Jessica's blog - I was a bit naughty too and for a while thought of her as Jessie before realising - sorry Jessica ha!! And I'm definitely going to go and have a peek at your other recommendations :D xx

  4. Aw thanks so much for the blog love :)

  5. If you have a chance, please check out my 'Dare to Wear' challenge for AIDS Charity. For everyone who recreates a look posted on my blog, my parents and I will donate money to The Stephen Lewis Foundation.
    You can check it out here:



  6. You are so sweet!! I was wondering why I got 10 new followers too - now I know! I really love your blog, too, and your twitter (which I'm sure you could guess! lol). A lot of times when I'm out, I'm like, "Oooh, I need to tell Tiffany about this!" haha I'll definitely check out the other blogs you recommended, too. :)

    Nicola - I love yours as well! And yes, I think in hindsight maybe the title was a bad idea - lots of people call me Jessie now!! I just never liked it because it seemed like a boy's name. ;)

  7. Thank you so much to everyone who is taking a peek at these ladies' blogs. It means a lot to me and they deserve it! :D

    @prettyaspeaches: You're very welcome!

    @dontcallmejessie: Lol, I wasn't sure if I was the only one who used to think of you as Jessie...oops :/ If only we lived closer together we could totally go shopping together!

  8. Hi there! i just discovered your blog :) am following you of course! :D

  9. Love finding new blogs to follow!! Thanks so much for doing this kind of post! <3

  10. wow I didn't follow any of these and now am following all three.. haha. Thanks for the recs Tiff!


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