Barry M Apricot Blush.

 There are a lot of drugstore makeup products that I enjoy using, but a good drugstore blush is hard to come by, in my opinion. I always ooh and aah over UK bloggers' posts about their affordable Sleek Makeup and Barry M finds (have you seen those new Sleek blushes?!) and after testing out my first UK "drugstore" (I don't know what they call them over there) blush, I'm now downright jealous.

Barry M #5 Apricot Blush

I think we can all agree this looks absolutely terrifying in the pan but once swatched...

Heavily swatched (left) and blended out

...gorgeousness ensues! 

Apricot is a matte, bright orange blush that packs a lot of pigmentation for $6-7 USD. When used sparingly and blended out well, it gives a really natural, peachy orange flush to the cheeks.

I hate to mention it yet again, but my love affair with orange makeup is still going strong. Orange-y blush is probably the easiest way to dabble in this trend, and Barry M's affordable and amazingly pigmented offering is a fantastic option.

I need more UK drugstore blushes in my life...Barry M, Sleek, are you listening?


  1. I love this blush!
    You should try out the sleek 'Rose Gold' blush.
    I'm in LOVE with it. looks like Nars orgasm but with a much stronger gold sheen.

    I still believe that the US still has all the best drugstore makeup! e.g Lashblast! haha xx

  2. That is gorgeous :( I want it!

  3. Beautiful! It looks so elegant blended out. :)

  4. Sleek's blushes i defo reccomend!.
    if youre up for a swap anytime just holla x

  5. oooo that is pretty, i'm like you so jealous we dont have that brand here...:)

  6. I am in love with it! On top of that, apricot just sounds like a beautiful, fruity shade :) I'm sure it looks great on you!

  7. SO pretty :O and I love that it's matte. My friend and I are obsessed with finding matte orange blushes rn XD

  8. Oh wow! This is sooo pretty! I want! I want! lol

  9. Love the color...pretty! I'm lusting for it now..


  10. @LaurenStephanie: That's the one I want to try! It looks so pretty! I agree that Lashblast is pretty awesome but besides that, I think you guys have all the good stuff :)

  11. i love super pigmented blushes! they always look scary in the pan but so pretty on the face heh. too bad usa doesnt have barry m or else i'd try this out!

  12. Such a pretty color! :) But for some reason I don't like the packaging at all :/

    Hehe I love Barry M and Sleek, although I'm in Greece! :D


  13. @Stavroula: I agree...the packaging looks really cheap but then again, it's so affordable that I can't really complain :)

  14. ayaka, thats so beautiful! i got into blushes very recently as well. it was actually really suprising and i just recently ordered a bunch of elf studio ones but now i want better quality ones :) ill probably try these out!<3 thank you!


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