Shopping My Stash.

Throughout the past few months, my makeup spending has done a complete 180. While I've still been buying makeup here and there, it's nowhere near as much as I was once buying just a few months ago. As a result of having less new toys to play with, I've been forced to shop my current makeup stash and revisit old products that I once loved but later neglected while I was lost in an I-must-buy-every-new-makeup-product-available frenzy.

Introducing my long lost loves:

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick
I had only worn this lipstick once, despite having owned it for several months. I was in the mood to wear a bright pink lip this past weekend and decided it would be the perfect time to bust out Girl About Town. To mute the color a smidgen to make it more day appropriate, I paired it with MAC Revenge is Sweet lipglass. You can kind of see it on my lips here.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 001
This has been sitting in my makeup drawer for a while because it's the wrong color for me but I was too lazy to return it. I've been using this under my eyes to brighten the area a bit, a la Kim Kardashian. It does a great job since it's a shade or two lighter than my skin color.

Julie Hewett Camellia Balm Natural
This is a multipurpose balm, much like Rosebud Salve and the likes. I mostly use it on my lips but if I'm in a bind, it also does wonders for dry hands and skin. It also smells like fresh, juicy oranges!

MAC MSF in Perfect Topping
This, along with all of my other highlighters, has taken a back seat ever since I got Dior Amber Diamond. However, when I saw it in my makeup drawer the other day and randomly decided to swatch it, I was reminded of how pretty it was! It's a peachy champagne color that is one of the more finely milled MSFs MAC has released. It has none of the glittery chunkiness of MAC Soft & Gentle, for example. Gorgeous!

Left: Girl About Town
Right: Perfect Topping (blended)

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation
I used to be all about this foundation until it started feeling too heavy on my skin once the weather got warmer. Now that it's finally starting to cool down for Fall, I've noticed that my skin is starting to become dry in certain areas and needs a thicker foundation than the tinted moisturizer I had been using. Although this is an oil free formula, it is also quite moisturizing and not drying in the least. I'm having to mix Vanilla Beige and Golden Beige at the moment which is kind of annoying, but all in all, I'm very happy that I've rediscovered this.

Urban Decay Naked Palette
If you have this palette then I'm sure you already know why it's amazing. If you don't have this palette, get it as soon as you're able to! I know it's still out of stock at a lot of retailers right now, but no need to freak out as it is a permanent item. The possibilities are endless with this palette and the quality of the shadows is superb. Enough said. Swatches here.


  1. great post! Perfect Topping looks so pretty!

    Shopping my stash is something that I really need to start doing!!!


  2. Nice post! I've been using my Naked palette non-stop. My poor colored eyeshadows are feeling lonely, lol.

  3. I agree with Lauren..I've been using my Naked palette every day! I need to shop my stash too.


  4. I want to try Bo-Ing! also perfect topping looks amazing

  5. been wanting to get Urban Decay Naked Palette. but the places I know is OOS :( shall wait for restock. hahah at least you do revisit them ^_^ great stuffs

  6. Ooooo shopping the stash seems like such a good idea! You have found some nice bits there :) xx

  7. yes! i love the naked palette, it was in my august favorites and will be in september and october lol!

    ive actually been wanting to try laura mercier oil-free.. but was alwaysworried about the oiliness of my skin.. but now that it's fall and a bit cooler now..i think i might try it out!

  8. that mac stuff looks amazing.
    i seriouslly am going to note these colors caus both the lipstick and highlighter is sooo freekin gorgeous.
    thanks for sharing, great stufff.<3

  9. The NAKED Palette is always in stock at mu ULTA/Sephora and I never get convinced enough to buy it. Now i want it and the MAC skin finish lol!

  10. @Justine: Yes, it does. Not the most amazing coverage, but it's good. I think it's supposed to be a full coverage concealer (it says it's "industrial-strength") but I'd say it's more medium coverage. If you have dry skin, it may be too dry of a formula for you and end up looking cakey. Just fyi :)

    @Khristine: I have oily skin too but in the Fall and Winter my skin tends to be more combination with certain areas being really oily while other areas are really dry. This foundation is great for both, in my opinion, because it's oil free but not drying at all.

    @Aranza: lol, I'm sorry if I'm a bad influence! I really think you'll love it though! :)

  11. I am exactly how you are. I need to stop buying more makeup! I sometimes dig in my stash and try to use some things i aandoned and i end up loving them again. It like I bought something new! I have perfect topping and love it as my highlight! Im so glad I picked up Naked palette once i saw the last one at ulta awhile back. :)

  12. i love my boiing concealer. Im scrapping off as much as I can from the sides -it'll be time for a new one soon.
    The Laura Mercier foundation sounds like a really good winter foundation to try.

  13. I really need to shop my stash as well, too many products that aren't getting love from me lately! :s I regret it so much that I passed up the Naked palette, hopefully they will have more so I can go get me one! That Perfect Topping msf looks gorgeous!

  14. cool! that reminds me, I need to do that too!


  15. @Miss Nikka: That's exactly how I feel! After not wearing the LM foundation for about 6 months and finally using it again, I thought, "Hmmm...this is really nice!" and I was excited to use it again the next day! I'm a nerd, lol.

    @Nicole: Yup, if you have oily skin then I think it's definitely worth a try for the colder seasons. If you have skin that is dry to normal then they also have a moisturizing formula :)

    @Ebru: It's just a matter of time before they get some more stock in...it is permanent after all! You're going to love it!

    @Bree: Glad I could be a reminder :)

  16. Great post hun, i think we all get a bit too hyped up on buying whats new when a lot of the time we have enough gorgeous products at home to test out xx

  17. Girl About Town looks really good!!!! I think I should stop buying new make up and do some shopping from my make up stash too!

  18. Perfect Topping looks gorgeous, and I've been lemming Girl About Town for ages :)

  19. The MSF ist gorgeous, the colour range is so cool :-)

  20. Sometimes it's not bad to revisit things you already own because with a makeup addiction, most of your stuff is probably super new :D haha it's the same case with me :) I find awesome things daily! LOL Perfect Topping looks so pretty! I love MAC MSFS! :)


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