Plums and Wines.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always follow seasonal makeup trends. I just use what I want, when I want to use them. If that means using coral blush in the middle of winter then so be it :) However, when the cooler weather starts to roll in (65 degrees Fahrenheit...brrr!) and the leaves start to change colors (not in California, or course, but I would imagine it's happening somewhere!) it often makes me want to reach more for certain colors over others. Right now, it happens to be plums and wines.

The eye and cheek products
Clockwise from bottom:
MAC Mineralize blush in Fad-dabulous
Bella Sugar Cosmetics eyeshadow in Bad Girl
MAC blush in On a Mission
Bella Sugar Cosmetics eyeshadow in Little Miss Spookiness
MAC eyeshadow in Plum Dressing
MAC eyeshadow in Sketch

L to R:
Bad Girl (shimmery grey-purple)
Little Miss Spookiness (shimmery, deep eggplant)
Plum Dressing (shimmery, pink plum)
Sketch (reddish purple)
Fad-dabulous (plummy coral)
On a Mission (pinky mauve)

(Fad-dabulous looks a lot more plummy and mauvey in the pan but when swatched, it looks much more coral than plum. Oh well. It's still gorgeous nonetheless.)

The lip products
L to R:
Kiehl's lip gloss in Black Raspberry
MAC glimmerglass in Blackfire
Hourglass Extreme Sheen lipgloss in Primal
MAC lipglass in Revenge is Sweet
MAC lustreglass in Decorated
Essence lipgloss in Lunch at Cullen's
MAC lipstick in Media
Chanel Rouge Hydrabase lipstick in Mirobolant

L to R:
Black Raspberry (terracotta red)
Blackfire (sheer eggplant with purple reflects)
Primal (shimmery wine)
Revenge is Sweet (pinky purple jelly)
Decorated (shimmery burgundy)
Lunch at Cullen's (bright, red wine)
Media (intense, reddish purple)
Mirobolant (pinky plum with golden sheen)

I got Chanel Mirobolant from my mom because she used to love this color and gave me her back-up after she stopped wearing it. It's such an unusual color and really difficult to describe. I'm not sure it really fits into the plum and wine category but I threw it in anyway :) 

Also, can you tell which other lip product doesn't really fit into the mix but I obviously just included it because it's new and exciting?


  1. haha! Revenge is Sweet doesn't quite fit - but it really is beautiful (as are all the rest of the plum/wine shades)! I'm definitely getting into the Fall spirit with Plums and Wines as well, especially my Stila Convertible Color in Orchid ♥

  2. @Alexa: Yup! :) I liked it so much, though, that I forced it into this post anyway!

  3. I'm far to scared of plums and wine colours on my skin, on you they probably look stunning though. Nars Sin blush would fall into this colour range nicely (: xx

  4. haha Revenge is Sweet is a violet/purple but it's so pretty. I think I like it because it's reminiscent of how Chanel Glossimers look on the lips - that natural bitten look.

  5. all of them are gorgeous! I love the Chanel Miroblant..it is very unusual but gorgeous!

  6. Nice swatches. Love the color payoff of all the items.


  7. Oooohh! You're making me want to wear plums and wines.. I tried it the other day though and it looks weird with my hair color right now. =P

  8. I want that MSF badly now. Gorgeous. :)

  9. I need some plums and wines in my makeup collection! I realized I don't own much in those shades. Great lip products!

  10. im all about the berry colors right now!
    the lunch at cullens lipgloss is so pretty!

  11. the mac mineralised is gorgeousss

  12. @LaurenStephanie: I think they'd look lovely on you! Maybe you can try just applying plum/wine colors (like a blush) more sheerly so that it suits your skintone better? I'll have to check Sin out soon...I've been wanting to expand my NARS blush collection!

    @Kristie: I agree. In the tube it looks like it could fit in with the post but it applies much more sheerly and pink.

    @ellemarie84: I haven't worn it very much but yes, it's a very unusual color for me!

    @Nicole: Thanks! I won it in a giveaway...I don't think you can get them here in the states but I may be wrong.

  13. The leaves are definitely changing here and those colors are perfect! You've definitely inspired my makeup for today!

    Enter to win a Gorjana necklace! (prize valued at $95)

  14. i love this post! i need more Make up!!!! LOL

  15. Lovely selection, I really like plum and wine shades. I regret not picking up on a mission when I spotted it at the CCO. I like the look of the Kiehl's too.

  16. @ModestyBrown: I actually won On a Mission in a giveaway. So happy I did, though, because it's really lovely and a refreshing change from my usual boring, pink blushes :)

  17. you have so much makeup!! i actually really love Fad-dabulous! :)

  18. Love the look of Lunch at Cullen's, Media and Plum Dressing :D

    I fail at adhering to seasonal trends, I always end up doing wintery looks when it's Winter in the nothern hemisphere and Summer here >_<


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