Would You Rather...

I rarely ever partake in tags but I found Tali's tag from The Gloss Goss to be particularly amusing so here goes:

This is me thinking...

Would you rather...
Never use mascara or bronzer again?
Bronzer. My short, sparse, pin-straight lashes are practically undetectable without mascara so I could never go without that.

Only be able to buy high-end makeup or drugstore makeup again?
This is a toughie but I'd have to say high-end. Most of my most loved beauty products are not from the drugstore, and I'd rather have a few HG products than a whole bunch of mediocre ones.

Be in love or be loved?
Be loved. I hear about people falling in and out of love all the time but if you are truly loved, that will never go away.

Go out with chipped nail varnish or unshaven legs?
I would assume that your legs would have to be exposed so I'd say chipped nail polish since I find women with hairy legs absolutely repulsive. Harsh but true.

Go out with messy hair or no makeup?
Messy hair. My hair is naturally pretty straight and it won't even stay messy when I purposefully try to style it messily so I can't imagine this would be an issue.

Leave the house with a bright orange tan or burnt ginger peroxide-gone-wrong ginger hair?
Bright orange tan because at least that will wash away after a few days. The peroxide hair is going to be damaged until you cut it all off!

It were winter forever or summer forever?
Definitely summer. While I do enjoy a bit of cold weather every now and again, I seem to be shivering anytime it's colder than 70 degrees Fahrenheit so I don't think I could deal with it being cold all the time.

Have permanent 2 inch roots or permanent unplucked eyebrows?
I'll go with the 2 inch roots on this one. It's really not so bad, in my opinion. Unplucked eyebrows, on the other hand, can be really noticeable and will just ruin any makeup look.

Leave the house with dried toothpaste drool or crusty yellow sleep eyes?
As vile as both of these options sound, I'm going to have to go with the crusty eyes. I can always wear sunglasses to cover my eyes but there's no way to cover up the drool around your mouth, especially if you're going to be talking to people.

Give up all MAC or all Illamasqua products?
Easy. Illamasqua. I do love their products but I only have a few, and my staple makeup products are primarily MAC.

I tag everyone to do this!
Link me up below so I can read your responses!


  1. I think nooone is going to chose bronzer over mascara lol.. great to read your answers!!

  2. You look adorably cute! Ok, toothpaste drool or crusty eyes, I wouldn't be able to answer that one :)

  3. speaking of crusty tooth paste, i had one yesterday in the morning lmao...super gross!

  4. Haha cute photo! Love how you look with curled hair. :)

    I'm totally opposite with the seasons though. I cannot STAND hot weather; I love bundling up for the winter. Snow, seeing your breath, etc. LOVE winter. Haha.

  5. how freekin cute is that picture of you?! <3

  6. I saw this on Tali's blog too and loved it! I love all your answers -mine would be similar.

  7. great answers! And that's such a lovely photo of you! x

  8. ahahaha i ALWAYS have messy hair! you look so cute in your pic!

  9. Thanks everyone! That photo was a random one I took of a FOTD that I never posted about and I figured it worked for this tag so why not use it? :D

    @Kristin Leigh: Thank you so much and hello! :)


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