Sonia Kashuk Circle of Hope Kabuki Brush

I've been wanting a kabuki brush for quite some time now and have been going back and forth between the Sigma one and the e.l.f. one up until yesterday when I found this little lady:

The Circle of Hope Kabuki Brush retails for $12.99 and is part of a limited edition collection from Sonia Kashuk, and 15% of the proceeds from this collection goes towards The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Sonia Kashuk is a breast cancer survivor herself, and this cause is particularly close to my heart as several of my aunts and my own mother are breast cancer survivors.

I dare you to tell me that this isn't a beautiful brush :)

The brush itself is gorgeous! The pink bristles are super soft and are densely packed enough that they will actually deposit product onto your face rather than dusting it around and before you know it, your face is surrounded by a cloud of loose powder. The handle is plastic but pulls off the faux metal look really nicely.

It's no secret that I love makeup and beauty products, but I love them even more when they give back.


  1. I saw these at Target today and almost bought it. They have cute pink brush sets too! I love that it's pink and most especially they give back. :)

  2. Very cute!! I still have yet to try Sonia Kashuk brushes

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your mom and aunties are cancer survivors. That's just really amazing and uplifting to hear.

  4. Very pretty brush and for a great cause.

  5. Looks pretty I need to try some Sonia Kashuk brushes I bought a little travel set its an eco friendly they work great but dying for some of their other brushes.

  6. @ Miss Nikka: That's why I love them too! The brush sets are really pretty...Very tempting!

    @ grace: Their brushes are pretty affordable and good quality too!

    @ kali: Thanks Kali :)

    @ Andrea: I have a few SK brushes and I really like them all :)


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