DiorSkin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer

Dark under-eye circles are the absolute bane of my existence. To make matters even worse, I also have discoloration on my eyelids that with my under-eye circles create a dark, ugly shadow surrounding my eyes. Not cute.

Introducing the newest addition to my Anti-Under-Eye Circles Army:

Diorskin Sculpt Lifting Smoothing Concealer in Beige 002

Here are some photos of it in action:
Completely bare skin. Yes, what looks like brown eyeshadow on my lid is just discoloration :(

Tinted moisturizer is applied.

Concealer is dotted on using the doe-foot applicator. I added the fourth dot at the bottom to maximize the brightening of the under-eye area.

Using my ring finger, I pat the concealer into my skin and use the excess on my finger to pat it all over the lid and blend up to the brow bone.

Using the MAC 224, I set the concealer with MAC MSF Natural.

This concealer is creamy, has medium coverage, and blends like a dream. My only qualm is since it's a liquid concealer and I have an annoying natural crease under my eyes, I have noticed that it tends to settle into the crease after a while, but a quick pat/swipe with a clean ring finger is enough to fix the problem. For those who are normal and do not have a random crease under their eyes like me, I don't believe that this concealer would crease at all. Other than that, it has great staying power (even on my oily skin) and never looks cakey. 

As with all Dior products, this concealer is a bit of a splurge at $32 but I don't regret my purchase one bit as I believe it's one of the best products for covering dark under-eye circles I've come across in a long time. I would not recommend this for those who do not have issues with dark circles, though, as it would simply be an unnecessarily expensive concealer.

How do you combat dark under-eye circles?


  1. I have a crease too under my eyes and all concealers tend to crease big time on me :( hvta live with it hehe. This seems great though!

  2. I have issues with creasing too. This looks very temting though. I want.

  3. oh man i need this.
    it looks like it works amazingly. <3

  4. @Get Gawjus!: Isn't it just so annoying?! It covers so well though that I'm willing to deal with it.

    @Ansa: It doesn't crease if you don't have a random crease under your eye like I do, if that helps. And the lasting power would be even better on people that do not have oily skin like I do.

    @julianne: It really does! I think the pictures speak for themselves :)

  5. I spotted this concealer a few days ago at my Sephora lol.. the woman said it was a really great concealer.. though I don't have a big problem with under-eye circles. nice to see you found a good one, I think for some reason it's hard to find really good ones..! :) Nice blog, lovely photos!!

  6. OMG I have the same problem as you: discoloration and the CREASE!!! and I still haven't found the best concealer and feel like there never will since the crease cannot be gone.
    I've used Bare Minerals Concealer, but that doesn't cover mine at all. Now I'm using CoverGirl Simply Ageless concealer which is working fine but after 8hrs I have to reapply it again. Sadly it goes to the crease too.

  7. Does it work for blemishes?

  8. I don't like using it for blemishes because I find it wears off too quickly (I have oily skin) and doesn't provide enough coverage.


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