Glamour Doll Eyes Review

Hi everyone!
So a few weeks ago Vee from Glamour Doll Eyes kindly sent me six eyeshadows to try out and review. Here are the shades I chose:

Veteran (a rich, purple-blue with red sparkles)

He Loves Me Not (a mid-toned shimmery, golden brown)

Brown Eyed Girl (a shimmery, purple-taupe)

Royal Assassin (a deep, eggplant-charcoal with teal sparkles)

Bare Naked (a golden champagne)

Disco White (a bright white with teal sparkles)

And let's not forget the swatches:
L to R: Veteran, He Loves Me Not, Brown Eyed Girl, Royal Assassin, Bare Naked, Disco White

All in all, I'm very pleased with all of the colors I've chosen. My goal was to choose mostly neutrals, since that's what I'm all about lately, and a few "wow" shades to add some color and depth to the crease or outer v. 

-Veteran and Royal Assassin were obviously my "wow" shades and they certainly did not disappoint. They swatched exactly as they look in the pot and the pigmentation is fantastic.

-He Loves Me Not and Brown Eyed Girl both swatched slightly lighter (but still pigmented) than what you see in the pot. This didn't bother me since both colors were still gorgeous!

-Bare Naked swatches almost completely differently than how you would expect! In the pot it looks like a matte tan-clay color but when swatched on skin, it transforms into the most beautiful golden champagne color!

-Disco White looks a bit chalky in the swatches above, but it makes a gorgeous highlight on the brow bone or inner tear duct as the chalkiness virtually disappears.

Not only is the GDE website easy to navigate, but with each eye shadow shade comes a clear photo depicting the color and a brief description of the color (I always find this very helpful since you never know how accurate the picture is).

In my opinion, these shadows are incredibly affordable when you consider the amount and quality of the eyeshadows. Each time I've used them (with UDPP or NARS Smudgeproof Base as primers) the shadows have not creased or faded even after about 10 hours of wear! In addition, the packaging is really cute...Vee designed and makes the pink labels herself!

GDE is currently a one-woman show and as a result, customers are forewarned that normal processing time is 7-9 days after payment has cleared and possibly even longer for large orders. Right now it is even longer than that due to the huge success of her recent Customer Appreciation Sale so the eye shadows are temporarily unavailable on the website. However, whenever they do become available again, I have a DISCOUNT CODE that I will share with all of my readers so stay tuned!

Here was a look I did a few days ago using my GDE shadows:
I think I used five of the six shades here for a blue/charcoal smoky eye look.

Next, I'll try to do a more neutral/natural look and we'll see what I come up with :)

Sample baggie (0.5g of product): $1.50
Sample jar (1g of product): $2.50
Full-sized jar (2g of product): $6.00
(FYI: If you purchase a sample size then decide you want to purchase the full-sized version of the same shade, Vee will take out the cost of the sample from the full-sized jar!)

To browse the website, click here.
To follow Glamour Doll Eyes (Vee) on Twitter, click here.
To watch Glamour Doll Eyes (Vee) on YouTube, click here.

Thank you again, Vee, for the opportunity to review these amazing eye shadows!

Disclaimer: These products were sent to me free of charge for review purposes only. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and based solely on my own experience with the products.


  1. These look great. I love Vee, she's sweet :)

  2. the name soo cute :)
    great review !

  3. omggggg those look amazing! great review and thank you for the swatches :) i think im going to be spending the next iuno how long on that site :) hehe im especially craving royal assassin! gorgeous color <3

  4. I love all the colors you chose - especially brown eyed girl! That color totally called to me! can't wait to shop the site! ♥

  5. these are so pretty! love them :)

  6. Veteran is a gorgeous shade of blue. I only own one eye shadow from this line and its so pigmented and vibrant!

  7. They look amazing!Thanks for the review!!!

  8. You look gorgeous as usual. He loves me not looks like my type of color. Will have to check it out.

  9. Wow those look amazing! Thanks for the review :)



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