Easy, Breezy Summer Outfit

I realized last week, while sitting and contemplating what posts to work on next, that I hadn't done an OOTD post in ages! To be honest, my outfits have been pretty blah lately (not that this one is particularly inspiring either) and because of this, I haven't really felt compelled to take photos of my boring outfits to post for all of you. Enough rambling...here is my newest OOTD!

Dress: Ross
Necklace and bracelets: from my mom
Sandals: Nordstrom Rack

I quite enjoyed this outfit because of two reasons:
1) It's super easy. No need to pick out a matching top or matching bottoms to go with it. It's a simple dress that you can throw on anytime.
2) Although the dress hits around my ankles, the material is sheer and breathable...perfect for hot summer days :) (Can I just say that I don't appreciate it being almost 100 degrees outside?? My face was sweating as I was applying my makeup today...not attractive.)

I also recently acquired some fun costume jewelry that my mom didn't want anymore so I decided to go ahead and throw those in too. Both bracelets and the necklace came from my mom but my favorite is definitely the necklace:

What's your go-to summer outfit when it's blazing hot outside?



  1. So pretty! :) The dress looks great on you :D Aww, 100 degree weather?! :( That sounds terrible. When I lived in Socal, it was ALWAYS hot (I lived in the valley).

    I LOVE the sandals! :D

  2. I love this pattern and purple! I used to shop at Ross all the time when I lived in Seattle. Unfortunately we don't have one in Chicago :/ I know most people think Marshall's, TjMaxx and Ross are the same but I always thought Ross had cuter stuff!

  3. ohh i love that dress and shoes!
    purple really suits you :) xx

  4. OOO I love your dress. Very pretty and flowy for summer.

  5. this purple dress is so very pretty!

  6. @ Rainy Days and Lattes: Thanks! Yes, it has been way too hot lately!

    @ Ebru: Thank you :) I totally agree...I sometimes find the cutest things at Ross for super cheap!

    Thank you for all of your sweet comments! <3

  7. Cute dress! Love the color and pattern! Those sandals are cute too! Great outfit all together! I can never rock maxi dress..makes me look shorter and pregnant. :(

  8. That's a gorgeous dress!


  9. Love the dress! Super cute. And I definitely feel you on the dislike for the heat wave we're having lately. Ollie and I are hanging inside since he's always super hot anyways. Hope you're staying cool.


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