Barry M 129 Palest Lavendar Lip Paint Dupe Alert!

For all of my US ladies who may have a hard time getting their hands on the Barry M 129 Lip Paint featured in my I ♥ Lavender Lips post, I have found a dupe for you!

(Left to Right)
Barry M 129
MAC Pretty Please (lustre)
MAC Blooming Lovely (amplified) (LE)

Top: MAC Pretty Please on top of MAC Blooming Lovely
Bottom: Barry M 129

Barry M 129
(For a better view of the color, click here.)

The Dupe: MAC Pretty Please on top of MAC Blooming Lovely

So the lip swatches don't look exactly the same because I forgot to moisturize my lips before applying Barry M 129 so it didn't apply as smoothly as it could have. However, I have to say that based on the swatches on my hand, it's pretty clear that MAC Blooming Lovely topped off with MAC Pretty Please is a great (but not exact exact) dupe for Barry M 129! 


  1. I love MAC pretty please. xx

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  3. Nice colour (^_^)


  4. I love both of these! They are really nice.


  5. I ♥ Blooming Lovely, looks like a great dupe! xo

  6. I think that pale lavender lips are so cute, I only wish that I could pull them off as well as you can!


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