Urban Decay Naked Palette

I hurriedly placed my order for the Urban Decay Naked Palette as soon as it made its second appearance online at Sephora last Tuesday (it initially sold out on Sephora after only being available for one day!). As far as I'm aware, it also sold out on Urban Decay's website within the first day it went online. Obviously, there is a lot of hype around this product but rest assured lovelies, the Naked Palette is permanent! Here are some snapshots of this lust-worthy beauty:

The case is brown velvet with gold writing imprinted on it.

It also comes with a double-sided 24/7 eyeliner in Zero and Whiskey and a mini UDPP (not pictured).

Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck

Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle

Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

24/7 Liner in Zero (top) and Whiskey (bottom)

All of the colors in this palette are shimmery, with the exception of Naked and Buck which are beautiful matte neutrals. Creep and Gunmetal have a bit of fine glitter in them, but it's nothing compared to some of the other glittery messes Urban Decay has released in the past. Gunmetal seems to have more glitter than Creep, but it's really only detectable when you apply the shadow (as in, you can't really see glitter chunks in the pan) and I didn't notice any fallout whatsoever. And I think it's worth a mention that all of the shadows in this palette are full-sized! A single eyeshadow from UD will set you back $17, but you get 12 of them and more in this palette for less than the cost of 3 single eyeshadows! Now that is a steal!

As I'm sure you can see from the swatches, most of these colors are anything but naked! They are smooth, pigmented, and the shades range from tans to golds to greys. It's the perfect neutral palette that allows you to achieve every kind of look from daytime to nighttime, matte to shimmery, and subtle to dramatic. 

As for the 24/7 liners, Zero is a fantastic inky black that should be a staple in every girl's makeup collection. Whiskey is a new gorgeous, rich brown shade that is shimmer-free. 24/7 liners glide on effortlessly and last all day on me. Zero is one of my all time favorites for use on the waterline.

At this very moment, the Naked Palette is out of stock on both Urban Decay's website and Sephora's website. You can sign up for email alerts from both websites if you're dying to get your hands on one, or you can wait another week or so for Sephora stores to get their stock in and buy it in-stores. It retails for $44 USD and remember, it is permanent so there's really no need to rush into anything now...unless you're obsessed with makeup like yours truly ;)



  1. Uggh I want this so bad! But I've been buying too much lately. I'm glad its permanent. Can't to see the looks you come up with!

  2. wow this looks amazing! I think I might have to get this! I love neutrals :) x

  3. omg i want this! i keep seeing it on so many blogs and my willpower is slowly draining...this would be perfect for me because i love using neutrals! :)

  4. wow...i want that too...the colors so beautiful!!!

  5. I'm so glad it's permanent :D I don't think the hype will go away anytime soon. Everyone needs a nice neutral palette. I hope to get mine soon! I wonder if Sephora restocks every Tuesday??

  6. I wasn't going to get this too when it was instock at Sephora but I decided to wait for a discount sale or something. People are going MAD over this though -I checked Ebay over the last month and I've seen it at $80+! Crazy because I don't think people know it's permanent.

    Glad you're liking the palette. I can't wait to get mine!

  7. You're lucky to get this so fast :) These are such beautiful colours!

  8. I honestly don't see the hype, it's a neutral palette with colors that Urban Decay already has out. But if that's your cup of tea, then it's a pretty awesome palette :)

  9. this looks prettyyy!!!!if only I'm willing to part my money including its shipping fees to my place....

  10. @ Rainy Days and Lattes: I'm not sure when they restock, actually. The palette was still out of stock when I checked earlier today...hopefully they'll get more in stock within the next few days!

    @ beachbumbeauty13: Only 6 of the colors are from the permanent line, 1 was repromoted, and 5 of the shades are brand-new! And Whiskey is new too! I just think it was a nice change of pace for UD since most of their palettes usually pack a lot of bright/glittery colors :)

  11. Yay for Naked palette! This is a great palette for everyday wear. Thanks for the swatches.

  12. I definitely need this in my life. Being a fan of neutral looks this is a must have in my book. I've been going a little makeup crazy. Glad this is permanent item I can wait to get this but your post does not help my addiction! <3

  13. I am crazy about UD eyeshadows and eye pencils. Can't wait for the F&F sales, finally ordered from Sephora, and will arrive tomorrow. Woohoo!!! Everytime a new post about it, my desire to own it is getting stronger. I have four UD palettes already, but only Sin and Smog in this Naked Palette are the ones I already have. I am also excited for Whiskey, one new color into my collection. ^_^

  14. Thx for sharing :)
    I feel like there is lot of dupe in other palette???

  15. I want one!!! what a great deal! i didnt know they where full size. great colors...yeah i love that Urban Decay shadows are very pigment, but im not a fan of all the glitter they contain.


  16. Ohhh I want this but I bet it'll be really expensive in the UK :( Sigh.

  17. great blog! I'm glad I found it! new follower here!! =)

  18. I love this! Thanks for posting such good images. I want to pick this up even though half the colours won't work for me-- because it'll still be cheaper than buying singles. That's why I love palettes. Have fun with it!

  19. Really lovely colours!!I have to get it!!!:)

  20. @ Drea: If you love neutrals then yes, you definitely should get your hands on this palette!

    @ Fish: That means you'll still be getting 10 new colors you don't have :) And I love Whiskey!

    @ liloo: Probably, yes. They really are just neutrals after all. I just love that they're all in one convenient palette and I love the quality of UD's eyeshadows :)

    @ Hershley's Sweet Kiss: This palette doesn't really have any glitter except for a little bit in gunmetal :)

    @ Lauren: :( I can never understand why brands have to sell their products at different prices in different countries. Maybe you could try swapping for it with someone in the US?

    @ AnNeTtEe: Thanks so much! xx

    @ Shahana Style: I love palettes for that same reason...it's almost always a better deal than buying singles! Thank you!

    @ Blushingloves: Yes you do! :)


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