☼Summer Essentials☼

We are well into summer now and I've decided it's only fitting to post about my summer essentials...

Let's start off with makeup essentials:
Top: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, MAC Cheeky Bronze MSF, Revlon Color Stay Foundation
Middle: MUFE Aqua Cream #16, Eyeko Mascara, Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Whipped Vanilla
Bottom: MAC MSFN in Medium Plus

♥Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer♥ This is a mineral based primer with SPF 15, a necessity when out in the sun! I've taken pictures with it on before and I've never noticed what I like to call the "geisha-effect" from it having SPF. It helps my foundation and concealer to stay on my face in the midst of all of the heat and sweat, as well as to keep my oily skin at bay.

♥MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze and MSF Natural in Medium Plus♥ I like to use Cheeky Bronze as a pinky bronze blush mostly, but when used with a light hand on tanned skin, it can also work as a shimmery bronzer. A light dusting of Medium Plus is essential to help control my oily skin.

♥Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 340 Early Tan♥ This foundation is great for summertime because it really lasts all day! It can feel a bit heavy, though, and when I'm having a relatively "good skin" day, I like to mix about 1/2 the normal amount with my moisturizer and apply it as a tinted moisturizer.

♥MUFE Aqua Cream #16♥ A waterproof cream eye and cheek product? Yes, please! While I've only used this on my eyes when I'm going for a quick 5 minute face look, I'd imagine it would also be pretty when used sparingly as a cheek highlight as well. Multipurpose products that will last on your face are essential in this kind of weather.

♥Eyeko Mascara♥ I love this mascara! While it's not the best at giving volume, it does a great job at lengthening lashes while giving the glossiest black color your lashes have ever seen! It also has vitamins in it meant to promote lash growth. And while it's not waterproof, I find it does not smudge or budge at all throughout the day! You can use my Ambassador Code, E9565, to receive a free gift when ordering from Eyeko.

♥Liplicious Tasty Lip Color in Whipped Vanilla♥ In the summer I don't like to use lipsticks as much because I find that they tend to slip and slide off of my lips in extreme heat. I still want a little color on my lips, though, so I usually opt for a tinted lip gloss. Whipped Vanilla looks like a unexciting pinky brown color in the tube but it gives the perfect shimmery pink color on your lips! Not brown at all and it smells delicious!

Now for my skincare essentials:
Top: Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer, Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm, MAC Fix+
Bottom: L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion, Victoria's Secret Violet & Jasmine Moisture Mist

♥Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer♥ A moisturizer is a must, even if you feel like your skin is oily enough as it is. This moisturizer is oil-free and has salicylic acid in it to help clear break-outs. The only downside is that it does not have SPF so you'll need to use it in conjunction with an SPF product.

♥Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm♥ I didn't include this with my makeup essentials because I hardly think lip balm is makeup. I love this lip balm because it smells great, is 100% natural, and it has pomegranate oil in it that infuses your lips with a subtle pomegranate tint.

♥MAC Fix+♥ Perfect for hot, summer days when your skin needs a little pick-me-up. I use this in the morning to set my makeup and throughout the day as needed to refresh my makeup.

♥L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion♥ The word lotion is somewhat misleading as I feel this is more of a gel, really. The tinted gel allows you to see exactly where you're applying the tanner, and it rubs in really easily. It doesn't smell half as bad as other self-tanners out there, and it doesn't take any longer than normal to dry. I should warn you, though, that it is extremely shimmery and makes you look like you've dusted yourself with shimmer powder and you're ready for a night on the town! This may or may not be your cup of tea...As for me, I don't mind so much :)

♥Victoria's Secret Violet & Jasmine Fragrant Moisture Mist♥ I generally turn towards mists for the daytime and save my perfumes for nighttime as I feel some perfumes may be a little heavy for summer. This one smells beautiful and ultra-florally, just the way I like it :) It doesn't have alcohol in it like most body mists do, but I'm not sure it's exactly moisturizing either.

Last but not least, my summer nail essentials:

Essie Mod Squad, Essie California Coral

I'll admit that I have a slight Essie obsession at the moment, and these two surely aren't helping the situation at all. They're gorgeous for summer! Both are bright, shimmer-free, and are perfect for both fingers and toes.

What are some of your summer essentials?


  1. Awesome summer must-haves! I'm in love with nail polishes right now too - doesn't help that the beauty supply store around the corner from where I live offers student discounts with ID :)

  2. mod squad is one of my un-worns, I should paint my nails that colour soon!

    Definitely a light foundation, fix + is great too, bright corally nail polish, light powder, good moisturizer w/ spf, primer, bright lipstick, gloss, etc. Great post!

  3. I am dying to go and buy the self tanner, I have been looking for a good one, and I want to try these Loreal one! Good post!


  4. Great essentials, I think I agree with every single one! What would we do without MAC MSFN!! I love that stuff :)

  5. awesome stufff, great thing i kknow! <3

  6. Great summer essentials, I have to get Essie California Coral! And i've heard so many great things about that L'Oreal self tanner, I must try it xo

  7. nice stuff!
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  9. Hi Tiffany, I am glad to find another beauty blog from So Cal. ^_^

    I use quite a few items for year long, but for summer, I love these.

    1. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Cream For Face SPF 55
    2. Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hr in 400 Natural Beige (new found love)
    3. Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask

  10. Great essentials, I love the nail polish colours.

  11. Great list! I love the "favorites" sort of posts =)

  12. i have been looking at the MAC Fix +, so you spray it on your face after you place make up on? its like a setting power in liquid form?



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