Review: Revlon Color Stay Foundation and a Quick FOTD.

I've been using Revlon Color Stay Foundation in 340 Early Tan for the past 2 weeks or so now and I really like it so far. Since I have oily skin, I use the one formulated for Combination/Oily Skin but they also have one formulated for Normal/Dry skin. I normally use Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 05 Natural Beige but once my face began tanning a bit, that particular shade started looking too light for me. Instead of buying another bottle a shade or two darker, I decided to take that opportunity to try out Color Stay. The shade 340 Early Tan is quite a few shades darker than Natural Beige, and it was actually too dark for me in the beginning. However, after a few days of using a self-tanner on my face, the color now matches me pretty well (though it still is a bit dark).

The foundation itself is quite good. It really does last all day without budging! I noticed a difference when I would go to blot my face after a few hours. Normally when doing this I would notice that my foundation had transferred to the blot sheet or tissue. With Color Stay, there is hardly any foundation transferred! This means it stays on my face where it should be :)

Due to my inability to choose the best color match for myself, I've been mixing Color Stay with my lighter Photo Ready foundation in order to not have an uber tan face but pale neck and body :O This has been working out pretty well but I notice that the foundation does not last as long when it's mixed. My only other qualm about Color Stay is that is smells horrific! I can't quite describe it...it smells like disgusting chemicals, which is kind of off-setting since you're slapping it all over your face. Consider yourself warned :)
Blended on the right

Here is Color Stay mixed with Photo Ready on my face:
Revlon Color Stay in 340 Early Tan mixed with Revlon Photo Ready in 05 Natural Beige
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 01 Light (under-eyes)
MAC Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
NARS Bronzer in Laguna
MAC MSF in Cheeky Bronze

NYX Eyeshadow Base in Skin Tone
BSC e/s in Naked Sparkle (lid)
BSC e/s in Punkinhead (outer v)
BSC e/s in Chocolate Covered Blueberries (crease and lower lashline)
BSC e/s in Vanilla (blend to brow bone)
Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara in Blackest Black

NYX l/s in Indian Pink
NYX l/g in Pink

And in case you're curious, I had a FOTD a few days ago wearing Color Stay by itself:

What are your thoughts on Revlon Color Stay Foundation? Have you tried it?


  1. Your pics are gorgeous. I love the lip colors. xx

  2. I've never tried this foundation. I've been dying to though just because I heard its comparable to Mac Studio Fix foundation which I have tried and coverage is amazing. I'm also scared because I always have a hard time finding my shade when it comes to drugstores. I might consider this for the winter. I just can't wear foundations in the summer the heat is too much.


  3. LOOKS GREAT!! i wanna try this stuff! love ur pictures


  4. Right now I just wanna try this foundation :/
    Thx for sharing :)

  5. It does smell but mine isn't too bad & i've got the one for combination skin and the one for dry skin - odd
    But i love it for days when i need my make up to last all day - it really doesn't budge!

  6. Absolutely love your makeup on this pic. You look super pretty and natural :) xx

  7. I have the same formulation of the Color Stay Foundation as you do, only a lighter shade. I haven't noticed a bad/chemical smell though. Maybe the formulation is a bit different here in Europe. I am not really happy in terms of my face staying matte during the day. And I also think that the foundation is a bit too thick for the summer. So I am currently using the Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid makeup.

    You look gorgeous in both pics btw.


  8. Love this makeup :D I'm a big fan of colorstay foundation. Sadly, this foundation costs 1.5x in Canada as it does in the States :(

    Love your pics tho!


  9. looks great! seems like the mixing didn't stop photo ready from making your skin look very even and clean :)

  10. I've tried it last Saturday and I was impressed! Colorstay has great coverage and lasted all day even with my very oily skin and hot weather here in the Philippines.

    And yea, you're right it smelt like chemical/alcohol.

    great look btw!



  11. I haven't tried ColorStay but I love my PhotoReady foundation, although I do find it a little too thick for my liking.

  12. The foundation looks great on you. I agree 100% the smell is really terrible that's why I never picked it up.

  13. I've read several people do the mixing of photoready and colorstay together, then they get that perfect consistency, not too flat and easier to blend.. great review!

  14. This is one of my favorite foundations especially for fall/winter. It's a bit heavy for me during the summer, so I mix it with moisturizer for a lighter feel.
    <3 Mandy

  15. It looks great!!!Havent find it here yet!!We had Revlon products but now they dissapear!!Damn!!

  16. Looks gorgeous! I mix my photoready and colorstay too!

  17. I'm a big Colorstay fan, I have to mix two shades to get the right colour for my face though! x

  18. Ooh, I've been meaning to try this foundation out - i'm always discouraged by the selection at my neighborhood CVS because the bottles are never sealed and are almost always tampered with (i.e.-leaky bottles with clumps, as if they belonged to someone's personal stash already! grr! Where do you buy yours?

  19. Thanks for the review! i've been wanting to try this foundation out but never really did because i wasnt sure which shade i was.. but i think im going to go try and hope i get a shade that matches :P

    Also, you have been awarded the Sunshine Award! :D Congrats!

  20. I like colorstay a lot but I always blend it with something to make it feel less thick, just personal preference though! And it looks gorgeous on you! x

  21. @ alexa p.: Yuck! I don't think I would pick those up either. I got mine at Target and I'm pretty sure it came sealed too :)

    @ xAgnes: Thank you so much!

  22. I tried the Revlon colorstay foundation, but have a hard time applying because of how fast it dries on my skin. What I am really excited about trying is the new whipped formulation of this!


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