A Makeup Addict's First Taste of NYX.

So Cherry Culture was offering 20% off everything on their website a few days ago so I took the opportunity to try out a brand that I've been very curious about: NYX. I have no idea where to purchase NYX in-stores so I always knew that if I wanted to try their products, I'd eventually have to order from somewhere online. I had heard about the atrocious shipping costs on NYX's website, and I was always at odds with whether it was worth it to have to spend a ridiculous amount on shipping for cheaply priced products. I actually added products to my online basket a few times then backed out at the last minute in fear of what the shipping cost might end up being :/

Anyhoo, back to my haul. So I went kinda crazy with it because pretty much all of the NYX products that I wanted on Cherry Culture were at discounted prices already, then add on the 20% off?! I couldn't resisit! Here is what came in the mail for me today:

♥Are you overwhelmed yet? Because I am! Let's start off with the NYX Girls Round Lip Glosses...

Natural, Pinky Natural, Ballerina Pink, Peach, Whipped, Pink, Dolly Pink, Cafe Latte, Apricot, Strawberry

Here are the swatches for your viewing pleasure:

In the same order from top row (L to R) then bottom row (L to R)


Pinky Natural

Ballerina Pink




Dolly Pink

Cafe Latte



These lip glosses glide on effortlessly, are non-sticky, and for the most part, have good pigmentation. They smell like oranges (not really a fan) and retail for $3 USD but were $2 at Cherry Culture.

♥Next up are the NYX Round Lipsticks...

Circe, Tea Rose, Indian Pink, Pumpkin Pie, Orange Soda, Fig, Rose

And the swatches:

Same order as above starting with top row (L to R), middle row (L to R), then the bottom


Tea Rose

Indian Pink

Pumpkin Pie

Orange Soda



The Round Lipsticks apply ever so smoothly, are non-drying, have a slight floral scent, and have excellent pigmentation. They retail for $4 but were $2.25 at Cherry Culture.

♥Here are the random left out products...
Long Lip Pencils, Jumbo Eye Pencils, Eyeshadow Base

Can't forget the swatches:
Pinky, Natural, Cottage Cheese, Milk, Black Bean, Skin Tone

The Long Lip Pencils retail for $2 ($1.25 at CC), Jumbo Eye Pencils for $4 ($3.25 at CC), and the Eyeshadow Base for $7 ($6 at CC). The eyeshadow base also comes in white (for color intensity) and pearl (for pearlized/iridescent intensity). I chose the skin tone shade intended to make shadows last longer. It is a few shades darker than my MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre, is less tacky and applies more smoothly, and has a very faint "old lady perfume" smell (IMO, of course!). I'm not sure how well it works yet since I just got it today. Possibly a review to come.

♥ Happy 4th of July weekend lovelies! Have fun and be safe! ♥


  1. Nice haul! You should try their MegaShines! Also their eyeshadows are great. I have my eyes on Circe and Orange Soda they look gorgeous.


  2. great swatches! :) i have yet to try nyx - haha i have to stop myself every time and tell myself i don't need more lipsticks!

  3. Nice haul i love the collection!

    Great post hun!

  4. yeah that was a good sale! hope they have another soon, i'm a NYX fan i like their lip gloss

  5. Awesome haul and swatches! That's a really great sale. I didn't even know about it.

  6. Your lip swatches are superb! I really want some of their lip products now. :D

  7. i agree with maggie the swatches are great!!

  8. Great post! The products look really nice.
    I really like your blog!

  9. Wow! Nice haul. Thanks for all the lips swatches -I know they take a ton of time! I never knew the round glosses were so pretty..

    Btw, I'm not sure if you were talking about Cherry Culture's shipping prices but I know for sure that they offer FREE SHIPPING on any and all orders over $40 (within the U.S.).. So no need to be worried about the shipping fees (if you're in the U.S.) I hate pricey shipping too! =\

  10. @ kali: Hi kali! I'm realizing now that the way I phrased it wasn't very clear at all :/ But anyway, I was referring to the shipping costs when you order NYX from their website, nyxcosmetics.com. I definitely utilized the free shipping from Cherry Culture :D And the actual prices are cheaper too so I'm not really sure why I ever even considered purchasing from NYX's website! I'm going to go edit my confusing post now...

  11. awesome purchase! i get my NYX stuff from this tacky jewelry store in the mall called Amuse - but their selection is definitely lacking since they never have the round lipsticks or the eyeshadow bases in stock! Gotta give cherry culture a shot =D

  12. love your haul! I recently hauled NYX off cherryculture and i love love love them! I wish i picked up some lipglosses as well though! they look amazingg :D and that eyeshadow base.. ahhh maybe next time lol. thanks for the swatches! :D

  13. nice haul! i love nyx glosses. u should try their megashine glosses. those are my faves.

  14. These are great swatches, really helpful. You have some of my favourites in there - Milk Jumbo eye pencil, Fig, Tea Rose & Indian Pink lipsticks! x

  15. I love NYX lipglosses!:D

    Have a safe and fun weekend!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie

  16. These are all gorgeous colours and I would wear them all. Thanks for the swatches.

  17. wow!!! you have quite a collection now :) ty for the swatches!

  18. woo love what u got - this is tempting ne a bit lol

  19. Oh man, so many goodies :D I love me some NYX! Orange Soda lipstick looks really great on you. I have Indian Pink and Circe and I love them <3

  20. Great lip swatches..:)
    i bought my nyx from cherryculture too, they offer much cheaper price..

  21. I love NYX Lipsticks.
    There a great price.
    And a great product.
    Enjoy your haul.



  22. Oh wow I am jealous of all the goodies you bought - I recently order from them too and bought 4 of the cream blushers - just done a post on the recently :)

  23. thanks for the swatches. i've been wanting to try the lipglosses. that's such a good deal! i love nyx

  24. I TAGGED U in my last Post!


  25. Wow, great purchase. The lipglosses are fabulous. I only own some of their pigments and have been thinking about buying some other stuff from them too. I just can't make up my mind *lol*.

    Enjoy your new products and have a lovely 4th of July weekend.


  26. Wow your swatches are perfect! NYX is one of my favorite brands, they sell it at some ULTA's and some drug stores carry it too :)
    <3 Mandy

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. I like NYX and this is very helpful for me ;) Now i know what buy...

    I <3 your blog... really :)
    Poland read 'willworkformakeup' :)


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  30. Thanks for the NYX lipstick reviews!! i now have my eyes on orange soda, circe and tea rose! 'xo


  31. Fantastic haul! NYX is by far my favorite drugstore brand... I took advantage of the 20% off as well! I highly recommend their single eyeshadows and megashine lipglosses. I have some swatches of them in case you're interested :)


  32. Umm...okay, a few things to say: 1) LOVE NYX & I'm jealous that EVERYTHING looks f'en pretty on your lips! 2) You're sooo qwooteee!!! 3) I'm your newest follower ;)

  33. @ Hershley's Sweet Kiss: Thanks! I'll check it out now...

    @ DARUHA: Thank you so much! That's very sweet of you :) xxx

    @ May: I'll have to check those out sometime. I've only heard good things about them :)

    @ ManEater: Aww...Thank you so much! xx

  34. Thanks for the swatches!
    The round lipsticks are great. There are many gorgeous colors :)

  35. I have lots of these shades, and to be honest, the products aren't half bad, definitely worth the price you and I paid for them! Loooove your haul and enjoy your goodies! You have amaaaazing lip swatches!

  36. darn it, I should of read this blog post before I ordered recently, I just placed an order during their 20% off sale that is on now and ordered some of the round lipglosses that you got there, but now I wish I got more. Great swatches!

  37. Wow that is a great haul!

    So many to choose from, all very nice!

    I have bought a couple of NYX lipsticks and they haven't turned out to be amazing as everyone claims.

    Although I do love the glosses, those are fab!

    I am now following! :D

  38. @ Justine: Thank you! I hope you like the ones that you ordered :)

    @ J: Aww...They aren't everyone's cup of tea, I guess. I'm really impressed with how good they are considering the price tag, but there are definitely better lipsticks out there too :) Glad you like the glosses!


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