I ♥ Lavender Lips

I was able to use several products that I got in my swap today, one of them being Barry M Lip Paint in 129 Palest Lavender. When I asked Nicola to get it for me I realized it would probably not suit me that well but would still be a fun color to have in my collection. However, after initially applying it last night, I am absolutely in love with it! If you read my blog you know that I love and am obsessed with a lot of things so any declaration of mine should always be taken with a grain of salt but for now, I love Barry M 129!

I found the lipstick on its own to be a bit drying and the color is opaque. To combat the drying effects I applied my EOS lip balm before the lip paint, but as a result this also sheers the color out a bit. Instead of being an opaque lavender, some of my natural lip color shows through (which is quite pigmented... sometimes very annoying!) making it appear more like a lavender with pink undertones. Much more wearable in my opinion! (Also, I forgot to do swatches on my hand but if any of you would like to see them, just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige!)

Please meet my messy, "I'm too lazy to style it" hair. And please excuse my ginormous forehead :)

Not too shabby, right? The lipstick, that is.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer in 01 Light (under-eyes)
MAC Studio Finish SPF35 concealer in NC30
MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus
NARS Bronzer in Laguna
MAC MSF in Petticoat

MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
Sleek Storm Palette
GOSH eyeliner in Bananas (inner corners)
Sleek Kajal eyeliner in Nocturnal 
Eyeko mascara

EOS lip balm
Barry M l/s in 129

Did you all notice that I don't have any real foundation on? Yay! I hope to be able to keep doing so this summer as long as my skin behaves itself :)

What's your take on lavender lips?


  1. That's gorgeous. I love swaps. I just posted my swap today too xx

  2. Gorgeous color! I would've thought the same thing - since I'm a bit on the tan side as well :)

    p.s.- headbands are amazing for lazy days which seem to be everyday for me this week! haha Where did you find that lovely headband?!

  3. @ Ansa: Thank you! xx

    @ alexa p.: I got it on ebay from seller sodamnkawaii :)

  4. you are gorgeous, love the headband and the makeup is pretty nice :)

  5. First, I didn't even notice the lack of foundation! You look uber cute :) Love the lavender on you, it's a color that you have to work on to get it perfect for your lips, I think it's very pretty on you!

  6. I like the lavender lip on you. It looks very pretty.

  7. pretty!

    my giveaway: http://sassyagapi.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway-coastal-scents.html

  8. lovely lippie and the color just suits you!!!

  9. Wow, I would never have thought lavender lips would look so nice. You wear it beautifully! And you have such great skin...I can't believe you're not wearing any foundation! I also really like the hair accessory :)

    Thanks for sharing!



  10. You look so pretty! I think lavender lips look really nice on you and other girls but I just don't think it looks all that great on me...

  11. It looks gorgeous on you! :) it's like a pink or nude lip but with a twist

  12. You look gorgeous doll!!and love the hair style!:)

  13. Thank you for entering Productrater's 100th Follower Giveaway.. I have chosen you as the winner of Prize #2!

  14. @ Janine: Aww thank you!

    @ Hardcore Makeup Junkie: Thanks! My skin has been looking a little better lately...normally I have to use foundation to cover up all of the breakouts!

    @ thestartsteam: I think it could work on you too! You just have to find the right one. I would suggest looking for one with pink undertones so it doesn't look too costumey :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams: I thought the same thing! I like that I can still pair it with a semi-smokey eye and it doesn't look crazy (in my opinion, anyway) :D

    @ Justine: Yay! Just emailed you :)

  15. You look stunning. The Barry M Lip Paint looks lovely on you!

    I'm also a little jealous that you're not wearing any foundation and your skin looks amazing! ;) x

  16. Absolutely beautiful honey. I love lavender lippies too and this looks gorgeous on you :) xx

  17. Lavender suits you amazingly, I'm super jealous! xoxo

  18. @ tackyblueeyeshadow: Thank you! I have to admit I'm kind of surprised my skin isn't acting up at the moment!

    @ Milly: Thank you :)

    @ jennie: Thanks love!

  19. Very lovely! Nice bow hair clip btw :)

  20. Looks gorgeous on you, it made me look shocking ha. Well you win some you lose some x

  21. I don't usually like it but it looks great on you!

  22. I love lavender lipstick and i think you look great in it! especially when you pair it with smokey eyes, like you did!


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