A Few MAC In the Groove Goodies...

The much anticipated In the Groove collection from MAC was what I originally put myself on a makeup ban for to save money for all the pieces I was going to get. I initially felt like I wanted the whole collection! However, as I saw more pictures and swatches and people's hauls from the collection, I guess I started getting a little bored by it and ended up only getting 3 pieces...Yay me! 

For those who are only reading this post because they're interested in hearing my thoughts on Stereo Rose, I'll just tell you now that the Stereo Rose MSF is not one of my 3 new pieces because I didn't really want it. That's right, I did not want it. Weird, right? I usually want everything! I placed a pre-sale order for all of my In the Groove pieces through the MAC counter at Nordstrom and Stereo Rose was available for pre-sale at that time and while I thought it was pretty, it didn't feel all that special to me and for once, I didn't buy into the hype. *gasps*

Here are the newest additions to my collection:

♥Petticoat Mineralize Skin Finish♥
♥Hang Loose Mineralize Blush♥
♥New Vibe Mineralize Blush♥

Top to bottom: Petticoat, Hang Loose (mixed), New Vibe (mixed)

♥Hang Loose swatches:
Top to bottom: Pink side, Lavender side, mixed

♥New Vibe swatches:
Top to bottom: Magenta side, Gold side, mixed

I'm more than happy with my purchases so far. I especially love Petticoat...it's gorgeous! I have medium skin tone, around NC 30-35 right now, and I find that Petticoat is still pigmented enough to be used as a blush. I have yet to use Hang Loose and New Vibe but based on my swatches, I think both will be really pretty as well. I may go back for Happy Together Mineralize Blush after seeing some rather enticing posts and swatches on it. What do you think? Should I get it? More importantly, what did you guys pick up from this collection?


  1. Great haul! I loooove petticoat :)

  2. New vibe looks lovely. I think its a good idea to wait rather than rush in with buying stuff because half the time i get stuff then afterwards think its a waste. xx

  3. I think it is a wonderful collection! Great purchases!

  4. I only got three things too; Hang Loose, Petticoat and By Candlelight. But I know exactly what you mean about wanting Happy Together, all the swatches I've seen of it make it look amazing! xx

  5. Great haul and swatches!!I'm really jealous now!Hugs

  6. love it!


  7. New Vibe looks gorgeous, I may see about picking this up!

  8. Nice haul! I'm going to see what I can get this weekend. I'm suppose to be doing project ten pan but I cant resist this collection. I'm just going to contain myself. Hopefully there will not be much to choose from by then hah. Also I had petticoat I was a fan once upon a time. The blushes look lovely though. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Nice haul. Petticoat is so pretty

  10. I can't wait for it to be released in Australia!!! The lipstick collection is really pretty as well!!

  11. i think new vibe is the prettiest :D

  12. i was really excited about this collection! i got to mac at 10:15 (mall opens at 10) and i got the 2nd to last stereo rose (almost sold out in 15 minutes - crazy!!), as well as all styled up and jazzed lipsticks, and fashion whim cremesheen glass. i'm loving stereo rose and fashion whim, but a little disappointed in the lipsticks, just because i think i own shades similar already (gaga, ever hip) that i love more. oh well, maybe they'll grow on me! :)

  13. I love everything you got!

  14. in my opinion happy together is the prettiest blush from the in the groove collection. =) but hang loose is pretty too :)

    what i got from this collection for now is the go for it lipstick. hehe.


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