Essie: The Resort Collection

Lapis of Luxury, Splash of Grenadine, Playa del Platinum, Turquoise and Caicos

I picked up this little gem at my local Trade Secret for just under $13USD a few days ago and I've been more than pleased with it. I'll admit that the application can be quite streaky as it is with many Essie polishes, but this can be remedied by applying an extra coat or two. My least favorite shade, Playa del Platinum (grey), needs at least 3 coats in order to not look streaky and gross. I've read that some people don't like the look of the Essie bottles, but I'm actually quite fond of the simplistic and classic look. 

Lapis of Luxury (cornflower blue)

Splash of Grenadine (medium purpley pink...yup! That's the best description I could come up with.)

Playa del Platinum (grey with a hint of khaki)

Turquoise and Caicos (minty turquoise)

I absolutely love the combination of colors even though Playa del Platinum is, without question, my least favorite. I just find it so much less special in comparison to the other 3 shades but it's still a nice neutral shade to have. Lapis of Luxury has a hint of lavender to me but it's definitely still a blue polish. Splash of Grenadine is gorgeous and will definitely be a staple on my fingernails this summer. Turquoise and Caicos is another beauty that leans a little more towards the green end of the spectrum than a true turquoise.

What are your thoughts on Essie nail polishes?


  1. Sweet collection I'm getting to like Essie more and more, i just love the colors especially when there on your nails!

  2. ooh so far my fave is lapis of luxury! :) very pretty :)

  3. Love your collection!!! I like the Turquoise and Caicos. hehehe. I like the classic look of the bottle too. and I just love my white Essie.... but I forgot the name of it hehehe

    and oh I've received ur giveaway !!!
    thanks so much love everything in it!

  4. Wow thats a great deal for four of those! usually they are lik 12 bucks each....cool...and their great colours too!

  5. Agree with you totally about the application of Essie polishes.. streaky and thin and requiring multi coats, but their colours always seem to drag me in. And Turquoise and Caicos is stunning!

  6. I have lapis of luxury on my toes now and I wore turquoise and caicos last week! love them all.

    I got them from a nail supply by my job


  7. I have TURQUOISE and CAICOS and everyone loves it so much. I feel like it's a more greener version of the chanel summer collection nouvelle vague. I was actually surprised by the quality of this specific color. It has a thick coat and a glossy after finish. Two coats works for me :)

  8. $13 for all these is a great deal! the packaging is sooo cute :D i love essie's bottles too

  9. thx for this post! i'm going to hit a trade secret asap to pick this up~!

  10. Loved your post!!Great deal!!And the swatches look amazing!xxx

  11. Wow these Essie polishes are really cute!!

  12. Lapis of Luxury is such a pretty blue!:D

    I'm still trying out Essie nail polishes, I would say I like China Glaze better.:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  13. all these colors are gorgeous. Where can I get these?

  14. lovely collection you got there! i really like the 'lapis of luxury' very summery! lovely nails too! 'xo

  15. Wow, I love all of these! I only have one Essie polish because OPI always has more fun colors, but I want these!

  16. @ jellytelly_ri-chan: Yay! I'm glad you like everything! xxx

    @ Miss Krimson: It was only $13 because they are all mini sizes but I still think it's a pretty good deal :)

    @ Marie: I've only used China Glaze polishes when I've gotten manis and pedis done professionally but I don't actually own any :( It's a shame because I really like their formula and color selection.

    @ lauraluvsMAC: I got mine at Trade Secret but you can probably get it at any beauty/nail supply store.

    @ veflexra: I agree. Essie makes some good pale pinks and nudes but usually not much else. I love OPI!


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