Review: Cellnique and a Special Offer!

I was kindly sent four products from Cellnique Paramedical to review a few weeks ago. The four products that I've been using for the past two weeks are:
1. Skin Action Sebum Gel--- $51 USD/30ml
2. Skin Action Gel Plus--- $54 USD/30ml
3. Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20--- $32 USD/30g
4. Advanced Bio Renewal Masque--- $51 USD/50g

**This post will be quite long as I'll be reviewing each product separately. If you'd rather just get my overall thoughts as well as links to where you can read more about these products or purchase them, go ahead and scroll down to the end of this post. There you'll also find out about the special offer!

Let's start this review off with the Skin Action Sebum Gel:

[The product is shown on the left next to Skin Action Gel Plus.]

This clear gel is to be applied twice daily on oily areas of the face such as the T-zone. With continual usage it's supposed to help reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads as well as help control sebum production. There is no discernible smell to the gel, nor does it sting or tingle upon application.

Within a few days I saw a noticeable difference in the appearance of the blackheads on my nose, as they are always present in copious amounts no matter what I do to try to get rid of them. I was pleasantly surprised that after only 2 weeks of using this product, the blackheads on my nose are about 80% cleared up! I tried to take before and after pics of my nose but my camera was not having it! I guess you'll just have to take my word for it :) Sadly, I can't really say that I've noticed any sebum or oil control from this product, though.

Next up is the Skin Action Gel Plus:

[The product is shown on the right.]

Skin Action Gel Plus is meant to be used twice daily on acne scars or acne-prone areas only. With continual usage it claims to control and prevent further break-outs as well as help lighten acne scarring. It has a strong chemical-ly smell and stings a little upon application. I also found that when I used it twice daily my skin started to peel a tiny bit as well.

As you can see from the first photo, Skin Action Gel Plus looks almost identical to Skin Action Sebum Gel: a clear gel. However, after looking at the above photo you can see that the consistency is thinner and much less gel-like. 

Here are some Before and After photos:

               Before (06/07/10)            After (06/21/10)
[Horrific, I know. It's all in the name of an honest review :) ]

I didn't really see much of a difference at all, can you? But then again, it would be kind of silly to expect scars to disappear in only 2 weeks time. I can say, though, that while it did not help to make my new blemishes go away any sooner than they normally would, I did feel that once they healed they left less of a scar than they normally would (Note: I scar very easily.)

This non-scented cream is meant to be applied in the morning when you start your day as 3-in-1 daytime protection cream that functions as sun protection with SPF 20, acne cream, and natural foundation. It is a non-oily formula created for oily, acne-prone skin.

I was rather disappointed in this product. Out of the three usages, I can only say for sure that it definitely functions as sun protection since it has SPF 20. As an acne cream, it was a bit too mild for my skin as I saw no visible results. There was no stinging or tingling upon application which is nice for those with sensitive skin, but that is something I typically like in good, strong acne fighters. And while the product on the right in the above photo is blended into the skin slightly, once you fully blend it in, the color seems to be lost as well. A foundation this is not. The coverage is considerably less than a tinted moisturizer and did not last more than 2 hours on me.

Last but not least is the Advanced Bio Renewal Masque:

This exfoliating face mask is to be applied once or twice a week at night after your normal facial cleanser. You apply it all over your clean, dry face and leave it on for 10-20 minutes. After this time you dampen your fingertips and move the mask around your face in small, circular motions then rinse off. The texture is like a thick cream with gritty particles in it. The smell reminds  me of strawberry yogurt right as it's starting to go bad (In other words, not pleasant.) I can deal with the smell, though, because I'm used to using acne products with much more horrific scents than this (By the way, I wouldn't say this particular mask smells horrific...just not pleasant, in my opinion.).

I feel indifferent about this product. I'll probably use it up eventually just because I have it but I wouldn't purchase it again. It's a good exfoliator. That's it. Good but not great or amazing. One of my major issues with this product is that after I wash my face at night, all I want to do is go to bed. The last thing I want to do is sit there for another 10-20 minutes waiting for my face mask to do whatever it is it's supposed to do. There are much faster ways to exfoliate your face, in my opinion. The product itself is good, though.

Overall Thoughts & Links:

1. Skin Action Sebum Gel: Works very well at getting rid of stubborn blackheads... Verdict: I love it! [To read more or purchase, click here.]

2. Skin Action Gel Plus: Saw very little difference in the lightening of existing scars but did help new blemishes leave less of a scar as they healed... Verdict: It's alright. [To read more or purchase, click here.]

3. Skin Purifying Daytime Protection 20: Poor pigmentation that did not last... Verdict: No, thank you. [To read more or purchase, click here.]

4. Advanced Bio Renewal Masque: Good exfoliator but too time consuming... Verdict: It's alright. [To read more or purchase, click here.]

And finally, the special offer:
Cellnique is offering 3ml samples of the Advanced Bio Renewal Masque to my first 50 readers! All you have to do is shoot them an email at fbfreesample@cellnique.com with willworkformakeup.blogspot.com in the subject line and include 
your full name, mailing/shipping address, and your blog url if you'd like. Those who include their blog url may have the opportunity to do a review of their own! The samples should be delivered within 4-6 weeks. This offer ends one week from today.

**I was sent these products to review but I am not affiliated with any company, nor do I receive any compensation for my reviews. As always, my reviews are honest and based solely on my own experience.


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  2. woooh would like to try out the Skin Action Sebum Gel and the Skin Action Gel Plus after your review... shall email them to try out for the last one if they do ship internationally hehehe... thanks for the great review

  3. thanks for this wonderful and honest review! :D interesting products! hope i can try these out too. >.< i'm very interested in the 2 gels and the exfoliator.

  4. thank you for this great review! i've been wanting to try cellnique for some time now. i just emailed them waiting for a sample :)

  5. Oh I want to try the Sebum Gel. Would of been helpful if the prices were listed as well. Either way great review thanks.


  6. thank you for your honest review! I am really interested in these products, especially the gel and the exfoilator. thanks for giving us the chance to test it out :)

  7. I just got sent a little sample of the skin action sebum gel, really excited to try it now! Thanks for the review! x

  8. Thats such a great and honest review doll!!!Thanks for sharring!Hugs

  9. nice post! :D
    thanks for sharing. i got cellnique sample too . but not try them yet lol

  10. i means still not try them yet haha.. will try tonight ! =D

  11. I received the action sebum gel too, its a great product - actually does wht it says ! :) great review

  12. @ Drea: Oopsies! I'm adding the prices in now :)

  13. Oh now I really want to try the Skin Action Sebum Gel! Must save up for it :P


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