Review: Bella Sugar Cosmetics 9-Color Eyeshadow Palettes

As many of you already know, the last things I bought before venturing on my makeup ban (that ended up becoming a failure anyhow :/) were from Bella Sugar Cosmetics during their 50% off sale a few weeks ago. I purchased two 9-Color Eyeshadow Palettes:

They are originally sold for $30 a piece but during the sale I got them for $15 each. The palettes are customizable with any combination of shades you like ,and each individual pan holds at least 2g of eyeshadow. The actual palettes are not quite as nice as MAC, but they have a mirror attached on the inside (a huge plus in my book!) and are much nicer and more sturdy than what you would ever expect for the price.

The palette on the left holds:
♥ Hot Chocolate (rich, red-brown), Buried Treasure (deep green with gold shimmer), Blue Moon (shimmery blue-purple)
♥ California Poppy (shimmery peach), Glow (shimmery peachy gold), Gaillardia (pink with gold sparkles)
♥ Sweet Pea (pale, shimmery pink), Little Miss Spookiness (shimmery eggplant), Casey (pink-purple duochrome)

The palette on the right holds:
♥ Bella Sugar (icy pink), Black No.1 (matte black), Naked Sparkle (pale, shimmery brown)
♥ Vanilla (white-nude), Smoke Sparkle (gunmetal grey with silver sparkles), Chocolate Covered Blueberries (brown-blue duochrome)
♥ Punkinhead (orangey bronze), Bad Girl (shimmery greyish purple), Precious (white-violet duochrome)

Here are some swatches:
Palette on the left, in the same order.

Palette on the right, in the same order.

These shadows have excellent pigmentation and blend effortlessly, much better than what I expected for such an affordable price. As for the staying power, I've been away from home for a few days while using them and I forgot to pack my MAC Paint Pots and UDPP :O so I've been using them over my MUFE Aqua Cream, which is not intended as an eyeshadow base. They've held up alright over the Aqua Cream, but they do tend to fade a bit and crease after several hours of wear. (I'm planning on using them over my Paint Pots and UDPP over the next few days so I will report back with any new findings.)

**Update: I tried my Paint Pot the next day with slightly better results but there was still some fading by the end of the day. I used my UDPP the day after that and my eyeshadow didn't fade or crease at all! UDPP is definitely the way to go if you have any issues with these shadows' staying power.

Bella Sugar Cosmetics' prices are more on par with drugstore brands, but I've found that the quality is much more comparable to higher end brands such as MAC. Besides price, the main differences between a BSC pan shadow versus a MAC pan shadow is the following:
MAC on the left, BSC on the right

-BSC pan holds 2g of shadow; MAC pan holds 1.5g of shadow
-BSC pan is square; MAC pan in circular
-BSC pan is not labelled; MAC pan is labelled

To make up for the pan not being individually labelled, the bottom of the palette has all of the eyeshadow names. The only circumstance where I would imagine this might be an inconvenience is if you decided to change around the order of your eyeshadows, in which case the individual shadows would no longer line up with their label. Another removable copy of this is also given when you first receive the palette. 

Some of my favorite shades are:
♥Chocolate Covered Blueberries
♥Bad Girl

Here are some helpful links:
Swatches (so you can decide what shades you might want to order...)
Blog (Follow BSC to find out about new shades, new products, and any future sales.)
Etsy shop (Order here... Simple!)


  1. That is a great buy, I like the mirrors too.:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Those palettes are so cute I love the designs on the front.

  3. I love the colors, lovely palettes.

  4. i love mirrors also!! at first i thought it was dumb to include mirrors...but i cant believe how much make up i have to do on the go. I love this post...i check out the other stuff they have and i love the Chocolate Covered Blueberries!! have you seen it. SOOO cute!


  5. oooh great pigmentation! :)

  6. looks like some awesome palettes, with a lot of colors.! :))))

  7. those are so pretty! love the packaging!

  8. i love the colors on these palettes! wonder if i can get them where i live...

  9. the colors look lovely. i love the packaging as well

  10. They are so pretty and pigmented xx

  11. I ordered a bunch of these some time ago. I love them! Chocolate Covered Blueberries is so pretty. :)


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