Makeup Ban Update.

I've only been on a makeup spending ban for 10 days and counting but it has been a lot more difficult than I originally anticipated. When I'm home I'm constantly being tempted to look around the Sephora and MAC websites like I normally would and when I'm out, it's even harder! I was at the mall today and I had to avoid Sephora and MAC altogether in order to prevent myself from straying from my spending ban. 

There are still over 3 weeks left in my ban that ends when MAC's In the Groove collection launches. Of course promo pics of the collection are helping me get through these tough times as they act as motivation for saving money, but there are so many other beauty products I want too! 

Here are some beauty products I'm currently lusting over:

.NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.
An eyeshadow base is always a must, and I find myself constantly on hunt for something better. I'm currently using MAC Paint Pots and UDPP (which I've found don't work well on me when used with NARS eyeshadows) but I'd also like to give this one a try as I've read impressive reviews on it.
Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

.NARS Bronzer in Laguna.
Ah... the bronzer that has gained a cult following. I'm a bit of a bronzer newbie but based on what I've seen, read, and heard, Laguna seems to be a must-have bronzer that suits most skin tones. I'm sold.
Bronzing Powder

.MUFE Aqua Cream.
These are new from MUFE and depending on the shade, can either double as waterproof color for lips & cheeks or for eyes & cheeks. Who doesn't love a good multi-purpose product? While I'd love to try them all, #12 Golden Copper, #14 Satin Brown, #15 Taupe, and #16 Pink Beige are all at the top of my list.
Aqua Cream

.MAC Blushes in Well Dressed & Dollymix.
Of course we've all heard the millions of raves about Well Dressed but I wasn't so sure a cool baby pink blush would complement my medium skin tone. However, after reading Bubblegarm's post on pink powder blushes, her swatches of Well Dressed and Dollymix made them both look too beautiful to pass up! 
Powder Blush

.Eyeko Cream and Tinted Cream.
Eyeko Cream's pale pink sheen is such a beautiful cheek highlight color, and the Eyeko Tinted Cream's golden sheen would be perfect for creating the most stunning summer glow!
Eyeko CreamEyeko Tinted Cream

.Paul & Joe Nail Enamel in Oasis.
I currently don't own any colors like this because I'm not allowed to wear them at work but since I'll be changing jobs soon, I'd like to expand my nail polish collection a bit out of the pink/red zone. Oasis would be absolutely gorge for summer! After seeing swatches on The Beauty Look Book, I dare you not to want it too! :D
Paul & Joe-paul joe limited edition nail enamel oasis 006 10 ml
[Photos from Sephora.com, MAC.com, Eyeko.com, and Shopstyle.com.]

That's all I'm lusting for now but my list will not stop growing! It's getting ridiculous! Can it be July 8th yet?


  1. Good luck with the 3 weeks left!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Ah bless you, im trying to cut down on buying too but like you say its so hard xx

  3. Lovely!!!And goood luck for your list!Hugs

  4. bans have never worked for me unfortunately, but i am cheering for you! :-) whenever i attempt one, the key is avoiding stores altogether, because once i am inside, all hope is lost! :-) so go girl! :-)

  5. I wanted to put myself on a makeup ban too but I gave in yesterday upon seeing splashing from MAC's to the beach collection. >.< Yeah that and some purchases from Etude House last week. I congratulate you for making it to 10 days! And wish you luck for the remainder of you ban. :3

  6. Uggh I know how you feel. It has been a good5 days since I even looked at makeup in a store. I'm trying to save for some more NARS products. I just need some more willpower!

  7. ahh keep going! :) i dont think i would ever have enough self control to try something like this! :P im also lusting over the eyeko creams though.. <33


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