Makeup Rut: Avoiding Purples

I realized yesterday that my "safe" color in makeup is purple. Whenever in doubt, I always go for purple eye makeup. It feels less boring than brown neutrals since I can say that at least I'm "wearing color". However, I rotate between the same few purple shadows (Sketch, Plum Dressing, Trax, Beautiful Iris, etc.) every time I do this that eventually I start to think that boring old neutrals would be more exciting than my purple eye looks. This is my attempt at using a few different shadows in my collection, paying careful attention to avoid any shades that even remotely resemble purple...

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 005 Natural Beige
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in 02 Medium
MUFE HD Microfinish Powder
MAC blush in Peaches (Would you like the opportunity to win your very own Peaches? Enter my giveaway!)
MAC blush in Light Over Dark (light side only, dusted on top of Peaches)

MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre
MAC e/s in Goldmine (lid)
MAC e/s in Coppering (blended from crease)
MAC e/s in Contrast (crease)
MAC e/s in Dazzlelight (eyebrow bone and tear duct)
Milani Liquif'eye Eye Pencil in Black
Maybelline Define-a-Lash in Blackest Black

MAC l/s in Creme d'Nude
MAC l/g in C-thru

Whoa! Can you say Bad Hair Day?

Even I'm shocked I don't have purple on :D

What is your "safe" makeup color? What colors do you use to spice up your looks?


  1. I love purple too, great color : )

    Nice post!

    Following your blog : ) please check out mine when you get a chance, hope u follow too.


  2. I'm the opposite. My safe colours are neutral and I only recently ventured into purples!

  3. You look gorgeous as always hun! I love the simplicity of this look..the colors look awesome on u

  4. Good job getting out of your makeup rut! the gold suites you! My safe colors are neutrals - or nothing but bare eyelids and eyeliner... so I like to spice it up with metallic bronze eyeshadows sometimes or olive green :)

  5. Beautiful look. After the mixture, it comes out a nice blend with a hint of purple.

  6. youre smile is sooo pretty!
    i love this makeup a lot.
    you look natural and beautiful<3

  7. love this new look!!!!I like mostly bronzers for my makeup!!!!Keep up the good work!!!

  8. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! I love reading your thoughts on things :)

  9. Pretty look, soft and perfect for an everyday look :)

  10. Love that make up!You are so pretty as always!

  11. LOL I know what you mean about going to purples all the time...purple is also my safety 'neutral but I'm wearing colour' look! LOL. You look great btw, very pretty!

  12. I love purples so much, I could wear them every day! But hey, neutrals can be very sexy, too!

  13. Goldmine looks gorgeous on you :)

    Gold is my ~safe colour, I will just put it all over the lid with a random colour in the crease

  14. I'm exactly the opposite haha my safe colors are neutrals, usually matte:) this is a gorgeous look! xx

  15. I've tagged you for a blog award! x

  16. so cute! i love the last photo haha xo

  17. Lovely makeup!
    I love purple too, gorgeous color :)

  18. @ Ariel: Thanks for tagging me! I'll repost it soon :)

  19. I love purple shadows so, so much! I feel like purple truly brings out my eyes the best, and that's what I tend to go for. So after many years of using eyeshadows I can say I've used purples the most. Reddish tones are a second 'basic' color of eyeshadows...


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