LUSH Rock Star Soap Review

LUSH describes Rock Star soap as a bubblegum scented soap that is as sweet as rock candy and scented with vanilla absolute. I normally hate the smell of bubblegum but I took a chance and purchased this soap because it had so many good reviews on the LUSH website and on beauty blogs and I'm so happy that I did! Yes, it does smell like bubblegum but so much better! I'd say it smells half like traditional pink bubblegum and half like candy! I don't know if describing it as smelling like candy means anything to anyone (Candy? Well what candy does it smell like?), but I can't really put my finger on the exact scent at the moment I'm afraid. While I find the fragrance intoxicating, it can be quite overwhelming if you aren't used to it. For example, I unwrapped it and left the whole slab on my bathroom counter (my bathroom is attached to my bedroom) and within a few minutes my whole room smelled like I had lit a Rock Star Soap candle! A 3.5 oz. slab (this word kind of grosses me out) retails for $7.95.

How do I use this?
If you read my previous post on the Honey I Washed the Kids soap, I can tell you I use this soap the same way (cutting off a piece and using it directly on my skin). The smell is much more fragrant than Honey I Washed the Kids and it tends to linger for a bit on my skin after my shower. I've also found that it has great lather and therefore glides ever so smoothly over my skin. My skin also feels quite moisturized afterwards which is a rarity in the bar soap world, isn't it?

Would I purchase this again?
Absolutely! It smells divine, and I have to say that I've been thoroughly impressed with LUSH as of late!

Would I recommend it?
Yes if you like bubblegummy scents and can tolerate strong fragrances. I tend to be sensitive to a lot of scents (strong scents give me terrible headaches) but I was fine with this one. Overall, it's a very girly and pretty soap to have in one's shower :)

-strong bubblegum/candy scent that is amazing!
-good lather
-pretty moisturizing
-glides very smoothly over skin

So I am LOVING LUSH at the moment. On my wishlist are the Heavanilli Massage Bar, Mange Too Massage Bar, Flying Fox Shower Gel, and Porridge Soap. Are any of you out there LUSH connoisseurs and want to recommend a few must-have products for me to try? I'm all ears.


  1. I love love love this soap- used it up really quick because it smelt so lovely :) x

  2. nice review! once i discovered Lush i couldn't stop buying their products. it's a bad addiction! but i'm slowly starting to slow down now haha :D

    i was surprised by the results from Cellnique as well. oily skin is tough to combat! there really isn't a cure for it but these products do seem to help. hope it works out for you too! :) xx


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