It's Never Too Late!

Being a beauty blogger, it's really hard to hear about new products on the beauty blog circuit and not want to go out and give them a try. You can see a lot of "sneak peeks" of new products before they are available to see if you might be interested in them or not, and you'll also know the launch date of when you can finally go out and pick them up. Every now and again I have enough self-control to not buy something I've been lusting over. I'm able to convince myself that, no, I don't need every makeup product that is made available to me. I end up feeling really proud of myself for not giving in to every product that is a beauty blog rave. This was the case with the NARS Pleasures of Paris palette. Until now.

Top (L to R): Nepal, Violetta, Demon Lover
Bottom (L to R): Fez, Abyssinia, Cordura

Nepal: Rose with shimmer
Violetta: Smoky lavender
Demon Lover: Matte violet
Fez: Velvety cocoa
Abyssinia: Delicate pearl sheen
Cordura: Shimmery dark brown

Somebody decided almost a year later that she needs this palette! (cough cough) She first checked Sephora but since it came out such a long time ago, Sephora had stopped carrying it already. She then took it upon herself to make her personal mission to hunt one down. Turns out, it really wasn't all that difficult! One look on the NARS website and there it was. And the rest is makeup history...

It's things like this that happen that really reiterate how addicted I am to makeup. Like really? I couldn't let it go? I had to go back almost a year later and hunt one down? Was there never going to be another palette that would suit my fancy? Sigh.

I haven't had the chance to use it yet but I am loving the colors. Here are some swatches without a base because I forgot. Also, I think the skin color on my arm is a little too dark and so you can't really see the lighter colors very well. Rest assured, I will post FOTD pics when I use this and I'm sure you'll be able to see all the colors much better :)

Have any of you guys ever been "late" to buying a beauty product?


  1. I usually know if I would buy a product or not. I'm proud to say I have self control!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  2. Can't wait to see your lotd ;)

  3. Those colors look pretty :) I can't wait to see you use it for a FOTD!



  4. LOVE this palette


  5. They are so pretty! And as expensive as NARS shadows are, I think a palette can be justified:) Haha but then again I'm in no position to be giving advice on compulsive beauty buying.. xxx


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