Why Napoleon Perdis? Why?!

I recently discovered my new love, NP lipstick in Denver. It's described as a sheer blushy pink, but it reads a little more nude and a little less pink on my lips. The sheerness makes it feel a little bit like a gloss, but I've found that the color is quite buildable.  The applied color is much sheerer than it appears in the photo above. In the US, NP is available at Target and this lipstick retails for $15.

Denver is my absolute favorite nude lipstick! Not only is it perfect on its own, but it also looks lovely over other colors such as MAC Blooming Lovely because it adds a little bit of warmth to it, making cool-toned lippies a little more suitable with my warm skintone.


Why Napoleon Perdis? Why?!

It kills me that a such a beautiful color looks so ugly in the tube! It actually looked completely normal when I first got it, much like the photo at the beginning of this post. However, after applying it I noticed that the lipstick is not very stable at the base and tilts back when pushed up against your lips. I didn't know that it was tilted back so when I twisted the tube to put the lipstick away, the tube scraped the side of the lippie =(

At first I thought, "Maybe it's too hot in my purse and my lipstick is melting?" so I left it in my room to cool down. I used it again the next day and had the same problem! Basically what I've come to realize is that the formula the lipstick is quite soft and therefore, it's become cracked at the base and moves around everytime I press it up against my lips. I know I can still use it but I really like my beauty items to look beautiful as well.

My solution:

I went out and bought my very first BACK-UP!

I don't normally buy back-ups of anything and this is why:
1. There are always new products coming out and while I may find it hard to believe now, there will always be another product that catches my eye and will be equally if not more beautiful than the one I currently have. This isn't always the case...but it usually is.
2. I don't need more makeup!

I made an exception in this case because to be quite honest, I would have purchased a back-up regardless of whether or not my first one was broken because I am in love with the color! And it's not everyday that you find your perfect nude lippie =) The fact that my first one turned out a mess only reiterated the fact that I absolutely "needed" a back-up.

Anyways, I am quite happy now that I've secured the back-up because I must admit, the NP products at the Targets near where I live are not always fully stocked and I really had to hunt this one down.

What back-ups do you guys have?


  1. I got two lipsticks from this line (Denver and Havana) and they broke THAT SAME DAY. I returned them! I wonder if it may have something to do with the hot lights they are displayed under...

  2. Oh no...now I'm afraid to use my back-up because I don't want it to break too =( Thanks for the heads up though!


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