YSL Rouge Volupte

Peach Passion #13 and Rose Paris #27

I, along with tons of other beauty bloggers, LOVE YSL Rouge Voluptes! Sadly, they cost $34 USD and therefore I only have two. They're not very long-lasting but the application is so creamy and opaque that it doesn't really matter to me.  It's so opaque, in fact, that I prefer to apply it only on the center of my top and bottom lips and then spread the color to cover the rest. They have a watermelony scent that does not last after application.

#13 Peach Passion (not applied over a balm)

Peach Passion is a bright pinky peach color.  It reads more of a pale peach on me, maybe because my skin tone is not very fair.  I have to be careful not to apply too much of this because it can look too pale on me.  While the color is more peachy in read life than it is in the photo, I think the camera captured the paleness just right.

#27 Rose Paris (not applied over a balm)

Rose Paris is a bright, vibrant, pinky coral. This color is extremely bright if applied opaquely. When applied sheerly the color is beautiful, especially for summertime. I think there may have been too much light coming in my window but the color is actually much brighter in real life.

In addition to not being long-lasting, they are also kind of drying.  I have to use a lip balm before applying these...I like Blistex Silk & Shine. Without a balm these lipsticks settle into the creases and accentuate any dryness on my lips almost immediately.

I know it sounds that there are almost as many cons as there are pros but really once you figure out the best way to use them on your lips, it's really not that hard and the color payoff is worth it, in my opinion.

Peach Passion and Rose Paris


  1. I love these too! I'm actually slightly addicted to them though the Chanel Rouge Coco's might have replaced them as my favorite albeit expensive indulgence

  2. Peach Passion looks really nice!:D

    Happy Thursday!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. these are both such beautiful, springy/summery shades I love them! xo

  4. these are so pretty! if you bought 2 they must be great, love the colors you picked. i need makeup suggestions, comment me some on my site! xoxo

  5. @ Lipstick Rules: I know what you mean. I actually think I prefer the Rouge Cocos even though I also really love these.

    @ julianne: Thank you =)

    @ Marie: Happy Thursday to you too!

    @ Caitlin: I agree! They're perfect for spring and summer!

    @ Makeup Majesty: Thanks =) And I just did!

  6. I think they are both perfect!!

    Hope you had an awesome Earth Day #40! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks Iva! Hope you're having a great weekend as well =)

  8. The Rouge Volupte is amazing! It sucks that it costs $38 Canadian though =/

  9. I agree. The price is definitely the worst part =(


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