Revlon Photo Ready Foundation Review

You guys have probably read TONS of reviews on this Revlon Photo Ready Foundation already, but I figured I'd put in my two cents as well =) I had a difficult time deciding between two shades: 005 Natural Beige and 006 Medium Beige. This is why I hate buying things like foundation in drugstores because you're not able to test the colors out beforehand. I finally settled on Natural Beige and luckily, the shade matches my skintone perfectly!

As you may already know, I've been loyal to my Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation for a long time now. The consistency is not too thin or too thick, and it gives medium coverage that is easily buildable if you want more coverage. Revlon Photo Ready foundation has a thinner consistency (but not watery) and has light to medium coverage. While I do believe that the color is buildable, I think it would be very difficult to ever achieve FULL coverage. If full coverage is what you are after, this foundation is NOT for you.

Another thing that many people may or may not like is that this foundation had subtle shimmers throughout. I don't think that it makes your whole face look shimmery, but rather illuminated.  When using my Laura Mercier foundation I would mix 2 pumps of foundation with 1 pump of LORAC Oil-Free Luminzer. I feel that with the Revlon Photo Ready foundation I can get the same effect simply by using it by itself.

Would I purchase it again?
Absolutely. At $12 a bottle compared to $42 a bottle for Laura Mercier (both are 1 fl.oz.), this foundation is a great budget-friendly foundation. And it's even more of a deal when I think of how I don't need to use my LORAC Luminizer when using this foundation! While I will definitely continue to use this, I'll probably still need to use my Laura Mercier foundation when I want more coverage.

Would I recommend it?
Yes! I have oily skin and I don't think that it has made my skin any more oily than usual ( I wouldn't really expect it to make it less oily since that's not what it's supposed to do.). And since the consistency is a bit thinner, I would imagine that this foundation would also work on dry, normal, and combination faces. I also found that it lasted all day on me. I thought that while the range of shades available was not the absolute greatest, it was pretty good for a drugstore foundation. I think that most people will be able to find a shade that suits them. The price makes it an affordable choice without sacrificing quality, which is always a plus!

-Light to medium coverage
-Subtle shimmers give an illuminating effect (great for pictures, hence the Photo Ready name)
-Lasts all day
-Great deal for $12/ 1 fl.oz.!


  1. Your review was lovely!I really need to find this foundation here and try it!!!Thanks for sharring!!

  2. Great review. I'm a big PhotoReady fan too, although I do have to mix 2 shades to get the right colour. x

  3. Great post! I've been eyeing this foundation for a while now but haven't found the right shade yet. I am just too pale I guess :(

  4. Great review. I have a $2 coupon on this too (lol). I have to try it out myself!


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