March Favorites

So these are my March favorites...(Keep in mind, I have a lot of favorites but I really had to condense them down to what you see here!)

Top row: Bath & Body Works Summer Vanillas lotion in Coconut, LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer in Pearl, Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in Satin
Middle Row: Maybelline Eye Studio e/s quad in Green with Envy, MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl
Bottom Row: Aquaphor Healing Ointment

1) Bath & Body Works Summer Vanillas lotion in Coconut: This is a only a travel size because the full sized products won't be released until later this month. The Summer Vanillas collection will also include Berry, Lemon, and a fourth scent (possibly Apricot?). I've tested the Coconut, Berry, and Lemon scents and while the Lemon one wasn't my cup of tea, both the Coconut and Berry scents smelled delicious! I love anything and everything vanilla, and I'm always a sucker for Coconut so the combination of the two was love at first sniff for me!

2) LORAC Oil-Free Luminizer in Pearl: I use this luminizer everyday by mixing in one pump with my foundation.  It just creates the most natural dewy skin look since my skin can sometimes look muddy with only foundation on. Some people don't like this because you can't really pump out any less than one pump so if you want to use less product, you may be wasting some in the process.

3) Chanel Rouge Coco l/s in Satin: This is one of my favorite lipsticks! I'm not going to review it because you can read tons of reviews all over the internet but it is such a comfortable wearing lipstick! And the shade is like a berry color on me...similar to Mademoiselle. 

4) Maybelline Eye Studio e/s quad in Green with Envy: After using this on this FOTD, I think I recreated the same look and wore it about 3 more times within the next week! These e/s have good pigmentation that are very impressive for a product at that price-point.

5) MAC Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl: This is such an amazing highlighter! I sometimes use it as blush (even though it doesn't add that much color to my cheeks) when I want a lighter cheek color.

6) Aquaphor healing ointment: My hands have been ridiculously dry lately and Aquaphor is the only thing that helps my dry, cracked skin. I first generously apply hand lotion, then I apply Aquaphor to my knuckles and leave it on for about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I just rub the rest of the ointment into my hands and my skin feels amazingly soft and supple again!


  1. Great list! I've been debating on and off about getting Shell Pearl because I don't think I need it, but it's SO gorgeous! xx

  2. i love the green with envy quad and also the shell pearl beauty powder! =)

  3. great post! I love the BBW Lotion & the MAC Liberty Powder. i was thinking about trying the LORAC luminizer, thanks for the review! <3

  4. @LilliChantilly: Thanks! I love Shell Pearl!

    @ Makeup Geisha: Thank you =)

    @ Makeup Majesty: At first I didn't think LORAC luminizer was really doing all that much but after not using it one day and noticing how muddy my foundation looked, I realized how amazing it is!

  5. nice favourites! i absolutely LOVE Shell Pearl as well! it really is a wonderful highlighter <3


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