Red Lips!

Today is all about the red lips! I love red lips...they're so sexy and classic at the same time. My everyday makeup looks are generally pretty subdued, but I really wish I had more occasions to rock a red lip!

The first red lip is Rimmel Lasting Finish l/s in Temptation.  It's pretty opaque and has a nice shine to it. I also have lined my lips with Nars l/l in Jungle Red. The only thing I don't really like about this l/s is the scent. Cherries, I think? It's just so strong! It does fade after putting in on, though. My teeth look so white!

Temptation l/s and Jungle Red l/l

The second red lip is MAC l/s in Lady Bug. It's a lustre formula so it's perfect when you want a red lip but you don't want it to look too harsh or made-up. I find the color to be pretty buildable as well. This is how it looks with not quite 2 coats.

Lady Bug (no liner)

Lady Bug (L) and Temptation (R)

I know my pictures are terrible...I hate my camera! It CANNOT focus! It's so irritating. Maybe it's time for a new one. Any suggestions?


  1. Hey

    i love these lipsticks :)

    btw here is a link for that cleansing bar I did a post about

    http://www.sebamedusa.com/ Or if you do a search on Google it should bring up companies that sell them x


  2. Thanks. I'll definitely check these out!

  3. thanks for the follow on my website, doll! these red lips are fantastic, keep it up! a lot of people can't pull off the bold lip thing, but you got it! =)


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