MAC Give me Liberty of London

There was a lot of hype around this collection and for good reason.  The packaging is beautiful, in my opinion.  Some found it to be a little juvenile, but I thought it looked artsy and perfect for spring.  I had enough self-control to only pick up 3 things from this collection, including: Ever Hip l/s, Shell Pearl Beauty Powder, and Birds and Berries e/s.  Also from MAC but not this collection, I picked up Love Nectar Lustreglass.  I got it because I love the color and subtle shimmer, but it also looks great over Ever Hip.

Ever Hip, Love Nectar, Birds and Berries, Shell Pearl

Extremely poor swatches in the same order.
(Shell Pearl is more of a highlight color on my skin tone so the swatch in somewhat undetectable.)

Ever Hip with Love Nectar on top


  1. That's such a pretty lip color. I love it!

  2. Hey

    great blog

    Love that lip colour

    i love the packaging of this MAC stuff so pretty!

    please check out my blog kidna new to it all ! :)

  3. Thank you...I'll definitely check out your blog =)


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