Feeling iffy...

I got a haircut today and I'm feeling pretty iffy about it.



It's a little bit shorter than I was expecting but my main issue is that there are barely any layers in it! My hair looks huge in the first "After" picture! Maybe it'll look better after I style it myself tomorrow...

And the only thing that's different make-wise between the before and after pictures is that I'm wearing MAC l/s in Angel in the "Before" and MAC l/s in Creme d' Nude in the "After".

This huge chocolate/caramel covered apple made me feel much better!

(You can't really tell but it's a little bit bigger than a softball...YUM!)


  1. I like the way your hair dresser did your bangs ! and I am drooling over your sleek shiny hair ;-) (drooling too because of this chocolate thing you posted !)
    I am answering one of your posts on my blog : The Annabelle cosmetics is a canadian make and I don't think they are sold outside the borders. But they are becoming quite popular there (received an Award from a famous girl magazine) and I can't believe, they are not going to expand... I hope they will have an online shop because those e/s are really good and cheap !

    Hope this help !

    chatty caro ;-)) xxx

  2. I love this haircut. It really suits you and looks gorgeous with the bangs.

  3. Thanks Chrissy! It's growing on me =)


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